9 Best Free IFC Viewer Software For Windows

These software can open IFC files and other 3D CAD files as well. All of these software are feature rich and let you view IFC files using numerous viewing tools and viewing modes.

BIM Vision

BIM Vision is an exclusive IFC file viewer software. An IFC model can be viewed in 2D as well as 3D perspectives.


Areddo is a lightweight IFC viewer for Windows, where you can open multiple CAD files at a time. It lets you open IFC files and have a detailed view at them.

Solibri Model Viewer

Solibri Model Viewer is a free CAD viewer and provides options to open IFC files and view them. It has various viewing modes, such as: Pan, Spin (around a point), Walk, and Game.


IfcQuery is another IFC viewer with selective Storey viewing option. You can select and slide a storey along x, y, and z axes using the Storey Shift tool.

Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is a free CAD software, which you can use to open IFC files to view them. Zoom and Dynamic Zoom options are available, to interact with IFC models.

DDS-CAD Viewer

DDS-CAD Viewer is a free 3D CAD file viewer where you can open IFC files. It is one of the most convenient IFC file viewers and offers a set of tools to view IFC files thoroughly.