9 Best Free Cloud Video Conferencing Software

Here is a list of Best Free Cloud Video Conferencing Software. These are basically video conferencing software that lets you start video meeting with your team on cloud. You don’t need to install any heavy software or app on your system or device. All you need to conduct video conference using these services is an active internet connection and a web browser. You can simply sign up to these cloud services and start a video meeting. To make your team members join your video conference, you can share meeting’s URL or invite them through their email IDs. As soon as they click the link or get the invite, they will be able to join your video conference. Joinees don’t even need to sign up to any of these services. Most of these can also be used to conduct online webinars.

The most commonly provided features in these software include Schedule Meetings, Share Screen, Mute All Participants, Mute Video, Mute Audio, and Enter Full Screen. Besides that, a handy Chat feature is also provided in these cloud video conferencing software to instant message participants in a video meeting. Additionally, file sharing, lock meeting, limit bandwidth, add notes, share video, meeting history, and more useful features are offered in them. All in all, these are quite feature rich software that make it easier to conduct video conferencing within an organization.

These services are not completely free, but they provide a free plan with limited functionalities. Some software are also letting people use their premium features for free for sometime seeing the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. All in all, these are good cloud based software to conduct video meeting in few clicks.

My Favorite Free Cloud Video Conferencing Software:

Zoom is a good software as in its free plan, you can host up to 100 participants in a video conference. Plus, you get advanced sharing features in it.

BigBlueButton is another great software as you get various useful features which one may require during a video conference like starting a poll, private chat feature, and more.

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Zoom is a famous cloud video conferencing software. It is quite a popular remote working tool that enables organizations to work remotely. It offers many tools including team management, webinar, screen sharing, web conferencing, video conferencing, whiteboard annotation, and more. One of its important feature is Video Conferencing which you can conduct on cloud. You can sign up for its free plan and then start video meetings whenever required. Apart from cloud, it is also available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhones.

Key feature of this cloud video conferencing software: Zoom:

  • You can host a meeting with video on, video off, or in screen share mode only.
  • You can schedule meeting as per your time zone. The invitees will be notified prior to the video conferencing.
  • It lets you invite people to your video conference through URL or by sending them an email. Invitees can also join through meeting ID.
  • It allows participants to share their screen to demonstrate something on their desktop. Additionally, it provides an advanced sharing feature that allows you to set up how many participants can share at the same time. And also, who can share screen (only host or all participants). Plus, you can also configure if only  host or all participants can start screen sharing when someone else is sharing his/ her screen.
  • It provides a chat feature to send text messages during video conference.
  • Furthermore, host can manage participants with mute all participants and other features.


In this free plan of Zoom, you can host up to 100 participants and with a 40 mins limit on group meetings. To unlock all its features, you need to upgrade to its paid plans.


It is one of the most feature rich and popular cloud video conferencing software that anyone can use without much hassle. You get all essential features in its free plan to have group video meetings with your teams. You can read about its desktop version here.


BigBlueButton is a feature rich cloud based video conferencing software. In it, you can create multiple meeting rooms with specific participants and start video conferencing. It lets you create a meeting room with settings like mute users when they join, require moderate approval before joining, allow any user to start this meeting, all users join as moderators, etc. For each created room, it generates a meeting URL which you can share with other participants to let them join in. You can quickly start video conferencing in any of the created rooms. The URL links do not expire for created room. So, you don’t have to share the links again and again with participants.

Here are some other features of this cloud video conferencing software.

Main Features:

  • It provides a public chat features to send a text message to all other participants.
  • You can also start a private chat with a specific participant during video meet.
  • It lets you set your status.
  • The host can manage participants using features including remove a user, make someone the presenter, and make someone moderator of video meeting.
  • You can start video conferencing in fullscreen mode.
  • It lets participants to share their screen at any moment.

Additional Features:

  • People can shares notes to write down main points of video conference.
  • It also provides handy features to start a poll, upload a presentation, and to share an external video.
  • It shows history of past video meetings.
  • You can assign keyboard shortcut to quickly perform a specific action.


Overall, it is a good cloud video conferencing software that provides a useful set of features to conduct video meetings with your team members.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is the next cloud video conferencing software on this list. You can host or join unlimited number of video meetings through this service. It also lets you schedule a meeting for tomorrow, day after tomorrow, or for any time. All standard plus some additional tools are provided in it. You can checkout a full list of its features below.

Main Features:

  • It provides a dedicated feature to share screen or share an application with other members in video conference.
  • You can view and manage list of participants that have joined the video meet. At any time, host can change role of a participant to host or presenter, move someone to lobby i.e., waiting list, or expel someone from the video conferencing.
  • It provides both group chat (message all) and private chat (message someone specific) features.
  • You can lock a video meeting to keep the participants’ list locked..
  • Before leaving, host can assign a new host and then end a meeting from his/ her side.

Additional Features:

  • You get a dashboard where you can view scheduled/ upcoming and past meetings
  • It provides a separate section of all your conference recordings. Although, I didn’t find an option to record video conference during the meet.
  • It provides a Health Checker tool to test internet connection, meeting service, audio, video, and shared content and determine health status.
  • You can connect to a device by entering video address.


It is a great cloud based video conferencing software that provides some awesome features that you can look forward to.


Skype is a popular telecommunication application that also provides a cloud based video conferencing software. You can simply create a meeting link and invite other participants via GMail, Outlook Mail, or simple URL. You can also schedule a video call at a particular time. It provides all basic plus some handy tools to start a video conferencing and collaborate with your team without much hassle. Here are its main features.

