8 Best Free Audio Noise Reduction Software For Windows

Presenting a list of best free Audio Noise Reduction Software for Windows. We often need to record audios for various purposes, which may include recording music, tutorials, speech, narration, or simple voice recording. We may, or may not always get a place silent enough to record audio without noise. If you do not have a good microphone, your audio recording may collect a lot of ambient noise. But you do not have to worry anymore.

I have compiled this list of free audio recorders, which are also good free noise reduction software. Some of these software perform noise reduction automatically, while you can manually tweak the settings to achieve desired noise cancellation. One of these software also lets you to manually select the noise profile, and suppress it. Each software in this list of noise cancellation software has been explained perfectly, with steps on how to remove noise from audio.

My favorite software to remove noise from Audio:

I prefer Audacity, and Wavasour the most, as these are one of the best background noise reduction software. These noise cancellation software let you select a noise profile, and then perform noise cancellation, unlike others in this lsit.

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Audacity is a cross platform, Open Source sound recording and editing software, which handles noise reduction pretty well. This noise reduction software is a leading name in sound editing field. To record sound, simply open the software, and click on the Record Button. After the recording is finished, begin with noise cancellation.

How to Remove Noise with Audacity:

Go to the Effects tab, and click on Noise Reduction. The process is divided into two steps:

  • Step1: Select a small portion of noise, and click on Get Noise Profile. Selecting this portion tells the software what to filter out.
  • Step 2: Now select the whole recording/track, and reopen Noise Reduction window. Set the following Noise reduction parameters: Noise Reduction (dB), Sensitivity, and Frequency smoothing. Click preview to listen to the output. If satisfied, press Ok.
  • Export the audio to save the audio recording.

Noise cancellation is one of the basic features of this versatile audio editor. You can apply various other effects to your audio, like: Amplify, Bass, Treble, Change Pitch, Tempo, Compression, Echo, Invert, Repair, Reverb, and many more. You can also load already recorded audio, and edit them the way you want.

EArt Audio Editor

EArt Audio Editor is another good freeware noise reduction software. It is actually an audio editor, which is absolutely free to use. You can easily record audio, and perform noise cancellation with the help of this noise removal software.

How to Reduce Noise with EArt Audio Editor:

To record audio, open the software, and click on the Red record button to begin recording. After you are done recording, go to  Effects Tab to access noise reduction options. You will find 2 options:

  • Voice Breath Noise Reduction: This option is handy to remove breath noise from audio.
  • Cassette Noise Reduction: This option comes in handy to remove Cassette noise if you are recording audio from a cassette.

To apply these effects, simply click on the desired option, and wait for your sound to be processed. You will notice the change in the sound waveform once you have applied the effect. No advanced options are available, and this lets you reduce noise pretty easily. Save the processed file once noise is removed.

What else does this audio noise reducer has to offer? Find basic options like: Invert, Reverse, Amplify, Fade, Vibration, Reverb, Band Pass, Notch, Equalizer, etc. You can also perform advance operations here, for example: Mix Stereo Channels, Flanger, Chorus, Time Stretch, Pitch Shift, Add noise, etc.


Wavasour is a feature rich audio editor, and is a very good free software to reduce noise from audio. Noise reduction is not a native feature on this software, however you can reduce noise from audio with the help of a plugin. The plugin is known as ReaFIR VST plugin. Download the plugin to your computer from here: http://reaper.fm/files/reaplugs.zip

This process might look tough, but if you follow the process, noise reduction can be achieved pretty easily.

How to Remove Noise from Audio with Wavosaur:

  • Download and Extract the plugin anywhere on your system.
  • Record audio clip in Wavasour.
  • Click Rack button from the tool bar to open the VST Rack.
  • Click on Load VST on the toolbar of VST Rack window to open the Reafir_standalone.dll plugin from wherever you extracted it.
  • Once the plugin is loaded, click on View to open the GUI of the plugin.
  • Click on Mode to select Substract from the dropdown.
  • Go to the main window to select a small portion with noise as noise sample.
  • Locate, and check the Processing option, which is available next to the Rack button on the main window of Wavasour.
  • Get back to ReaFIR VST Plugin, and check the Automatically Build Noise Profile.
  • Play the noise to get the noise profile. The Noise profile is captured, and displayed in Red.
  • Get back to main window, de-select the noise profile, uncheck the Automatically Build Noise Profile, and then play the audio.
  • Press Ctrl, an click on the red portion to drag it. You can drag the noise profile, and adjust it to get a perfectly noise cancelled audio output.
  • When you get a desired output, go back to the main screen, and hit Apply, and then save your audio file.

