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4 Best Free Software To Remotely Shutdown PC

Download free software to remote shutdown PC. Besides shutting down a PC, you can also use

13 Best Free Flash Drive Speed Test Software For Windows

These flash drive speed test software let you test read and write speed of flash drive,

7 Best Free Android Desktop Manager Software For Windows

These software let you transfer data, apps, media, etc., between PC and phones. Handy options like

18 Best Free Batch File Renamer Software for Windows

These batch file renamer software can be used to effortlessly rename multiple files at once, by

10 Best Free Software Updater For Windows

These software updater are used to check and update various outdated software of a system. Some

4 Best Free Phonics Games For Kids For Windows

Download these free phonics games for kids and make learning fun for them. These phonics games

11 Best Free Context Menu Editor Software For Windows

These context menu editors let you easily manage your PC's context menu by adding, removing, and

18 Best Free Word Counter Software For Windows

These software provide count of words, characters, lines, Asian, non-Asian words, etc. You can directly type

5 Best Free HTML5 Video Converter Software For Windows

This article deals with best free HTML5 video converter software. Using these free software, you can

13 Best Free Audio To Video Converter For Windows

These software let you convert audio files into video files format. You can also change resolution,

6 Best Free Gaming Voice Chat Software for Windows

These software let you chat either by voice or text during multiplayer online games. Players can

11 Best Free Video Metadata Viewer Software For Windows

These video metadata viewers can be used to fetch video related information, which include video details,

9 Best Free Resume Building Software For Windows

This article lists 9 best free resume building software for Windows. Download these freeware, create a

9 Free Software To Bulk Extract Audio From Multiple Videos For Windows

Easily extract audio from video using these free audio extractor software. Clip video before extracting, and

9 Best Free BMR Calculator For Windows

Download best free BMR calculator on your PC and calculate BMR. Get an estimation of how

25 Best Free MP3 Tag Editor Software For Windows

Using these audio metadata editor, you can view, add, or modify necessary information in music files

5 Best Free Attendance Management Software For Windows

These software let you track employees attendance, leaves, holidays, etc. Some of them are also able

5 Best Free Cardiac Risk Calculator For Windows

This article lists best free cardiac risk calculator. Download these heart attack risk calculators and calculate
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