Test and analyze your laptop battery performance for different statistics including Power Source, Battery Status, % Life Left, Charge/Discharge Rate, Estimated Runtime, Current Battery Charge Level, System Power Consumption in Watt, CPU Speed, System CPU Load, CPU Temperature, Hard Drive Temperature, Battery Health, Voltage, Low Battery Capacity, etc.


This software monitors your battery from the system tray and notifies you regarding your battery performance.

Battery Optimizer

This software optimizes laptop battery performance and lets you run diagnostics to test laptop battery performance.

Imtec Battery Mark

It is portable laptop battery test software that tests laptop battery and then shows a Battery level % vs Elapsed Time graph on its interface.


It continuously monitors your laptop battery status and displays charge/discharge rate, battery health, voltage, current capacity, remaining battery time for current activity, number of charge/discharge cycles, etc.

Battery Status

It monitors your laptop battery in real time and displays different statistics as well as plots the respective graphs.