11 Best Free Inventory Management Software

Here are 11 best free inventory management software. These let you manage and track inventory of your business easily. All these inventory management software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These free software offer various features, like: keep a track of your inventory and goods, maintain the inventory of your products, make orders and invoices, keep a track of contacts, customers and receipts, assist trade owners to manage smart purchasing, easy inventory management, promotions management, business process, stock and their sales, manage credit accounts and applies credit limits. So, go through this list of free inventory management software and see which ones you like the most.


Fakturama is a free inventory management software for your computer. It keeps a track of your inventory and goods. You can use this freeware to maintain the inventory of your products. It lets you make orders and invoices, keep a track of contacts, customers and receipts etc. The interface of this freeware is tabbed. 

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Lecprog stock management

Lecprog stock management is a free inventory software that lets you keeps a eye on different items in which you deal in your business such as perishables, supplies, tech products etc. It is a lightweight software. Lecprog stock management lets you easily manage your stock. If you are looking for an useful inventory management software then you will find this software quite useful. 

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inFlow Inventory Free Edition

inFlow Inventory is a freeware related to trade inventory. This freeware manages and tracks your inventory, purchase and sales. With the help of this freeware small trade owners control and organize their inventory in a better way. You can easily input details about the product, purchase and sales records, stock details and also generate various reports for business correspondence. inFlow Inventory is used in manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, wholesale etc. 

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Household Register

Household Register is a free inventory management software for your computer. It lets you manage and organize all the items which are in the stock list, at office or at home. With the help of this freeware you can arrange stock according to the owner and the category. It is a lightweight software. 

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2BizBox ERP

2BizBox ERP is a free ERP and inventory management software. It is useful for medium and small trade owners in order to keep an eye on their stock and resources. It can assist big businesses to get a control on their resources through the utilization of various applications that this freeware will offer. 

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Stocks Inventory

Stocks Inventory is a free inventory management software. It lets you track your products or items by per item transaction or through transaction type. It also prints your transactions and assists you in replacing broken items. This freeware is specially made for medium size and small businesses. Stocks Inventory assists you in reorder inventory, get customer’s orders and track stock. 

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RightControl is a free stock control and inventory management software. It is basically made for medium and small businesses to manage their inventory, stock and creating reports etc. It has basic options for stock entry. You can even enter multiple stock items in this freeware. It is a lightweight software. 

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Monely is a free inventory management software. It lets you manage all the trade processes within your organization. Its main features are option to assign multiple price categories for products, price lists, goods returned from customers, orders for vendors, orders from customers, incoming goods or services from vendors, sales and supplies management etc. 

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Bhansali Inventory Management software

Bhansali Inventory Management software is a free inventory management software. It has various features such as integrated search function, option to create purchase and sales report, print purchase receipt and sales receipt, handle purchase and sales transaction, manage shippers, employees, products, category etc. It is a lightweight software and has numerous functions. 

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Vladovsoft Sklad

Vladovsoft Sklad is a free software to manage inventory of your business. It also lets you control and manage shops and warehouses. With the help of this freeware you can keep records of sales, deliveries, quantities, products in your shop or warehouse and get detailed information through charts and reports. It can also export tables and reports to Excel and Access etc.  

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ABInventory Control

ABInventory Control is a free inventory management software. It lets you easily create inventory record detail, vendor details and stock transactions detail. ABInventory Control also makes stock analysis report. It is a lightweight software. It also compacts and repairs databases and set password for stock control. ABInventory Control also recreates database path. 

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  • Thank you kindly for mentioning inFlow Inventory!

    We hope you enjoy using the Free Edition! If you have any questions, please visit us at http://support.inflowinventory.com.


  • Mala Wralty

    I run a small business with about one thousand sku and need a stock management software. What free software will suit me??

  • farrel

    i run a automobile workshop and want a software for my parts stock. please suggest.

    • I’ve tested that “lecprog” software and it’s simple to work with.

      • Madhu

        It’s really works well?

    • Vijay kumar

      Hi Farrel,

      I am doing Excel based applications for small businness, pls email erpinexcel@gmail.com

  • Lyn Kochems

    I would like to find a inventory program that will let me print out labels or barcodes for the product.

  • Okay, So I have a business and I don’t have products to sell, but State regs require me to catalog any of the items required or “claimed” by my company. Any options?

  • SajFaro

    I run a Drinking Water factory. I have 2 stores in which bottled water are stored to various deliveries daily. at the same time Dispensers are stored. It’s a small business. Please advise me with the suitable Inventory software.

    • Vijay kumar

      Hi SajFaro,

      Sure, I wish to help you, pls call me +91 81 4727 1235

  • sam9050

    I run a water piping installation business and need a suitable inventory system for managing products per project and per location. A product manufacturer ID may be at quantity of 100 in location 1, dedicated to project 8, at price of$50. The same product at quantity 100 is in location 2, dedicated to project 3, at price of $80. What software would be useful?

  • Geoffery Mwangi

    Am operating a club please which software can i use to store record and also can print receipt for every sale made.Assist via jeffmwash10@gmail.Com

    • Sandesh M M

      This software will help

  • Bhavesh Koladiya

    inFlow inventory is perfect for most organisation out there. It makes the whole stock maintaince procedure simple . It has these primary components: Capacity to manage items and one can easily take orders from customer & reorder stock received from vendors effortlessly.

    If you are confused, here are some platforms like GetApp, SoftwareSuggest, Software Advise etc. They help to find right software for your business.

  • Kumkum Cool

    I am run a small supply business and that the reason i want to keep all record of my stock product and item quantity and want to see all products manufacturing date and exp date. Please suggest me a right software/ inventory.

    Thank you

  • Jesse

    Don’t use INFLOW, it will trick you, they advertise it as free, and they lie to you, is not free, and will lock all your inventory and hard work weeks later, until you pay $400 dollars to unlock it and buy their license.

    • Rose A. Ellis

      Thanks for the warning!!! Do you recommend any of these?

    • Akmal Rodzi

      was about to use it. Thanks

  • wow this list look like sponsored one … why INFLOW? and where is Stock Insight 360

    All though i will say some of the mentions in your list are worth try, Still this list need serious modification with the expert views on each

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