5 Best Free JP2 Viewer Online Websites

Here is a list of the best free JP2 viewer online websites. JP2 is an image file format that uses JPEG 2000 image compression standard. It is also known as JPEG 2000. This file format is developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) committee. It provides advanced features over the original JEPG format. It is originally designed to replace the JPEG but it hasn’t caught the popularity yet.

JP2 supports lossy as well as lossless compression. It can store multiple quality layers within a single file that enables progressive loading. It can also store various types of data including grayscale, RGB, etc. Unlike the original JPEG, it can also support transparency. JP2 image files are commonly used in digital photography, satellite imagery, medical imaging, etc.

Most image viewer software and apps do not support JP2 files. To be able to open a JP2 file, you have to find a tool that supports the file format. Alternatively, you can use an online JP2 viewer to view a JP2 file. An online viewer is safe and easy to view the file quickly. There is no download or installation required. This post covers 5 free online viewer websites where you can open and view JP2 files.

My Favorite JP2 Viewer Online

FileHelper.com is my favorite website on this list to view JP2 images online. This website can identify over 15000 file formats and open over 150 of those in the browser. In the case of JP2, it opens the image in an interactive viewer where you can easily zoom in/out and pan the image around. On top of that, it also provides you with tools to quickly convert the JP2 to other commonly used image file formats.

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Comparison Table:

NameView JP2 OnlineInteractive ViewerConversion Options


FileHelper.com is a free online file viewer website. This website can identify over 15000 file formats and show their file properties and metadata. Out of that, it can open over 150 file formats in the browser. When you open the website, it has a dotted box where you can simply drag and drop your file. Alternatively, you can click the “upload” to open Explorer and pick the file. This way, you can upload your JP2 file to this website. When you do that, it takes some time to upload and process the file. Once done, it shows the file preview on the screen with file properties on the left. You get an interactive preview where you can zoom in and rotate the image. On the properties side, it shows the size, modified date, dimensions, and various other properties of the image.

The property section includes a few other options as well. The first option is viewing mode. This allows you to pick from Native, Text, and Hex. Native is the correct view mode for JP2 files. Below that, you get options to convert JP2 images to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. You can use that section to convert JP2 and save that in any of those file formats.


  • This website can open over 150 file formats in a web browser.
  • It offers three view modes for different file types: Native, Text, and Hex.
  • It can also convert JP2 to other commonly used image file formats.


Aspose.app is an online file conversion and manipulation platform. It offers a wide catalog of conversion, editors, viewers, and other tools. It has an online JP2 Viewer under its Imaging Apps catalog. This is a simple tool where you can add a JP2 image and open it online. This tool allows multiple ways to add the JP2 file. If you have the file locally saved, you can just drag and drop it on the screen. Otherwise, you have the option to import it from a URL, your Google Drive account, or your Dropbox account. You can use any of these methods to add the JP2 file. When you do that, it takes some time to process the input. Then it opens the image. You get zoom options at the top and use the mouse cursor to move the image around. Next to that, it has an option to print the image directly.

This viewer has two sections to “Download” and “Open-in” the image. The “Download” section allows you to download and export the image to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can download the original JP2 image or the current image shown on the screen. Whereas, the “Open-in” section lists other Aspose image tools such as conversion, resize, crop, editor, filter, etc. From there, you can open the image with any tool for desired further steps.


  • This website has the option to import the file from Google Drive, Dropbox, or via a URL.
  • It allows you to save the image to Google Drive and Dropbox (original and image).
  • It offers options to print the image and open it in other Aspose image editing tools including conversion.


GroupDocs.app is another online platform that offers converters and other file manipulation tools. It has a “Total Viewer” that can open over 170 file formats in the web browser. You can use this viewer tool to view JP2 files online. The viewer screen has a box where you can drag and drop your file to open. When you add a JP2 file to the tool, it takes some time to process the file and then opens it in the “GroupDocs Viewer” interface. The interface has a zoom scale and buttons to help you view the image. Along with that, it has options to download image as PDF and print it directly from the viewer.


  • This viewer supports over 170 file formats.
  • It has a simple viewer interface to zoom and pan the images.
  • It also lets you download image as PDF and print it directly.


Conholdate.app is an online platform that is similar to Aspose and GroupDocs. It also has an online viewer where you can upload and view various file types. You can simply drag and drop your files to the viewer. After that, it takes some time to process the JP2 image then shows three options on the screen. This includes an option to view, an option to get a link, and another to share via email. From there, you can click on the view option to open the preview of the JP2 image. You can also use the other options when you want to share the preview directly with others.


  • This viewer provides a link to share the preview with others.
  • It can also send a preview link via email directly from the viewer.


FileProInfo.com is a free website that has a collection of tools covering various categories. This website has a set of online viewers covering a JP2 viewer as well. This is a simple viewer that can open a file up to 150 MB in size. The viewer has a big button that says “Select JP2 File”. You have to click on that button and select your file. After that, you have to complete a captcha and then press “Open JP2 File” given below. When you do that, the tool takes some time to process the input. Then it shows a preview of the JP2 image on the screen. It does not show any buttons to interact, just the preview image. However, it does list a few related tools that you can select to edit, compress, etc.


  • This website can open a file up to 150 MB in size.
  • The viewer also links related tools for further tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To view a JP2 file, you can use an image viewer or editor that supports the JPEG 2000 format. Alternatively, you can use an online viewer such as FileHelper.com where you can upload and view JP2 files online.

You can use an online viewer such as FileHelper.com to open JP2 files in Chrome. With such online viewers, you can simply upload the JP2 and view it online.

Yes, you can convert a JP2 file to JPG format using various image conversion tools available online or through software applications. Such tools allow you to convert JP2 files to JPG by simply uploading the file and selecting the desired output format.

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