5 Best Free Office For MAC

Here is a list of best free office for MAC. These office suite for MAC are quite simple, easy to use, and are feature rich. These perform many of the tasks that are performed by Microsoft Office on Mac. You can use these MS Office alternative for MAC to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, create database, create diagrams, manage projects, and make vector graphics and diagrams. You can easily Open Microsoft Office files on MAC with these free office suites and save files in Microsoft Office Format on MAC. You can also choose to save files in OpenOffice formats and many other formats. Documents can also be easily shared via Email. Choose the option to edit files online and share them with your colleagues. These also support split view feature of El Capitan. Documents can be shared while editing, thereby supporting multiple authors.

My Favorite Free Office For MAC:

Out of the software listed here, I like iWork the most. It is due to the fact that it has a visually aesthetic interface. Apart from that, it has a number of outstanding features that separate it out from the others. Here you can insert a number of basic shapes, text, charts, and media elements. The documents are easily synced via iCloud and you can even edit documents online on any platform using any browser. Using Review tools you can work with multiple users at once.

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Pages, Keynote, and Numbers collectively make iWork, which is a good office suite for MAC. It is offered free to the users who bought MAC after 2013. Others have to buy it from the App Store. Along with it Photos is also provided to edit images on MAC. A number of amazing options are provided to insert images, text, charts, shapes, tables, graphs, and citations to convey ideas in a more appropriate way. Here you can also choose to insert media items, like: Photos, Music, and Movies. These can be further customized as per the requirement. A number of innovative features are also included, like: word wrap, ruler, alignment guides, written directions, word count, comments, feedbacks, and many more such options. Files can be synced on iCloud Drive and you can easily choose the option to edit documents using PC browser or MAC browser. The review tools contain several features for streamlined change tracking, highlights, and comments to help you work with multiple authors on documents. These can also be shared via mail, messages, notes, and iCloud. The templates can be saved if required in future. Passwords can also be set to secure files for a few people to use. Here options are also provided to reduce file size, optimize movies for iOS, and convert formats. It also supports the Split View feature of El Capitan. You can also use it on iCloud to access the same features online.

  • Pages can be used as an alternative to MS Word for MAC to create documents files. Here you can open Word files. The files can be exported as PDF, DOC, DOCX, Plain Text, ePub, Pages, and Pages 09.
  • Numbers for MAC can be used to create amazing spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be saved as PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Numbers, and Numbers 09.
  • Keynote is used to design beautiful presentations on MAC. You can use it to add a number of animation options, change text, and image styles. You can also use it to export presentations as PDF, PPT, PPTX, QuickTime videos, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Keynote, and Keynote 09.


Calligra is a collection of a number of office software that make up a free Office Suite. It can be used on MAC OS X by installing Xcode, as it is a native software from Linux. You also need to have X11 or XQuartz installed on your system based on your OS X version. Finally you have to install Calligra on your system. It contains a total of 8 powerful Office, Graphics, and Project Management applications. Then you can easily choose to run different Calligra Office Suite Applications. The best feature of this software is that the formatting is done using dockers, thereby providing ample space to work around with files; this arrangement is saved and can be used the next time Calligra is opened.

Some of the best Office Applications in Calligra:

  • Calligra Words is a word software for MAC, which can be used to create a number of document from templates, like: fax, professional letter, and colorful documents. Here you can choose to insert different shapes, vector images, text, charts, formula, smileys, etc. You are also provided with different tools to help you with text editing, references, page layout, review, etc. You are also provided with different shape handling tool, shape connecting tool, and path drawing tool. It can open different file types, like: Microsoft Word Document, Word 2007 Document, Word 2007 template, RTF Document, WordPerfect Document, Microsoft Works document, OpenDocument Text, OpenDocument Master Document, OpenDocument Text Template, and Applix Words Document. Finally the document can be converted to ODT, ODM, OTT, TXT, ASC, V, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, HTML, HTM, MOBI, PRC, and PDF.
  • Calligra Stage is a good software that can be used to create beautiful presentations. You can choose from a number of templates options available, and also create your own templates. Different options of Slide Design, Animation, Shape Handling Tool, Connect Shapes, Draw Path, etc. can be chosen. Here you can also insert different shapes, music, video, charts, images, etc. to make your document even more beautiful and pleasant. It can open a number of presentation documents, like: OpenDocument Presentation, OpenDocument Presentation template, Apple Keynote 5 Presentation, KPresenter presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint 2007 presentation, PowerPoint 2007 template, and PowerPoint 2007 slideshow. It can save files as ODP, OTP, PDF, and HTML.
  • Calligra Sheets is a good free Spreadsheet application that can be used to create beautiful spreadsheet files. Different sheet templates are available to make spreadsheets for Business, General, and Home and Family purposes. You are allowed to choose different options, like: cell formatting, shape handling tool, shape connectors, and path drawing tools. Insert shapes, images, charts, audio, video, etc. to your documents. You can use it to open different Spreadsheet files, like: OpenDocument Spreadsheet, OpenDocument Spreadsheet template, KSpread Spreadsheet, CSV Document, HTML Document, Microsoft Excel Worksheet, Excel 2007 spreadsheet, Excel 2007 template, Applix Spreadsheet, Xbase document, Gnumeric spreadsheet, OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet, OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet Template, and Quattro Pro Spreadsheet. A document can be exported as ODS, OTS, KSP, CSV, TXT, ASC, V, DOC, TEX, LTX, STY, CLS, DTX, INS, LATEX, GNUMERIC, HTML, HTM, and SXC.
  • Calligra Flow helps you to make diagrams and flowcharts. Here different flowchart options can be selected to be drawn, like: Assorted, BPNM, Basic Flowchart, Building Site, CMOS, Central Data Processing, ChemEng, Chemistry Lab, Circuit, Circuit 2, Cisco, Civil, Contact, Cybernetics, Digital, Edpc, Electric, Electric 2, Electronic, Flags, Gane and Sarson, Jigsaw, LST, Lights, Logic, MSE, Map, Misc, Network, Optics, Pneumatic, RDP, Racks, Renewable Energy, SDL, Scenegraph, Sybase, Value Stream Mapping, and many more. You can also change different properties, like: arrangement, geometry, shadow, and other shape properties. You can also use it to open different files, like: OpenDocument Drawing, OpenDocument Drawing template, SVG image, compressed SVG image, Microsoft Visio document, WordPerfect/DrawPerfect image, XFig image, XFig image, EPS image, PS document, Karbon14 drawing, PDF document, and WMF image. The project can be exported as ODG, OTG, JPEG, JPG, JPE, PNG, PDF, SVG, and WMF.
  • Kexi is a good visual database editor that can be used to design database applications, insert and edit data, perform queries, and process data. Here you can also create forms to provide an interface to your data. It stores all the database objects, like: tables, queries, forms, and reports. It can open KEXI, KEXIC, KEXIS, MDB, and TSV files.
  • Calligra supports 2 graphics applications Krita and Karbon that can be used to create and edit graphics. Krita is basically used as a sketching and painting program to create digital painting. It contains a number of tools to help you do so. It also supports a number of image formats, like: BMP, XPM, GIF, XBM, EXR, JPEG, OpenDocument drawing, PDF, PNG, and numerous other formats. Karbon also supports a number of formats, like: ODG, OTG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, WMF, and many more. Karbon can be used to create illustrations with vector graphics. It also supports layered images.
  • Calligra Plan can be used to manage task, and manage projects effectively. You can choose to make plans for Work and Vacation, Cost breakdown structure, resources, tasks, graphic dependencies, list dependencies, schedules using editors. Further you can also choose different views option, like: Gantt, Milestone Gantt, Resource Assignments, Resource Assignments (Gantt), and Cost Breakdown. Different execution options can also be selected, like: Project Performance Chart, Tasks Performance chart, task status, task execution, and work package views. Task status report generates the report for different tasks. Here you can choose to open Calligra Plan project management document, MS project plan, MS project exchange file, Planner project plan, and Kplato project management document. The project plan can then be exported as PLAN, VCS, and ICS.


