14 Best Free Signal Generator Software For Windows

Here is the list of Best Free Signal Generator Software For Windows. You may also call them tone generator software or frequency generator software. These software let you generate audio signal from your computer by using its sound card. The output can be heard from the audio output devices connected to your PC, such as Speakers, Earphones, etc. Most of these software let you generate signals with frequency ranging from 10Hz to 20 kHz. You will find various types of signal generator software available in this list. Some are well equipped and advanced signal generators, while some are pretty simple with less complex features.

The advanced tone generator software let you generate signals where you can set different values of frequency for Left and Right channels. You also get option to select signal waveform type from sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, white noise, etc. Talking about the simple ones, some just let you enter value of frequency.

In the following list , you will also find command line signal generator software. If you are not well versed with command line techniques, steps to generate signal using CMD have been provided.

There are various other features about these frequency generator software that you will get to know as you read along. Some of these features let you set phase between L and R channels, set sweep, fine tune frequency, etc.

My Favorite Signal Generator Software:

I like AUDio MEasurement System and Daqarta the most. AUDio MEasurement System is a pretty simple, yet feature rich signal generator. It lets you separately set signal output for both Left and Right Channels. Also, you get to select the signal waveform type. Daqarta is a highly precise signal generator which can generate 8 channel signal output. Also, the precision level for signal generation is very high. Like AUDMES, Daqarta also provides advanced tools to generate audio signal.

You can also checkout the list of best free Oscilloscope Software, Audio Normalizer Software, and Noise Reduction Software.

AUDio MEasurement System

AUDio MEasurement System not only lets you measure audio signal parameters, but also lets you generate signal from your PC. This free signal generator software lets you generate signal output for single as well as two channels, that are Left and Right channels. For both channels, you can separately set Waveform type, Frequency, and Amplitude.

You can only generate 4 types of signal waveform here, which are Sine, Rectangular, Triangular, and Sawtooth. The frequency can be set from 20 to 20000Hz and Amplitude range is -60dB to 0dB. An option available in this frequency generator software lets you synchronize Left and Right channels. You can also set Phase angle between Left and Right channels.

Other tools available here to measure audio signals are Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Frequency Response analyzer.

Audio Tone Generator

Audio Tone Generator is another simple and free signal generator software for Windows. Using this tool, you can generate audio signals with frequency range from 100Hz to 15kHz. You can enter frequency from the virtual numeric keyboard or directly from your keyboard. The output amplitude can be increased or decreased with the help of Output level slider.

If you have multiple audio devices connected to your PC, you can select the output device. Click on the Tone On button to begin signal generation.

You will not find any option to generate separate signals for Left and Right channels in this tone generator software.

Audio SweepGen

Audio SweepGen is a free audio sweep generator that can be used to generate audio signals. You can select from various frequency ranges, sweep mode, sweep speed, waveform type, and output level to generate sound signal.

Here are the signal parameters which you can set:

  • Frequency: From¬†20 Hz to 20kHz. Manual option lets you manually set frequency. You can select different levels of frequency for L and R channels.
  • Waveform: Sine or Square.
  • Sweep Mode: Linear or Log.
  • Sweep Speed: Fast, Slow, Manual, White Noise, Pink Noise, or No Sweep.
  • Output Amplitude: -20 dB to 0 dB. Separate for both L and R channels.

When all parameters are set, simply begin the signal generation by clicking on Start.

It is one of the best and sorted out Signal Generator that I found.


Daqarta is an advanced 8 channel signal generator, which can generate up to 8 channel signal. Also, its a high precision signal generator which lets you create various types of signal waveform. You can separately set parameters for Left and Right channels. For each channel, you can select from 4 different sub channels, and select if the signal type should be Wave or Noise. Set signal frequency in Hz and set the type of signal modulation. Also, you get to set signal amplitude and DC offset in percentage.

The signal types under Wave signals can be selected from sine, triangle, ramp, square, or pulse. If you are selecting signal type as Noise, you have the following options: white noise, pink noise, and Gauss noise.

Other options let you set multi-channel output and attenuator settings.

You can even save or load a signal output setting if you want.

There are various other advanced signal related tools available with this frequency generator software. Some are free to use (Signal Generator is absolutely free), while some are Pro features.

Two Channel frequency Generator

Two Channel Frequency Generator is an impressive signal generator software. Its simplicity makes it easy to use. And to top it up, you will find various options to generate signals according to your choice. Here, you can generate signal for both Left and Right channels. Also, you get to select signal output parameters separately for both the channels.

For each channel, you can adjust their phase (0-360 degrees), Frequency (1 – 20000 Hz), and signal amplitude (0-42dB).

If you want, you can lock both the channels. So, whenever you change values for Left channel, Right channel values also change equally, and vice-versa.

The waveform of the generated signal is displayed on the interface.


Audiodope¬†is a free audio editor software which also lets you generate signal from your PC’s audio output device. It has lots of tools and features to talk about, but we will talk about Audiodope as a signal generator software right now. You can find it in the Tools menu as Tone Generator.

When you open this tool,¬†you are asked to select the signal type from¬†sin, absolute sin, triangle, square, or sawtooth. The Frequency range can be set from 0.01 to 5512 Hz, and duration of frequency can be set from 0.005 to 600 secs. Also, signal amplitude can be set from a scale of 1 to 100%.¬†The signal is played from your PC’s audio device and you can even view the waveform on Audidope’s interface. If you want, you can save the generated signal to your computer in WAV format.

