Best Free P2P File Sharing Software


GigaTribe is a free P2P application to build your personal file sharing network to share bigger directories and bigger files with your close pals, relatives, friends etc.


Ares is a free P2P software. “P2P” means peer-to-peer free file sharing network.


Sharest is a free P2P file sharing network application. It use the Gnutella P2P file sharing protocol to connect to peers community.

BitRope Sharing

BitRope sharing is a free P2P file sharing software. It lets you download files through p2p networks such as Bittorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella and Gnutella2.


LPhant is a free P2P file sharing application that lets you share, download and find files.


Cabos is a free P2P file sharing tool to share and download files from p2p networks.

File Transfer

File Transfer is a free P2P file sharing software to share files between two computers.


It gives you the option to customize speed and bandwith for effective and faster downloading.

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