LibreOffice is a good freeware that is a good free replacement to MS office for MAC. It performs about all the basic features of a basic MS Office application. It contains LibreOffice Writer to create and open Word documents on MAC, LibreOffice Calc to open Spreadsheet on MAC, LibreOffice Impress to open Presentation on MAC, LibreOffice Draw for Drawing, LibreOffice Math for Formula, and LibreOffice Base for Database. It can also be used to create text document, HTML document, XML form document, Master document, formula, labels, business cards, and templates. You can extend its functionalities with a number of extensions available. There are a number of templates available for Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw. You can also use it to open remote files from a number of file services, like: Google Drive, OneDrive, Alfresco Cloud, Alfresco 4, IBM FileNet P8, Lotus Live Files, Lotus Quickr Domino, Nuxeo 5.4, OpenDataSpace, OpenText ELS, SharePoint, WebDAV, FTP, SSH, Windows Share, and other CMIS. Different Wizards like Letter, Fax, Agenda, Presentation, Web Page, Document Converter, Euro Converter, and Address Data Source make these task even more easier. LibreOffice can also be used to run and organize macros. You can also choose different options to enable or disable spell check, add or remove dictionaries, and grammar checking. If required you can also choose the option to allow animated graphics or animated text. If required the options can be chosen to customize the menus, toolbars, and events. It can be used to open and save into many MS Office supported file formats and many other formats, like: DOC, DOCX, DOC, WPS, TXT, PDF, ODF, DOTX, DOCM, PPT, PPTX, XLC, XLSX, ODF, CSV, PPSX, POTM, ODB, ODC, ODF, OCF, XSM, etc.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a good and feature rich freeware office for MAC. You can use it to create and open text document, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, database, and formula. It can also be used to create text document, HTML document, XML form document, Master document, formula, labels, business cards, and templates. The functionalities of OpenOffice can be further extended by the use of templates and extensions. Different wizards can be put to use to create letter, fax, agenda, presentation, web page, document converter, euro converter, and address data source. Macros can be run and organised to ease the tasks. Menus, toolbars, and events can be further customized to suit your own needs. Different extensions can be added, disabled, or removed as per your requirement. It contains a number of writing tools to help you check the document for spelling errors and grammar errors. Different dictionaries can be enabled or disabled as per the requirement and the need. It can open and save different file formats, like: ODT, TXT, RTF, PDF, HTM, HTML, XML, DOT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTM, PPTX, ODP, ODG, POTM, POTX, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, EMF, ODM, ODG, EPS, PSD, PNG, etc.

Siag Office

Siag Office is another free Office Suite for Linux. It can also be ported on MAC using Fink. But in order to do this you have to install Xcode and X11 or XQuartz in advance, then you can install Siag Office. This free office for MAC supports Siag, CSV, TXT, Lotus 1-2-3, Postscript, HTML tables, scheme code, Troff tables, Latex tables Microsoft Word, Pathetic Writer, RTF, Egon Animator, C Source, Animated GIF, Magic Point, and MS PowerPoint.

  • Siag Spreadsheet can be used to create spreadsheet.
  • Pathetic Writer is a word processor that is used to create word documents on MAC.
  • Egon Animator can be used to create animations.
  • Xedplus can be used as a simple text editor.
  • Xfilter is a simple file manager with drag and drop facilities.
  • Gvu helps you view PostScript Documents, but in order to do so you have to install Ghostscript.
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