List of 15 Best Free Child Pugh Score Calculator Websites

This post lists best free Child Pugh Score calculator websites. Using these websites, anybody can calculate the overall health and liver function of patients with liver disease or those who may need liver transplantation or undergo certain liver surgeries. These tools help physicians determine the severity of the liver disease, prognosis, and the likelihood of complications or success of interventions.

The Child-Pugh Score, aka Child-Turcotte-Pugh score, is a system used to assess the severity of chronic liver disease, particularly cirrhosis. It helps doctors understand how well your liver is functioning and predict your outlook (prognosis).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Doctors assign scores (1, 2, or 3) based on five factors:
    • Bilirubin levels in your blood
    • Albumin levels in your blood
    • International Normalized Ratio (INR), a measure of blood clotting time
    • Presence of ascites (fluid buildup in your abdomen)
    • Presence of hepatic encephalopathy (confusion or impaired brain function due to liver problems)
  2. Every factor receives a score according to its level of severity. Higher scores indicate more severe liver dysfunction.
  3. The overall score is then utilized to categorize the severity of your cirrhosis.:
    • 5-6 points: Class A (relatively well-preserved liver function)
    • 7-9 points: Class B (moderately impaired liver function)
    • 10-15 points: Class C (severe liver dysfunction)

Doctors use the Child-Pugh score for several reasons:

  • Predict mortality risk: Originally, it was developed to predict how likely a person with cirrhosis would survive surgery. Now, it’s used more broadly to assess the overall prognosis of someone with chronic liver disease.
  • Guide treatment decisions: The score can help doctors determine the aggressiveness of treatment needed and whether someone might be a candidate for a liver transplant.
  • Track disease progression: By monitoring the Child-Pugh score over time, doctors can see if liver function is improving or worsening.

Note: It’s important to remember that the Child-Pugh score is just one tool doctors use. They will consider other factors along with the score to make the best treatment decisions for you.

Now, at this point, you know it very well what Child Pugh Score is actually. Now, let’s see some free online tools out there which you can use to calculate the CTP score. Here I have added 15 such tools that you can use.

Shows Pugh ScoreShow Pugh Grade
Hepatitis C OnlineHepatitis C Online
MSD ManualsMSD Manuals
Pediatric OncallPediatric Oncall
Omni CalculatorOmni Calculator
Nice HMSNice HMS
MediLib MediLib


MDCalc is a free online website where you can find so many calculators clinical decision tools and content. It has many calculators for calculating and analyzing various medical conditions and parameters such as Keratin Clearance, Body mass Index (BMI), NIH Stroke Score, Heart Score, Steroid Conversion, and others. You can find these tools on the main website and along with all these it has a very nice and simple Child Pugh Score Calculator.

The Child Pugh Score Calculator here takes input parameters from you such as Ascites, Albumins, INR, and Bilirubin (Total). After entering the estimated or correct values of these things, you can have the final Child Pugh Score for a patient. Do note that, in order to use this website, you will have to authorize few liver tests to get the values for Albumins, Ascites, etc.

You can repeat the same process with different parameters of another patient to get his/her Child Pugh Score.

Hepatitis C Online

Hepatitis C Online offers a very simple and straightforward Child Pugh Score Calculator that you can use as a patient or even as a doctor. If you have done all the required liver tests, then you just have to input values from the test results of parameters such as Albumin (g/dL), Ascites, Bilirubin (mg/dL), etc., to get the final results. This calculator can be used anytime, and you can use it without having to register for an account on the main website.

Use the link to this website from below and then calculator page will be displayed. Now, you only need to specify the required parameters. From the liver tests that you have done already, you enter those parameters such as value for Albumins in g/dL. After adding all the parameters that are required there, it will automatically display the CP score to you that you can note down and show to your physician.

In this way, you can use this simple online tool to quickly calculate the Child-Pugh score of any liver patient. You can use it as yourself or even as a physician. Just bookmark this website and use it anytime you want.


Medscape website also contains some clinical tools that can be used online. It even published news articles related to the same. One of the tools that it has is Child-Pugh Score calculator and today, I am just going to talk about that here for a bit. The CBS calcualt0r of Medscape is interactive and asks you the same parameters as other calculators do and reveals the final results in the end.

You can access this website use the link below and then on the calculator page, start specifying the values for Albumins, Ascites, Bilirubin (Total), and other parameters. The calculator here follows a wizard like interface where you just need to select the relevant options and specify the corresponding value accordingly. In the end, you can view your results and then share them with your doctor or physician.

