11 Best Free GIF Animator Software

Here are 11 best free GIF animator software. These GIF animator software let you create animated GIFs easily. All these GIF animator software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These GIF animator software offer various features, like: create or edit animated GIF files, add images as frames, set delay time between each frame individually or commonly, loop animation, supports various image formats for frames like JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIF etc., can rotate frames, apply various effects to frames, and more. So, go through this list of free GIF animator software and see which ones you like the most.

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Falco GIF Animator

Falco GIF Animator is a free software to create GIF animation. It lets you add frames from existing images or you can create your own frames. It also has a wizard to make an animated GIF. You can draw on any frame with various tools available like pencil, brush, spray, text etc. You can set the time delay between two frames of your choice. You can apply different effects including brightness, contrast, rotation, flips etc. to your GIFs.

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XylemStudio's AnimateGif

is a very small utility to create animated GIFs. It lets you create an animated GIF from JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF format. You can use drag and drop method to add frames. You can set the frame delay between images in milliseconds and set the loop option. You can also set quality of the output GIF. It doesn’t require installation and can be used as a portable software.

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PhotoScape is a free multi-purpose photo editor. It has various capabilities including viewer, editor, screen capture, rename, raw converter etc. You can use its Animated GIF feature to create your own animated GIFs. You can add multiple frames in a GIF by adding multiple photos. You can set the time between every frame. You can add various transition effects to your animated GIFs.

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Microsoft GIF Animator

Microsoft GIF Animator is a free software to create animated GIF files. You can drag and drop multiple GIF files to create an animated GIF. You can set duration between each frame, re order frames, set transparency, looping etc. easily. It is small in size and is easy to use.

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GifApp is a free software to create animated GIFs. You can add multiple images to your project for frames. You can set same or different timings for each frame in milliseconds. You can easily remove the unwanted images from the project. You can apply various effects to your images individually. You can preview the results before saving. It has a user friendly interface and is easy to use.

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SSuite Gif Animator

SSuite GIF Animator is a free software to create GIF animation. It lets you create animated GIF images easily and quickly. You can add multiple image files of various formats (JPG, JPEG, and BMP) to its list easily. You can set the interval between them in milliseconds. You can save the file as animated GIF in your system. You can use these animated GIFs to your websites also.

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Photobie is a free image editor with various features. It also has a feature of creating animated GIF from various image files. To make a simple animated GIF, first open all the image files with it. Copy and paste one by one all the layers to one picture and go to animation control panel from Gif_Animation menu. You can set the delay time in milliseconds for each frame. You can save your work in GIF format.

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GiftedMotion is a very small, open source and easy to use GIF animation creation software available free. You can load the images, set the sequence, and set the time in milliseconds to create a simple animated GIF. You can use the record button to save the animation. You can use it as a portable software too. Java must be installed on the system to use it.

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KickMyGraphics is a simple and easy to use GIF animation creation software. It lets you create animated GIFs from multiple image files of various formats. You can set the delay between frames by moving the slider to the desired value. You can apply other various settings like transparency, zoom, output quality etc. to your files. You can rotate the selected frames to 90 degree also.

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Free GIF Animator

Free GIF Animator is a simple program for creating animated GIFs from image files and from videos. You can load various images as frames, set the delay time in milliseconds to create animation. You can also set the loop gif animation to enable looping. You can preview the animation before saving your animated GIFs.

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Any To GIF

Any To GIF is a free software to convert images into an animated GIF file. It supports various common image formats including JPG, BMP, TIF, PSD, ICO TGA, PNG etc. It has very simple interface. You can create your animated GIFs in simple 2 steps. Add the images, choose the image size and set the delay time. You can preview the animation before saving.

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  • Thanks for the information, But is it Trial Version or Full Version?

  • arun_lof

    Hi Sumit, about which software in the list you are talking about.

    • Photoscape, Kickmy Graphics. Any full version ? They all are for 30 days.

      • arun_lof

        I checked both the software and they are free.

        • Okay Dude..!! Let me recheck and thanks for the info.

      • Jitender Chaurasia

        photoscape….is an open source application

  • all of them are for creating , any for editing ? like turning into b&w and stuff

    • Tom

      with falco you can edit

  • Fansub ALI

  • Chowdhury Abrar

    how could i add sound ?

    • Diablo Mistaken

      idiot, gif doesn’t have sound

      • hexantas

        and which prorgam is “like animated picture” and CAN TAKE sound?

        • Diablo Mistaken

          You mean file extension and not program or wrongly spelled “prorgam”, right? Well, for you, they range from mp4 to mkv and other file extensions.
          P.S.: Have a life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Anybody know how I can get jobs making animated gifs? Well also a site I can learn to create really great animated gifs? Thanks!

  • tpkyteroo

    Falco comes bundled with a PuP for those who like to avoid such things. ;)

  • K Imran

    I want to edit gif image with my new image its an high urgency
    even i do no how to create a new gif image please text me the step by step way to create gif image

    • sumatra

      Should we send money too? :P Cmon man!

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