Best Free FLAC to MP3 Converter For Windows


fre:ac is an open source audio converter for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It lets you convert FLAC to MP3 easily.


FFMPEG can be used to convert FLAC to MP3 from command line. It is an open source and very famous command line audio and video utility, and can be used for recording, converting, streaming.


You can easily convert FLAC to MP3 in Audacity. In fact, you can convert multiple FLAC to MP3 in Audacity

SoX (Sound eXchange)

SoX or Sound eXchange is a cross platform, command line audio utility that you can use to encode FLAC to MP3.

Moo0 Audio Converter

Moo0 Audio Converter is another good option to convert FLAC to MP3.

Helium Audio Converter

Helium Audio Converter lets you batch convert FLAC to MP3 on your PC.

Hamster Free Audio Converter

Hamster Free Audio Converter is another good FLAC to MP3 converter for Windows.

VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter is offered as a free Audio file converter from the makers of very famous VSDC Video Editor.

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