As said before, this tone generator software has a vast set of tools, which includes audio editor, audio filters, audio effects, audio recorder, frequency analyzer, noise generator, etc. It also supports VST plugins.

Tone Generator

Tone Generator by Qubeksoft is another simple signal generator freeware for Windows. Its lets you generate dual channel audio signal by providing Frequency values for both channels in Hz. For both channels, you can select the type of signal separately from Sine, Sawtooth, Square, or Triangle. The signal output can be heard from the audio output device connected to PC.

There are not many options available in this tool for signal generation. Option to set signal amplitude would have been an added advantage.

Windows console tone generator

Windows console tone generator is a command line signal generator software for Windows. It provides a very simple and easy way to generate signal of desired frequency and for a given duration. There are two ways to generate signal using this software. You can either enter respective command in CMD to generate signal or create and run a BAT file (for multiple signal frequencies).

How to generate signal using Command Prompt:

To do this, you will have to open Command Prompt first. In the CMD screen, navigate to the folder where Windows console tone generator is located. Now use the following syntax to generate signal with desire frequency and time.

tone <frequency in Hz> <time in seconds x 1000>

Say, if you have to generate a signal with 5000Hz of frequency for 4 seconds, use the following command.

tone 5000 4000

This will generate an audio signal of 5000Hz for 4 seconds from your PC’s audio device.

Now, lets see how to create and run a BAT file to generate signal with multiple frequencies.

Creating a bat file lets you run single or multiple commands in CMD with a single click. So, if you create a BAT file, you can generate a signal with multiple frequencies for different duration.

Open Notepad and type the above command that you used to generate signal in CMD (tone 5000 4000). Now to play other signal at different frequency, right after the first one, press enter and type other command, and so on. Suppose you want to play a 8000Hz signal for 3 seconds, and a 6500Hz signal for 6 seconds. So, this is what you will type in Notepad:

tone 5000 4000

tone 8000 3000

tone 6500 6000

Now save the text in BAT format in the folder where this software is located. To do this, simply add .BAT after filename of the text file while saving it.

Now, whenever you run this bat file, Windows console tone generator will generate the given signals for defined amount of time.

This command prompt signal generator would have been even more amazing if it had options to control signal amplitude.

Wav Test Tone Generator

Wav Test Tone Generator is an opensource signal generator with recorder. It generates signal but saves the signal output as WAV file. You will have to play the WAV file to listen or analyze the signal.

To generate a signal, you will have to enter signal frequency in Hz, signal duration, set sweep function (linear/log sweep), and set signal amplitude for Right and Left channels. Select the folder to save the WAV file. Begin signal generation and the WAV file with generated signal will be saved.

You can even play the saved WAV file from this software.


Tone is another free signal generator software. It lets you select the signal waveform type, frequency, and amplitude of the signal to generate. The Frequency of output signal can be varied from 2 to 20,000Hz. You can fine tune Frequency if you want. Another option lets you enter Sampling rate in Hz and also, you can delay right channel by varying time in milliseconds.

One of the options available let you set Burst duty cycle with period on/off values and Window type. The Burst duty cycle window can be selected from Rectangular, Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, or Blackman.

Signal Generator

Signal Generator is a simple tool which lets you generate signal for either of the two channels at a time. You can set signal Frequency in Hz, Amplitude, and Volume. Before you start signal generation, you will have to choose from Right or Left channels.

The Play sound option plays the signal for few seconds as test. Click on Start sound option to play the signal sound continuously.

Note: You cannot generate a signal for both Right and Left channels at once. Signal is generated for either of the channels at a time.

Digital Signal Generator

Digital Signal Generator, as the name says, is another software to generate signal from PC. It can generate sin, triangle, square, white noise, and beat signal waves. You can set frequency values in Hz for both channels and select from two types of outputs: Single and Circle.

If you have a WAV file, this software can play that signal as well. The signal waveform is displayed on the interface. Option to pause, zoom in, and zoom out are available to analyze a signal.

The interface may look confusing. It may take some getting used to, to know how to use it.

Soundcard Oscilloscope

Soundcard Oscilloscope is a free Oscilloscope software that has a Signal Generator tool. Using this Signal Generator software, you can generate single or two channel signal. For both channels, you can set separately the signal type, Amplitude, Frequency, and Sweep.

Signal type can be chosen from Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, White noise, Pink noise, or Formula. Amplitude can be set from 0 to 1 and Frequency range can be varied between 10 to 10k Hz.

To begin signal generation, click on the Power On buttons available on top of the interface for both channels.

There are various other tools here that you can make use of, such as XY graph, Frequency meter, etc.

Note: This signal generator software is only available for free for personal use. You will have to buy a license to use it commercially.

Tone Generator (Windows 10 App)

Tone Generator¬†is a free signal generator app for Windows 10. It can generate audio signal via your computer’s sound card from a range of 20¬†Hz to 19kHz. It also lets you select the time duration to play the signal audio. It only plays sine waveform signals.

You will not find any other option available here apart from these. Its a simple and straightforward signal generator with not much advanced features.

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