Best Free Online Home Exterior Design Tools

Here is a list of Best Free Online Home Exterior Design Tools. These are primarily home planning tools that you can use to design exterior of your house. You get all sufficient tools in them to plan your home exterior. Not just that, you can also design the interior of a room or house. To plan home exterior, you can add a lot of exterior units including patio, garden, driveway, pool, garage, trees, plants, and various outdoor activities items. Furthermore, you can decorate the garden, patio, and more with different exterior products. These let you place and arrange exterior items as per your requirement.

To get started with exterior designing, you need to have a base plan for your house. You can create a floor plan from scratch or even import an image to add a floor plan. These tools also provide pre-designed templates to select a sample of house and customize its exterior as per your requirements. All these provide you 3D view mode to visualize your home plan in real-world. Besides that, you can render the exterior home plan and then export it to an image. One of these even lets you export a 360 degree image of your home plan. All in all, these are great online 2D and 3D home design tools that also let you plan home exterior.

My Favorite Free Online Home Exterior Design Tool:

Planner 5D is my favorite online tool to plan home exterior design as it provides various types of exterior units to add to your home plan. Furthermore, you can place different decorative items to the exterior garden, patio, pool, etc. You can simply design the entire home plan with exterior and interior design using it.

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Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a free home design tool that lets you plan interior and exterior of a house. Using it, you can plan your home in 2D as well as 3D. It provides a lot of exterior items to design home exterior. You can start from scratch or import an image to provide basic floor plan of your home. After that, you can arrange interior and exterior things to create a full home plan. Let us check out how to design home exterior using this free online tool.

How to design exterior of house in Planner 5D:

  • At first, design a floor plan or import an image of existing floor plan of your house. You can also use a demo home project template to make changes to it.
  • Now, from the toolbar present at left side, go to Exterior section and now you can add Patio & Lawns, Patio Furniture, Trees & Plants, Garage, Pool, Lighting, and Outdoor Activities.
  • Next, you can place the item at desired location and then set up its properties like width, depth, height, etc.
  • Similarly, you can arrange different exterior objects and make your dream home plan.
  • When done, render and save the image of home exterior design.

Additional Features:

  • Interior: You get a lot of interior elements to plan the interior design of your home including furniture, cabinet, decorations, electronics, etc.
  • Share Project: It also lets you share your exterior plan with others by sharing its URL.


It is a great 3D home plan which lets you design both the interior and exterior of your home.


HomebyMe is another online home exterior design tool. It is basically a 2D and 3D home plan tool that you can use to design your house exterior as well as interior. It provides you all sufficient features to do so. You can make a floor plan or add an image of your existing floor plan and then start building up the exterior of home. The good thing about this tool is that it provides you products from real world brands. So, you can make a realistic home exterior plan with all your favorite brands.

How to design exterior of house in HomebyMe:

  • First, make a floor plan with walls, rooms, room separators, etc.
  • Next, go to the Floor Plan menu and from its dropdown menu, select Exterior option.
  • From the Exterior option, you can add a Patio, a Garden, and/or a Driveway. Just enter the surface area and click the Create button.
  • You can then add exterior objects to the exterior of your house from the Products menu. Just search for a specific product from any of your favorite brands and place it onto your home plan.
  • After the exterior design is done, you can export the home exterior plan as a realistic image or 360-degree image.

Additional Features:

  • Structural Units and Interior Elements: It provides you a variety of products in different categories like doors, windows, staircases, sofa, bed, armchair, kitchen cabinets, paint, wallpaper, flowerpot, etc.


  • It has restricted some features in its free plan like total 3 number of free projects, no HD output images, etc. If you want to use all its features without any limitations, get its premium plan.


It is a nice online home exterior design tool that you can use to plan your home exterior and interior using products from real brands.

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