41 Best Free Unit Converter Software For Windows

Here is a List of Best Free Unit Converter Software for Windows. These freeware help you with unit conversion of various unit types or measurement categories. Unit conversion is necessary because it helps with carrying out formula based calculations. At times, the values provided for certain measurements are not in standard form, thus you need to convert them before calculations can be carried out.

These unit converter software let you convert units for a variety of measurement quantities. Some of these tools let you convert unit for standard measurement categories, like: Area, length, time, velocity, distance, temperature, mass, volume, angle, density, etc. Some include standard unit types along with not so common unit types, such as: Concentration, flow, energy, force, light, conductance, charge, radioactivity, charge, data transfer, etc.

In most of these unit conversion calculators, all you have to do is select a measurement category, then choose From and To units, and enter the value of the unit which you want to convert. Almost all of these unit converter tools operate the same way. Some of these work a bit different, but don’t worry, as I have included how to convert unit using these unit converter software. All of these unit conversion freeware are absolutely free to use, so go ahead, take a look at the list and choose what is best for you.

My Favorite Unit Converter Software:

I like Calculatormatic and WiseCalc the most, as these unit conversion software let you convert units of various common and not so common measurement quantities. The interfaces of these freeware are easy to get along with. These software include large lists of units under each unit types.

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WiseCalc offers a free unit converter along with various other tools. Click on the Units tab to access the unit conversion options. Here you can select and change units of various measurement parameters. These measurement units include: Acceleration, angle, area, capacitance, charge, conductance, currency, density, distance, energy, etc. Choose a measurement parameter, then on the panel at bottom of UI, select the conversion units. Enter value to get the converted result.

In the Constant tab, you can view various constant values of atomic and nuclear values, non SI units, physio-Chemical, universal values/constant, user defined values, X-ray values, etc.

Various calculation modes are also available, such as: standard, engineering, financial, scientific, angle, degree, and radian.

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Multi-Convert  is a simple software for conversion of units. Conversion parameters, such as Angle, area, length, mass, pressure, speed, and volume are available on the interface. Click on any of these parameters to view the From and To units. There are various combination of units available along with the list of multiplier for each conversion. Click on a conversion type to open a new popup, where you can add a value to get converted value in desired units.

You can also add parameters and units manually to this unit conversion software. Click on Add and define values and multipliers for the added units.

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Excalibur is a lightweight calculator software, which can also be used to convert unit on PC. The interface looks like a calculator and has various modes available on it. One of the modes is Conversion. Click on the Conversion option, and few options for standard unit conversions will appear. These options include: Inch to cm, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Fahrenheit to Kelvin, Feet to Mile, Degree to Radian, Kmph to Mps, and many more.

Other modes available here are: scientific, statistics, business, geometry, comp Sci, physics, custom, etc.

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SoftmicaCalc is another multi purpose calculator with unit conversion option. Look for the conversion calculator in the toolbar. Click on the Conversions option to access unit conversion parameters. You can choose to convert temperature, distance, speed, weight, volume, time, base, energy, etc. Under each category, you will find unit conversion options in the form on From and To. To convert unit, enter a value that is to be converted. Now go to Conversions>select category and choose the sub category of unit conversion. The converted value will be displayed upon clicking the conversion category.

You can add multiple values to be converted at a time (upto 5 values).

This freeware has various other features to offer. One of the options let you select Radian or Degree mode of calculation. Math, Financial, Statistical/Health, and Constants are other options available in the toolbar.

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Unit Converter Expert

ConvertAll Portable makes it easy for you to find units and convert from one to another. There are two lists of units, one is From and the other is To. Simply type and search for the desired units above the lists. Click to select the units for conversion. Make sure you select compatible units, else the conversion will not take place. Enter the value in the box below the list to get the value in converted unit. It supports decimals up to 12 points.

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Free Unit Converter

Free Unit Converter lets you convert units easily. Simply select the measurement category, select the units for conversion, then enter the value to get the converted value in desired unit. You can set Decimal precision from 0 to 9.

Converted values for all units in the selected category is also displayed on the right side of the interface.

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Unit Converter Professional lets you convert units as well as provides various mathematical formulas for calculations. To access unit converter, click on the measurement category for which you want the units to be converted. Options to convert acceleration, angle, velocity, area, capacitance, charge, conductance, current, distance , temperature, pressure, time, torque, etc. are available.

Clicking on any of the category opens a new window. Select the Input and output units and proceed with entering the value to be converted. Option to change unit category is available on this window as well.

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Easy Unit Converter

Converber is a good free unit converter. Use it to convert units of various measurement quantities. Go to the Categories tool to select a measurement category. Some of the categories available are: Acceleration, angle, area, base, computer, currency, distance, density, electricity, energy, flow, force, frequency, mass, power, pressure, time, torque, speed, volume, etc. After selecting a category, two separate lists of units appear falling in the same category. Select the Input and Output category, then enter the value to convert to view the result.

You get options to add, edit, and delete units on your own.

