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3 Best Free GIF Frame Editor Software For Windows

Download these GIF frame editors to edit GIF frames individually. You can transform a frame, add

7 Best Free Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software For Windows

These audio spectrum analyzer software let you plot spectrum (FFT, octave, spectrogram, amplitude, phase, etc. spectrum)

16 Best Free Photo Framing Software For Windows

Photo Framing Software helps you to add attractive frames to your digital photos. You can also

16 Best Free Dead Pixel Test Software For Windows

This article lists best free dead pixel test software for Windows. Download these dead pixel finders

11 Best Free Resistor Color Code Calculator For Windows

This article contains best free resistor color code calculators for Windows. Download and calculate resistance of

10 Best Free GIF Speed Changer Software For Windows

Use these GIF speed changer to easily change GIF speed. In addition, you can edit GIFs,

6 Best Free Video Filter Software For Windows

Video filter software lets you give a custom look to a video by using various types

11 Best Free WebP to GIF Converter Software for Windows

Use these WebP to GIF converters to convert WebP to GIF after editing them. Also, these

5 Best Free Symlink Creator Software For Windows

Symlink Creator software helps you to create symlinks (shortcuts) and hard links (copy of the original

7 Best Free Makeup Photo Editor Software For Windows

Use these makeup photo editor software to enhance your photos by applying foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick,

6 Best Free Stock Analysis Software For Windows

These Stock Analysis Software let you have updated information on stock market exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ,

7 Best Free Photo To Cartoon Software For Windows

Photo to cartoon software let you turn photos into cartoons, or create caricatures from photos with

5 Best Free NTFS to FAT32 Converter Software For Windows

NTFS to FAT32 converters let you change the file system of a system drive, flash drive,

7 Best Free Bookmark Backup Software For Windows

Bookmark backup software helps you backup browser bookmarks. These software support many popular browsers like Chrome,

12 Best Free Audio Amplifier Software For Windows

Audio amplifier software helps to amplify audio level to provide better audibility, and lets you save

5 Best Free Multiboot USB Creator Software For Windows

This article lists best free multiboot USB creator software for Windows. These freeware let you keep

4 Best Free SNMP Manager Software For Windows

Use these SNMP Manager Software to monitor network devices within an enterprise, in terms of connectivity,

6 Best Free Software To Change Program Icon

Software to change program icon lets you change icon for EXE file with a .ICO file,
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