Along with Child Pugh Score, it includes the following in the results as well:

  1. Chronic Liver Disease Class
  2. Estimated 1-year Mortality Rate
  3. Estimated 2-year Mortality Rate
  4. Estimated 3-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS
  5. Estimated 12-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS
  6. Estimated 36-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS

So, bookmark this tool for easy access and use it anytime. I liked the fact that here it produced some really comprehensive results that will give a clear overview of your liver condition to your doctor.

MSD Manuals

MSD Manuals website has a collection of clinical calculators, quizzes, and another relevant knowledgebase that you can use. One of the tools in the clinical calculators is the Child Pugh Score calculator. You can use it without sign up or registration and any number of times. The Child Pugh Score calculator here has a simple interface and all you have to do is input the correct parameters.

The main website can be accessed from the link given below. After you open it, you will be shown a simple form that you have to fill out. If you are using this tool as a patient, then pull your liver test reports and fill out the correct values for parameters such as Encephalopathy, Ascites, Prothrombin time prolongation, etc.

Instead of text input, it shows radio buttons that you have to press based on the parameters in your liver report. After few seconds, it will show you the final output. There you can see your Child Pugh Score and then pass it on to your physician to get the right expert opinion.

Pediatric Oncall

Pediatric Oncall is the internet’s one of the most robust and integrated medical information and education tool with an extensive network of doctors as registered members. It has many tools on it and one of the tools here let you calculate Child Pugh Score for yourself or someone else using a simple web form. Here you can just input the required parameters through the 1-click form and then it will automatically generate the final result.

Just access this clinical tool from below and then just start using it right away. Select the parameters based on your reports to see the final results at the bottom side. Apart from main Child Pugh Score, you will see some other important parameters that your doctor might find useful. There is no limit on how many times you can use this tool, so, keep using it like this for yourself and others.

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator is probably the vastest collection of calculators on the internet. It has calculators from science, math, physics to medical and scientific. You can find calculators for things like Darcy’s law calculator, cartesian product calculator, Upwork fees calculator, Chmod calculator, etc. Apart from these calculators, it has a lot of calculators in the medical section as well and Child Pugh Score calculator is one of them.

The Child Pugh Score calculator here takes 5 input parameters from you and then generates the final result. In the result, you can see the calculated class and the estimated mortality/survival rate. You can keep changing the values for the input parameters and the final result will change accordingly.

One good thing about this website is that it includes some really nice information in the right side of the calculator. If you want to learn basics of Child Pugh Score about what exactly it is then you can read that there. The explanation there is pretty good.


CirrhosisCare is a website that constantly publishes helpful information for patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. It even has a collection of some free clinical tools and one of those tools is Child Pugh Score calculator. Just like other websites in this list, it works in a similar fashion. You enter the data from the liver testing reports and then see the final results. This is as simple as that.

Access this calculator form the link below and then you will land on the Child-Pugh Score for Cirrhosis Mortality page. Here you need to enter the 5 mandatory parameters that it asks for. Once you specify all those parameters, it will show you the final results. In the final results, it shows you the exact score for Child Pugh and even shows the class as well. Based on the results, your doctor or physician will recommend the required



BackTable is sweet corner on the internet for physicians by physicians. The aim of BackTable is to keep healthcare providers stay up to date on the best way to approach the various facets of their practice. Thus, it offers content as well as clinical tools. One of those clinical tools it offers is Child Pugh Score calculator. It is a very easy to use tool if you have the correct information to enter in it.

Using this is very simple. Use the link below to access the website and then simply start entering the required information. Enter the correct value of Bilirubin(Total), Albumin, Encephalopathy, etc., and then click on the submit button. In blink of an eye, you will see the calculated Pugh score there. In addition, it also shows you child class as well as life expectancy.

Keep using it in this way and also take a look on other resources and tools that this website has to offer, especially if you are physician. With the information and podcasts that they have, you will stay updated in the knowledge of health and clinical tools.


Impact is a Hong Kong based government website that shares clinical knowledge about bacterial research and antimicrobial agents. Apart from this, it also offers online clinical tools and calculators one of which is a Child Pugh Score calculator.

Just like other tools in this list, it works in the similar fashion. You need to input the parameters from your liver tests and then see the results. In the final results, it will show you the total Child-Pugh score as well as Child-Pugh grade.

The website is completely free to use, and you can access the Pugh Score calculator from the link below. All other websites in the list above takes standard parameters. But one thing I noticed here that apar from the standard parameters, it also asks you to enter Prothrombin time and known primary biliary cirrhosis.

So, enter the details that it asks for you and then see your results. This is as simple as that. For quick access or future use, you can quickly bookmark it to save time.