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ESBUnitConv lets you select measurement categories through various tabs. These categories include acceleration, angles, area, distance, energy, flow, mass, force, illumination, power, pressure, quantity, radioactivity, temperature, etc. When you a select a category, units related to it are displayed in From and To tables. Choose the units for conversion and enter value in the From box; the converted value will be displayed in the To box.

Total number of units related to a category is displayed. You can also choose decimal place upto 18 places for precision.

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Unit Converter

REBOL – Unit converter is a bit different unit conversion software. A list of measurement categories is available to choose from, which includes: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Temperature, Pressure, Time, Speed, Flow, and Energy/Work.

A list of units is displayed along with boxes in front of them. Add a value to any of the boxes and converted values will appear for each unit in their respective boxes. Option to adjust decimal accuracy is also available.

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MAIA Unit Conv

Just like other unit conversion software, Unit Converter lets you choose a measurement category from various tabs, then select input and output units associated with them. After choosing the units, enter the value to be converted  in Input Value field to obtain result in Output Value field.

Categories available to choose from are: Length, mass/weight, speed/velocity, energy/work, area, pressure, temperature, time, circular measure, and power.

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NumericalChameleon is a cross platform unit converter freeware. Select a group from the Group dropdown, then select the measurement category. Now you can select a Source unit and a target unit for unit conversion.

Groups of categories present here are: 2D, automobile, computer, electricity, favorites, magnetism, math , office, optics, physics, time, radioactivity, travel, and workshop. Under these groups you will find various categories, such as: area, angle, resolution, geographic coordinates, power, velocity, acceleration, time , length, unicode, data storage, data transfer, electric current, electric density, electric voltage, electric flux density, resistance, conductance, etc.

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UNeedIT Converter

Aviation Tool lets you convert units of four different measurement categories. You can change units for Altitude, Distance, Speed, and Pressure. The units available for these categories are:

Altitude: Feet, flight level, angle, meter, and hectometer.
Distance: Nautical miles, kilometer, and statute miles.
Speed: Knots, mach, and km/h.
Pressure: Hgmm, hginch, and millibar.

Enter value for a unit, then the converted value for all units will be displayed.

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Super Unit Converter also displays a list of measurement categories to convert units. Select a Category, then choose the From value and enter the value to be converted. This software displays the converted values in various units.

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BAMR Unit Converter

rionacalc is a free unit converter with integrated number pad. Unit type dropdown lets you select a measurement type. Select desired units from the From and To dropdowns. Enter the value to convert and press Enter to get the result.

You can also carry out some basic mathematical calculator functions here.

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Quad-Lock Unit Converter

Unit Converter EX gives you options to convert units and add new units for conversion as well. Select a category, set From and To units and enter values to get result. You can also set decimal values for result as significant digits. Its simple and easy to use.

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Metric Converter

Density Unit Converter is a free dedicated software to convert density units. Select a density unit from the Convert section and then select the desired output density unit from To section. Enter the value to convert and click on the Calculate button to get result.

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Kamlex Unit Converter

SI Converter is another free unit converter for Windows. You just have to select the unit type from the category dropdown, then select units for conversion in the Input and Output lists which appear according to the category selected. Enter value in the Input field to obtain the converted output in desired unit.

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Unit of Measure Converter

Sporlan Valve Unit Conversion has a long list of unit types among which you can convert unit values. All these categories can be accessed via tabs. Some of these are: Area, dynamic velocity, temperature, thermal conductivity, time, volume, length, etc.

Select units from the Convert From and Convert To lists and them enter value to convert.

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Byte Converter

Metric Converter is another good software to convert units related to Length, Weight, Area, Volume, Velocity, Pressure, Energy, Power, etc. For each category, various conversion options can be chosen as displayed in the picture above. Select your conversion type, enter the input value, and get the converted value.

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Calculator Plus

Meracl MultiConverter has all the unit types and their conversion options on a single interface. There are 6 unit types available: Length, volume, area, mass, time, and temperature, divided in different sections. In each section you can choose the From and To units, enter value to convert, and click Convert to get result.

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Windows Unit lets you perform conversion of units pretty easily. There are two lists of units. The first one is Convert From and the other one is Convert To. A tree of units is available in the Convert From list. Here you can click on a unit type to view units available under it. Selecting a unit type displays units accordingly in the Convert To list. Select the required units for conversion, enter the value to be converted, and get result. There’s an option to set output result accuracy.

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Qwik Convert

Qwik Convert is an interesting Unit conversion tool. Select desired unit type from the list of unit types, the choose input and output units. The input section is denoted by I have, where you have to enter the value to be converted, and choose the input unit. Select the output unit from the That is section to get converted value.

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Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a free tool by Microsoft to solve various mathematical problems. This includes conversion of units. On the UI, there is an option Unit Converter in the toolbar. Select from various unit types, enter from and to units, enter value to convert, and get the result.

Microsoft Mathematics helps you calculate simple mathematical problems, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, matrix, and much more.

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Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic is a multipurpose utility with various tools to perform different operations. One of the tools lets you convert units. Go to Other Utilities to access Unit Converter. Use the software’s database to select a category, and enter Input unit with the value to get converted result in all units related to the unit type. You can even print the output result.

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