14 Best Free Signal Generator Software For Windows

These software let you generate audio signal from your computer by using its sound card. The output can be heard from the audio output devices connected to your PC.

AUDio MEasurement System

AUDio MEasurement System not only lets you measure audio signal parameters, but also lets you generate signal from your PC.

Audio Tone Generator

Audio Tone Generator can generate audio signals with frequency range from 100Hz to 15kHz. You can enter frequency directly from your keyboard.

Audio SweepGen

Audio SweepGen is a free audio sweep generator that can be used to generate audio signals. You can select from various frequency ranges, sweep mode, sweep speed.


Daqarta s an advanced 8 channel signal generator, which can generate up to 8 channel signal. Also, its a high precision signal generator which lets you create various types of signal waveform.

Two Channel Frequency Generator

Two Channel Frequency Generator can generate signal for both Left and Right channels. Also, you get to select signal output parameters separately for both the channels.


Audiodope has lots of tools and features to talk about, but we will talk about Audiodope as a signal generator software right now. You can find it in the Tools menu as Tone Generator.