5 Best Free Online Base64 to PDF Converter Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Base64 to PDF Converter websites. Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that represents binary data in an ASCII string format. It is simply a way to represent binary data as text. It is commonly used in computer systems and applications to encode binary data. A Base64 to PDF converter allows you to transform Base64-encoded data into PDF files. Thus making it easier to view or download.

This post covers 5 websites where you can convert Base64 to PDF online. These websites provide online converters where you can add the Base64 data and convert that to PDF. Most of these converters take the Base64 input in the form of text. You can directly paste the Base64 data and perform the conversion. Two of the converters support file upload where you can upload Base64 data file and convert that to PDF. You can go through the post and check these converters in detail.

My Favorite Online Base64 to PDF Converter

It depends on whether I have the Base64 data as text or as a file. For Base64 files, I prefer Aspose.app as it allows users to effortlessly convert Base64 files to PDF. It is capable of batch conversions as well. For Base64 data, I find Base64Decode.net really quick and handy.

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Comparison Table:

NameInput TypeConversions per TaskOutput
Aspose.appFile10PDF Download/Export/Email
DecodeBase64.netText1PDF Download
Base64Decode.netFile/Text1PDF Download
IPVoid.comText1PDF Download
Easy64.orgText1PDF Download


Aspose.app is an online web application that offers a wide range of services. It covers online file viewers, file converters, data converters, and more. The website has a free Base64 to PDF converter. This converter allows you to convert Base64 into PDF documents. It is a regular converter that converts one file to another. To perform Base64 conversion, you have to upload Base64 as a file (txt, etc.). The converter has multiple ways to add the files covering local upload, Google Drive, Dropbox, and import via URLs. You can add up to 10 files each ranging up to 10 MB in size, and perform the conversion. After the conversion, you get multiple options to save the converted files. You can download the PDF output files directly, export them back to your cloud storage account, and share them via email.

How to convert Base64 to PDF online with Aspose.app?

  • Head over to this Base64 to PDF converter on Aspose.app. A link to the same is added below.
  • Drag and drop your Base64 files to the converter. Or, use the cloud file import option to fetch files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or via URLs.
  • Then click the CONVERT button to start the conversion.
  • Once done, use the desired option to download or save the converted PDF files.


  • Input Type: File Upload.
  • No. of Conversions per Task: Up to 10 files.
  • Additional Features: Multiple options to add/import input files and export/email converted PDF files.


Base64Decode.net is an online tool to decode Base64. The website features a simple tool where you can decode Base64 and download the decoded data as various file types including PDF. For Base64 decoding, you can either paste the encoded base64 data directly or upload a file for the same. You can use any of these input methods to add the encoded Base64 data and then simply decode it to PDF directly. This gives you a PDF file in the output that downloads automatically.

How to convert Base64 to PDF online with Base64Decode.net?

  • Go to this tool using the direct link given below.
  • Paste your Base64 data into the box or upload your Base64 data file.
  • Then click the DECODE PDF button to perform the conversion and download the converted file.


  • Input Type: Text/File Upload.
  • No. of Conversions per Task: 1 at a time.
  • Additional Features: N/A.


DecodeBase64.net is a free website to encode and decode Base64 online. This website comes with a feature where you can pick the output. The input is fixed to text. It has a text box where you have to paste your Base64 input. But for the output, you can choose from Text or File. Going with the Text option gives you the decoded data as plain text that you can copy. Going with the File option allows you to pick the file format. You can go with the PDF format there and perform your conversion.

How to convert Base64 to PDF online with Base64Decode.net?

  • Follow the link given below to open this converter in your browser.
  • Select the File option at the top and then PDF in the dropdown.
  • Paste your data into the text box below that and click the Decode and Download button.


  • Input Type: Text.
  • No. of Conversions per Task: One.
  • Additional Features: N/A.


IPVoid.com is a website that offers a range of IP address tools to discover details about IP addresses. It also has online converters that you can use for free. You can use its Base64 to PDF converter that lets you convert Base64 text into a PDF file. The tool takes the text input and converts that into PDF. Upon conversion, it shows the PDF online in an interactive viewer. You can go through the converted PDF file, jump to pages, etc. The viewer also has buttons to download the print the document. From there, you can easily download the converted PDF file.

How to convert Base64 to PDF online with IPVoid.com?

  • Use the direct link given below to open this converter online.
  • Paste your Base64 data into the converter.
  • Then click the Submit Now button to perform the conversion.
  • This loads the converted PDF on the screen that you can download or print.


  • Input Type: Text.
  • No. of Conversions per Task: One.
  • Additional Features: View converted PDF file online.


Easy64.org is a website that provides an online tool to convert plain text to Base64 and vice versa. The tool is easy to use and allows you to encode plain text to Base64 instantly. It has a text-based interface with all the conversion options at the top and input/output sections at the bottom. The “Decode file from base64” conversion option allows you to perform Base64 to PDF conversion here. You can paste the text in the first window and get the result in the second window. The conversion is performed on the client side, which means that no data leaves your browser.

How to convert Base64 to PDF online with Easy64.org?

  • Go to this converter by following the link given below.
  • Paste the Base64 text into the box on the left side of the screen.
  • Then use the Download button to save the PDF file from the box on the right side.


  • Input Type: Text.
  • No. of Conversions per Task: One.
  • Additional Features: Binary file decoding.

Frequently Asked Questions

An online Base64 to PDF converter is a web tool that transforms Base64-encoded data into PDF files, making it easier to view or download the content.

Paste the Base64 data into the online converter, click "Convert," and it will generate a PDF file for you to download.

Some converters support batch conversions, allowing you to process multiple Base64-encoded strings into PDFs at once.

Yes, you can manually decode Base64 data and use desktop software or programming languages like Python to convert it to PDF.

Base64 data can be converted to various formats, including text, images, and other file types, depending on the data's content and encoding.

Yes, converting Base64 data to PDF is reversible; you can decode the PDF back to Base64 if needed.

Some online converters may offer the reverse conversion, from PDF to Base64, but it depends on the specific tool.

Check the Base64 data for errors, ensure proper encoding, and use a reliable converter; sometimes, data issues can affect the PDF conversion.

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