Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a web-friendly vector file format that stores images via mathematical formulas based on points and lines on a grid. Here are some software that you can use to open SVG files on Windows.


Scribus can open SVG files. It can rotate SVG objects and insert text, image, shape, etc. It can also convert SVG to PDF & EPS.


SView is another simple software that can open SVG files. It can also flip, rotate, mirror, and resize SVG objects.

Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is a simple file viewer software that can open SVG along with many other image and text file formats.

Free SVG Editor

Free SVG Editor can open, view, and edit SVG files. It lets you manupulate the vector properties and can export SVG to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF & WMP.


SVG-edit is an SVG editor that runs in a web browser. It can open and interactive with SVG files and packs SVG vector editing tools.


Dia is a diagram editing software that can also open SVG files. It lets you edit and draw over SVG with multiple export options such as PS, PDF, PNG, GIF, etc.


GIMP is a popular portable image editor software that can open SVG files. It can perform basic operations and export SVG to other file formats.


Inkscape can open SVG files with a lot of quality image viewing and editing features. It can also export SVG to other file format such as PNG, CDR, AI, PDF, etc.


Paint.NET is a popular image editor for Windows. It can open and interact with SVG files with the help of a plug-in.

Active Pixels

Active Pixels can open multiple SVG files in multiple tabs. It comes with editing features, such as: add text, crop, rotate, paintbrush, etc.


PhotoInsight is a simple image viewer software that can also open SVG files. This software is just a bare-minumum image viewer that makes it lightweight and fast.


Saladin can open multiple SVG into separate windows.It packs simple image viewer features to inteactive with SVG images.