A Hard Drive Repair Software checks and repairs the bad logical sectors caused due to interruption in read/write process or because of any virus.

chkdsk (Command Prompt)

The chkdsk command helps you fix hard drive by performing bad sector repair. You can also perform various other disk operations through it.

Windows Disk Check

Windows' Check Errors and Optimize & Defragment drive tool lets you check your computer’s drives individually for bad sector repair.

Easy Disk Drive Repair

This is a simple hard drive repair software for Windows that scans and finds out the errors to fix hard drive errors automatically.


It is a simple bad sector repair software to fix hard drive on Windows with  Standard and Throughout scans.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an all in one utility which can be used as a free hardware repair software. You can use it for Disk Repair, Registry Repair, Fix Shortcuts, Remove Spyware, Erase Tracks, Clean Temp Files, etc.


It is a tool by Westerm Digital to diagnose and fix Disk error rate, SpinUP Time, Reallocated sector count, and Seek error rate, etc.

Eassos PartitionGuru

It is a simple and free partition manager software, which can be used to remove bad sectors from hard drive. It lets you fix hard drive partition-wise or you can choose to scan all partitions at once.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

This software lets you perform operations related to hard drive and partitions. It can easily fix bad sectors. It also runs the CHKDSK command prompt tool internally to fix hard drive.


It is a tool by Seagate to scan and fix hard drive errors. You can run a Basic Scan to test and fix bad secors of hard drive.

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