This is one of the best noise reduction software available, as it lets you remove noise manually. Apart from this feature, this audio editor is capable of carrying out various other editing tasks.


Ocenaudio is a simple, yet effective audio editor. This software is free to use, and is capable of audio noise reduction. You can directly record sound with the help of this software, using a microphone.

How to Reduce Noise from Audio with OceanAudio:

To cancel noise, go to Effects> Dynamics Processing> Noise Gate. Clicking on Noise Gate will open a small Window. Here you can set a threshold from -120 dB to 0 dB. Play your audio as preview, and adjust the threshold till you get a perfect output. You can also play your audio in loop if the duration of audio file is short. Click Apply, and Save the Audio file.

This Audio Editor has various other features as well. You can view your audio file as waveform, Spectral View, or both. Apply effects like: Silence, Invert, Reverb, Amplitude, Equalization, and much more. You can also add silence or noise to your audio files with the help of this noise reduction software.


WavePad is a lite audio editor for Windows which is a very good noise cancelling software.

How to Remove Noise with WavePad:

To remove noise, begin with recording an audio. Go to the Effects Tab> Cleanup> Noise Reduction. You can either access Noise Gate, for manually tweaking the noise reduction parameter, or apply automatic filter. The following noise cancelling options are available:

  • Noise Gate.
  • Auto Spectral Substraction.
  • Multi-band Noise Gating.
  • Grab Noise Sample, and Subtract from area.

Add special effects to your audio file, like: Echo, Reverb, Vibration, Doppler etc. It also supports VST plugins. This is one of the best noise reduction software, but you can use it for free only for Personal purposes. You will have to go premium to be able to use it commercially.

Exp Studio Audio Editor

Now record audio and remove noise from sound with the help of Exp Studio Audio Editor. It is a free audio editor for Windows operating System. Record audio with the help of Record Button, and then process it to remove noise. This noise reduction software offers two types of noise removal: Voice Breath Reduce, and Cassette Noise Reduce. Select the area from where you want to reduce noise, go to the Special FX Tab, now select either of the options according to the type of noise in your audio. These are automatic filters, applying any of these audio noise reduction filters, automatically processes your audio to give output with reduced noise.

Perform other important audio editing functions on this noise cancelling software. Options like: Invert, Silence, Amplify, Fade, Normalize, Flanger, Delay, Vibration, Band Pass Filters, and many more are available here.


SoundEngine lets you remove noise from a recorded Audio file in a very simple way. Go to the Record Tab to record audio. Play your audio; if noise is present, you can easily remove it with the help of Noise Suppressor. Go to the Quality tab on the Tool bar, then click on Noise Suppressor. A new window will pop up where you will find options to reduce noise in your audio. Vary the Threshold, Sup Level, and Volume to minimize noise as much as you can. Click on Preview to listen to the audio output during noise reduction. You can also use the Noise Gate option under the Dynamics tab to further reduce noise.

This software has a very interesting feature called Command Line, where you can perform Command Line operations within the audio editor’s interface. Use this option to reduce noise from Audio using Command Line. Use the Pitch, and Analyzer tools to edit your audio. Other audio editing options available here are: Compressor, Balance, Surround, Delay, Reverb, Booster, Isolator, EQ, Wave Error, Wave Generator, etc.

Leapic Audio Editor

Leapic Audio Editor offers basic Audio editing tools, along with noise reduction software capabilities. Record audio through your microphone, or open already recorded audio. Click on the Effects tab to select either of the noise reduction options: Voice Breath Noise Reduction, or Cassette Noise Reduction, depending on the type of noise available in the audio. The tools automatically detect the noise, and reduces it. Find other audio editing tools here, like: Invert, Reverse, Amplify, Fade, Vibration, Reverb, Band Pass, Notch, Equalizer, etc. You can also perform advanced editing, like: Mix Stereo Channels, Flanger, Chorus, Time Stretch, Pitch Shift, Add noise, etc.

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