ClinCaseQest is an online platform for medical students, paramedics, interns, doctors, and teachers of medical establishments. It contains and offers information regarding clinical cases as well as clinical knowledgebase. Among all these, it offers a Child Pugh Score calculator that works in a very straightforward manner. Just feed it the details and then it will quickly show you the Pugh score almost instantly.

As a patient or as a medical practitioner, you can use this website from the link below. The interface of the calculator will show up. Now, you need to select the correct options as per your liver test reports and then it will show you the Pugh score and then corresponding class. Change the parameters for a different patient and then result will adjust accordingly.

Apart from the Pugh Score calculator, you can use this website for clinical research as well. If you are a recently graduated doctor, then you can go through the knowledgebase and case studies to improve your knowledge as it will help you in long run.

Nice HMS

Nice HMS is a dynamic Health Tech company that offers its services in the technical sector in the medical field. On their website, they offer some free clinical tools as well. One such tool on their website is that Child Pugh Score calculator. The tool is very simple and can only calculate the Pugh score. It doesn’t show any other details as some of the above websites do.

You can access this Pugh score calculator from the link below and then you can start filling out the details that it asks you to specify. So, do that and then click Calculate to see your results. However, this Pugh calculator can only show you the score. Unlike other calculators above, it doesn’t show you the life expectancy and Pugh grade.

So, if you need a Child Pugh Calculator that can quickly show you the Pugh score only, you can use this tool. So, give it a try and let us know what you think about it.


MediLib is another health tech website that is launched with the effort of engineers and experts to help the medical community. Hence, it offers some useful tools and knowledgebase. In those tools, you will find a Child Pugh Score calculator. With this calculator, you can calculate severity of liver disease in adults.

Quickly access this calculator from the link below and then start using. Just enter the details of parameters that it asks for and then it will show you the final score. By default, it doesn’t show you the Pugh grade but there is a reference table at the bottom side that you can use to see what grade your liver condition is in.

This way, you can use this calculator quickly see the condition or severity of your liver diseases. If you are using this website as a doctor pr physician, then you can take a look on other resources that they provide. However, the main language of the website is Persian. You will have to use the browser’s translator feature if you don’t understand that language.


GlobalRPH yet another website that offers a free Pugh Score calculator. For chronic liver disease, you can use this calculator as a patient as well as a doctor or physician. There is no sign up or registration needed to use it. You only need to specify the same parameters as required in the tools above. In the end, you will have your child Pugh score and then you are ree to do whatever you want.

Just access this tool from the below link. The website is a bit older, but it works. So, quickly enter all the information that it requires and then submit it. After a few seconds, it will show you the final results. You will see the final Pugh score, survival rate, and Pugh grade in terms of class A, B, C, etc. In addition, there are some references at the bottom of the tool that you can go through to learn more.


MDApp is a healthcare solutions platform that advocates for the widespread adoption of clinical decision tools. They collaborate closely with the research community to convert evidence-based medical algorithms, scoring systems, indices, differential diagnoses, and more, into user-friendly calculators.

One of those calculators that they have created can help you calculate Child Pugh Score. Since it is a healthcare solution platform, so you can also read about how this calculator works and what principle it is based on. From your recent liver test reports, you can get the details of various parameters that are needed to use the calculator.

You can access the calculator from the link below and then start using it right away. Enter the details it asks and then simply hit the Calculate button. It will then show you the Pugh score as well the grade. It also displays the survival rate there and you can keep using this calculator in this way and also take a look on other clinical calculators that it has to offer.


Softo is the last free tool in my list that you can use to calculate Child Pugh score of any liver patient. It is a simple and straightforward website that you can use anytime even as a doctor or a physician. This is not a website related to clinical tools or medical research but still they are offering this simple tool that you can use. In the final output, it shows Pugh grade, life expectancy, and abdominal surgery peri-operative mortality. These parameters are calculated based on the input you provide.

Access this free tool from the link below. After that, enter the values for Bilirubin (Total), Albumin, INR, Ascites, and Encephalopathy. Next, you hit the Calculate button and then it will show you the results. You can again use this tool in this way. Just change the input parameters and then results will adjust accordingly. This is as simple as that. Apart from calculating Child Pugh Score, you can also read about it in the details on the same website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Child-Pugh score serves as a tool for evaluating the prognosis of chronic liver disease, particularly cirrhosis. It helps in determining the intensity of treatment needed and the urgency for a liver transplant. This scoring system forecasts the progression level of liver disease and the anticipated survival rate.

Yes, there are. It's known by various names, including the Child-Pugh classification, Child-Turcotte-Pugh (CTP) calculator, and Child Criteria.

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