9 Best Free Software To Add Audio To Video For Windows

To attach audio to video, we can use any basic video editing software that are available on the internet. Most of the video editing programs that are available are not free, but there are few free and yet powerful software available to perform this task easily. There are websites present that perform the same task, however, they consume a lot of data & time and is not a viable option.

The following article enlists top free video editing software which can be used to merge a desired audio with a video. Most of these video editors support various video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, MKV, 3GP, SWF, FLV, etc. So, let’s get to know these video editors.

You can also try these best free Video Editors, Video Converters and Audio Editors software.

Here Are The Best Free Software To Add Audio To Video For Windows:

Windows Movie Maker

It is free video editing software from MICROSOFT developed for WINDOWS, and needs to be downloaded separately from MICROSOFT website. Very old in the game, it’s very basic and powerful software and attaching an audio to a video can be executed pretty easily. WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER is an efficient video editing tool. It has options to mute or retain the original audio of the video, fade in/fade out audio and other important tools to edit a video. The edited video can be saved in different formats or can be saved based upon the compatibility with the device to be played upon. Videos can also be directly burnt to a DVD/VCD. WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER also provides option to directly use webcam and microphone to capture and edit video & audio files.


Another lightweight and good editing software to add video to audio is AVIDEMUX. It is also a full fledged video editor that can merge audio to video without hassle. Available for WINDOWS, MAC & LINUX, this software is up to date with other video editing tools as well. Might be a bit complicated for beginners, but after a simple tutorial or interaction with the software a job can be done easily and swiftly.
First the video is opened on the home screen, then under the audio drop down we can change the audio file or add more than one audio to the project. When done with adding the audio, select the output format and save the video.

It has many advance features such as setting the format of video, the bit rate of audio, etc which helps one to determine the preferable size of the file.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is also a free editing software which can be used for the purpose of adding an audio to a video. On the other hand it is a very powerful video editing software loaded with tools and filters to perform editing very efficiently just like any other movie editing software.

Just drag and drop the video and the audio file to the layers section below the preview screen. Mute or regain the original audio of the video to add background music for video, select the format of the output file and the device to be played on, save it to the allocated drive.
A video can be trimmed or two or more videos can be stitched by this utility with ease.
Videos can be converted to desired formats,with desired bit-rates. They can be saved directly to the PC or any device that is connected to the PC, such as phones, PLAY STATION, XBOX, etc. With various filters and effects which can be added to a video project, it might look complicated but is very simple to operate.

Cute Audio Video Merger

Not so famous and known to a limited population, Cute Audio Video Merger is very light and user friendly. Its sole purpose is to add audio to video.The only options on the UI are to add a video and an audio merge and select the video output quality & format. With a very simple and arranged layout, anyone can use this free software without any hassle. Apart from merging, this software can’t be used for any other purpose.


VIRTUAL DUB is an open source video processing utility for WINDOWS, designed for a fast operation. Merging an audio file with a video can be attained with ease with the help of this software. Simply open a video file, add an audio, click save and the video will be processed & saved in AVI format. The application has a very simple to understand layout. Apart from merging audio-video, this free software is capable of real-time downsizing, noise reduction, decompression of both audio & video, trimming and other interesting features.

To process videos with a different format other than AVI, all you have to do is convert the video into AVI with the help of easily available video converters. Click here for a list of free video converters.

VIRTUALDUB is designed to process AVI format videos, though it can read but not write MPEG-1 videos. It can perform basic editing on a video or a batch of videos with the help of different transition effects and also borrows 3rd party filters to be applied on them.

Kate's Video Toolkit

Kate’s Video Toolkit is a free video editing software for PC. It can be used for processing videos with very basic functionality. Among the few options for editing, there is a dedicated tab to merge audio files with video. Navigate to the MIX tab, add audio and video in their respective module and click on MIX to execute the merge.

Other tools available in this software are CONVERTER, TRIM video, JOIN videos and add TRANSITION effects to the video. Like the merge/mix, other utilities are not tough to use. The interface is basic and user friendly and anyone could do the editing with ease.
Multiple files can be added to the list and the selected files can be merged to create a video in AVI/MPEG/WMV format. Also the file can be directly burnt to DVD/VCD. The advanced option lets us decide the bit-rate, frame-rate and the output size of the video. Preview the video before merging it and save it to the desired folder. The only low of this software is that the output quality is not high and not at par with expectations.


Another free video editing software, perfect for general video editing. Vidiot is capable to attach audio to video and it does it in a jiffy. Simply open a project, select the files to be merged, drag the video to the timeline and drag the audio over the video. Trim the part that is not required and render the video in desired format to a desired location. The post-process quality drop is very less and can barely be noticed.
Other operations that this movie editing software takes care of are compositing, scaling/rotating, adding transitions and titles, trimming, etc.


MediaCoder is a free video editing software which uses various audio & video codecs to transcode audio/video files to different formats. It also performs other functions like compression, audio extraction, etc.
Add a video to the program, under the audio tab, select the external file to add audio to video. The original audio can be eliminated or retained. Press the START tab on the tool box and your merged file will be ready to use.
After certain number of usage, the program may ask for a donation. You can get rid of the pop-up by entering a captcha and then dismissing or donating.

My MP4 Box GUI

My MP4 Box GUI is a freeware. It’s a Graphical User Interface for the command prompt tool MP4Box. MP4Box lets you to rapidly and effortlessly perform operations. It can be used to add audio to video. This only works for a video which doesn’t have any audio muxed to it.

Add the audio & video under the MUX tab, click on MUX to execute the MUXING/Merging. The video fps can be changed as well before saving it. Other options available with this software are DEMUX, JOIN & SPLIT.

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