Main Features:

  • The meeting link can be reused as the links do not expire.
  • You get a chat feature in it to instantly message everyone during a video conference.
  • You can view history of activities performed during a video meet.
  • It lets you take a snapshot of current screen from your browser directly.

Additional Features:

  • You can also create a poll during a video conference to know popular opinion.
  • One can also add a locally saved file which everyone can view and access.
  • You can access shared content from its Gallery section.


It is a feature rich cloud video conferencing software through which you can conduct video conferencing with instant messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing features.


TelebuJoin is another nice cloud video conferencing software. You can sign up to its service to host a video meeting through it. The host can copy URL of video meeting and share it with multiple participants with whom he/ she wants to start video meeting. All the participants can simply enter video meeting room through invite link. You get all essential features in it that you might require during the course of a video meet. What are those features? Let’s see.

Main Features:

  • Host can lock video meeting room so that no new participants can enter the room and you can carry-on video conference without any hassle.
  • Host can mute all participants and individual participant can mute his/ her camera or microphone at any time.
  • It provides essential screen sharing feature which members require during video conference.
  • It provides a group chat feature to instantly send text messages to all present in meeting room.
  • You can view all notifications regarding meeting activities as well as meeting history.


It is a simple yet effective cloud video conferencing software that organizations can use to conduct video conferencing on cloud.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a popular instant messaging app which can also be used to conduct cloud video conferencing. You can simply login with your Gmail account to it and then start a video call with your team or organization. It lets you add people to your video conference through invite link or via email ID. Besides that, you can phone call someone and text message people on your contact list.

Key Features:

  • In case you feel the need to mute your audio or video, you can do that at any time.
  • A participant can share his/ her screen with everyone else.
  • You can send text messages through inbuilt its chat feature.
  • It provides a fullscreen mode to view all participants and take part in a video conference in full screen.

Additional Feature:

  • It provides you the flexibility to limit bandwidth of incoming and outgoing videos.


It is one of the best alternative to cloud video conferencing software for Gmail users as you can directly connect with your account and start video meet with multiple people.


UberConference is yet another cloud video conferencing software. Using this cloud based service, you can easily conduct a video conference or webinar. You can simply sign up on its official website and then start video conferencing on cloud. You can simply invite other members by sharing the URL of video meeting. Let us check out its main features.

Main Features:

  • You can view a list of all participants that have joined your video meeting.
  • It lets you share your screen to show content on your desktop.
  • Participants can use its inbuilt chat feature to send instant text messages to all.
  • You can change call layout to customize display of participants.
  • At any time, one can disable microphone and video camera if needed.


In free plan, you can host at most 10 participants and can conduct video conference of maximum 45 minute duration. There are some more features which are absent from free plan. You need to upgrade to its premium plan to get all its features without restrictions.


It is a nice and easy to use cloud video conferencing software that anyone can use to host, schedule, and join video meetings.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is another nice free cloud video conferencing software. It is basically a commercial tool, but it also provides a free plan which you can use for unlimited time period with limited functionalities. You can use it to start video conferencing on cloud. The best part is that you can start URL video conferencing in a few minutes. You can even schedule a video meeting that will start at the scheduled time. The invitees will get a reminder before the video conference starts, so that they can join the meeting on time. Now, let’s checkout its other awesome features that you can look forward to.

Main Features:

  • Attendees: You can invite participants by entering their email or you can share URL of your video conference with others and they can join your video meeting by clicking the URL.
  • Chat: It provides an inbuilt chat option to send text messages to attendees.
  • Start Sharing: During video conferencing, you can also share any of your screen windows with other attendees.
  • Enter Fullscreen: At any time, you can enable this option to start video conference in full screen.
  • Mute Audio/ Mute Video: If needed, you can mute your audio or video at any time during the course of a video meeting.

Additional Features:

  • Webinar: You can also conduct a video webinar with up to 10 attendees using it.
  • Conserve Bandwidth: You can use this option to use internet bandwidth in an effective manner.
  • Lock Meeting: To control who joins your meeting, you can use this option.


In its free plan, you can host video conferencing with up to 3 participants only. Also, meeting recording feature is provided in pro plans. There are many more limitations in this free plan, you can check here to compare all its editions.


It is an easy to use cloud video conferencing software through which you can quickly start video conferencing using meeting’s URL.

AnyMeeting Video Conferencing

AnyMeeting Video Conferencing is one more cloud video conferencing software on this list. You can easily start video meetings with your team people to share ideas and thoughts and work in collaborative manner. You can simply start a meeting, join a meeting, or schedule a meeting using it.

Main Features:

  • It lets every member in a video conference to share their desktop screen.
  • It also provides a screen annotation feature.
  • A participant can also share a local video file with other members.
  • You can text all people using its group chat feature.
  • You can lock your meeting room so that nobody leaves the room or no new member joins in.
  • It lets you view list of attendees.
  • You can view past meetings for last few days.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you set up some configurations for virtual assistant, bandwidth, audio and video settings, etc.
  • You can add notes which other can view.


The free plan of AnyMeeting Video Conferencing limits some features like up to 4 web participants, record your meeting, download recording, view number of viewers, etc. You can upgrade to its premium plans in order to remove these limitations.


It is a powerful cloud based video conferencing software, but its free plan’s limitation to be unable to host more than 4 web participants makes it less desirable for free users.

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