8 Websites to check BIMI Records Online

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification

BIMI Records are used to display a company logo inside an email inbox to ensure the email legitimacy


This website generates a BIMI audio that checks for MX Record, SPF Record, DMARC Record, and BIMI Record


This website has a powerful lookup tool where you can perform various types of lookups on a domain inclding BIMI, DMARC, etc.


This website offers a set of free BIMI tools including BIMI Lookup, BIMI Generator, and BIMI Converter


This simple tool takes the domain URL as input and checks for the valid BIMI Recrod


This website looks for DMARC Record and Record Policy along with BIMI Record


This is a quite simple website to check if a website has a valid BIMI Record or not


This website checks BIMI Record and generates an audit report of the domain


This website can inspect and validate a BIMI DNS record, and the Verified Mark certificate (if supplied)