5 Best Free MIDI Editor Online Websites

Here is a list of the best free MIDI editor online websites. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Unlike an MP3 or WAV file, a MIDI file does not contain any audio. Instead, a MIDI file is like sheet music but for computers. The files contain the notes of the digital musical instruments used. So, the computer reads the MIDI and it gets played by the virtual instrument.

In this post, I’m covering 5 free online MIDI editor websites. You can import your MIDI file to these editors. When you do that, it loads all the notes of the file on the screen. From there, you can play the MIDI and edit it the way you want. You can replace or remove notes, and new notes. These editors support dozens of musical instruments. You can pick an instrument of choice, customize it as per your needs, and add notes to the MIDI. In the end, you can export the MIDI to save the audio. The export format differs from editor to editor. You can check these editors yourself and then pick one that fulfills your needs.

My Favorite MIDI Editor Online

Signal is my favorite MIDI editor online. This is the best MIDI editor to create music online. It supports over 120 virtual musical instruments that you can customize as per your needs. On top of that, you can also connect a physical MIDI keyboard and use it with the editor. You can import your MIDI file to the editor and edit it using all the features of this editor. However, there is a learning curve to this editor. If you are new to MIDIs then give Online MIDI a try.


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Singal is a free online MIDI editor that you can use in any modern web browser. This editor has a collection of 120 virtual instruments. It supports Web MIDI API that allows you to connect a physical MIDI keyboard to use with this editor. You can open an existing MIDI file to this editor. It plots all the notes on the screen with the respective instruments. You can pick any instrument and add/remove notes to your file. Then there is an “Arrange” section where you can customize all the notes. Last but not least, you can use velocity, BPM, pitch bend, expression, and modulation to create expressive sound.


  • Upload and edit MIDIs online.
  • Comes with 120 virtual instruments.
  • Dedicated sound module built with the WebAudio API and AudioWorklet.
  • Change the tempo and time signature using Graph Editor.
  • Connect and record using a physical MIDI Keyboard (Web MIDI API).
  • Export the music audio to a WAV file.

Online MIDI

Online MIDI is a free online MIDI editor. This MIDI editor packs many features in a neat and simple user interface. You can use the editor to create new MIDIs and edit existing ones. When you import a MIDI to this editor, it lists all the instruments used in the MIDI. From there, you can customize the instruments and add new ones. Unlike other editors, this one gives you a list of notes. There you can manage all the notes and add new ones to edit the MIDI. The editor loads a keyboard of the selected instrument. You can insert or replace notes, keys, patterns, and chords at any given time. Apart from the instrument, you can also record the voice of the MIDI. In the end, you can export the final audio to WAV or MP3 format.


  • Upload and edit MIDIs online.
  • Comes with dozens of virtual instruments.
  • Lists all the instruments used in the MIDI and lets you customize those.
  • Lists all the notes and controllers used in the MIDI audio.
  • Option to insert notes, patterns, chords, and keys.
  • Option to replace and insert range with keys and tracks.
  • Record voice during the MIDI playback.
  • Export the final audio to WAV or MP3.

Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer is a free online MIDI sequencer where you can make and edit MIDIs. It opens with the sequence where you can create your own audio using 40+ virtual musical instruments. It lets you customize each instrument as per your liking. You can also change the editor by adjusting the grid, signature, key, and other factors. There is a separate option to import MIDI at the top. With that option, you can upload your MIDI. The MIDI opens in the same editor. You can use all the features to edit your MIDI. You can cut, copy, and paste notes easily. Also, play the MIDI and record the selected instrument in real-time. With that, you can easily edit MIDIs on this website and save them as MIDI or MP3 files.


  • Upload and edit MIDIs online.
  • It has 40+ virtual instruments built-in.
  • Fine-tune each instrument as per your liking.
  • Adjust Grid, Time Signature, Key, and Auto Scroll as per convenience.
  • Easily cut, copy, and paste the notes on the grid.
  • Record keyboard in real-time while the original MIDI is playing.
  • Export the audio to MIDI or MP3.


BeepBox is another free online MIDI editor. This is a simple editor that you can use to create and edit MIDIs online. It has a grid for notes accompanied by a set of options on the right. With the “File” option, you can import a MIDI file to the editor. It shows all the keys of the MIDI on the grid. Then you can make changes to the notes to edit the MIDI. You can use the built-in collection of instruments to add new notes to the MIDI. Furthermore, you can use other functions to adjust tempo, scale, EQ, reverb, key, and more. In the end, you can save the final audio from the file menu. You can also share the MIDI by sharing the URL of the editor.


  • Upload and edit MIDIs online.
  • It has around 100 different musical instrument configurations.
  • Fine-tune any instrument by changing the tempo, key, scale, EQ filer, reverb, etc.
  • Insert intro and outro and loop the audio while exporting.
  • Export the audio to MID, WAV, MP3, JSON, or HTML format.

Music Box Maniacs

Music Box Maniacs offers a free MIDI editor that you can use online. This editor can create custom melodies and can also edit MIDIs You can use the import feature to add your MIDI to the editor. When you do that, it plots the notes on the grid. There you can add new notes and replace the existing ones as well. This way, you can edit the MIDI and then export it. Apart from export, you can also publish the MIDI to the MusicBox website.


  • Upload and edit MIDIs online.
  • Add and remove notes to the MIDI.
  • Edit the track info to the audio.
  • Export the audio to MP3, MID, and PDF.
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