6 Best Free Online Instagram Filters Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Instagram filters websites. Instagram offers some nice photo filters that you can apply to photos. Unfortunately, you have to use the Instagram mobile app to use those filters. Also, it is a hassle to save a photo locally with those filters. If you want to use apply Instagram filters to your photo quickly then this list can help.

This list features 6 free websites with online Instagram filters. These websites feature an online editor where you can just upload your photo and apply the filters. You can preview all the available filters in real-time and download your photos with a filter you like. The whole process is quite simple and only takes a minute. Most of these websites feature photo filters only whereas one website offers video filters. You can check these websites yourself and go with the suitable one that fits your needs.

My Favorite Online Instagram Filters Website

10015.io is my favorite website with online Instagram filters. This website has exactly the same filters like Instagram. All you have to do is upload your photo to preview the filters. You can also enter a URL to fetch the photo from the web. In either case, you can preview the filters in real-time. You can cycle through all the filters and settle on the one you like. Apart from Instagram filters, this website offers other image, text, and social media tools that can come in handy for quick photo editing.

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10015.io is a free website with a collection of online image tools. It offers various image tools such as text tools, image tools, color tools, CSS tools, Social Media tools, etc. Under the image tools, it offers an online tool for Instagram filters. This tool contains a set of image filters exactly similar to Instagram. Users can simply upload their photo or fetch it from a URL. After that, they can pick a filter and preview it in real-time. After applying a filter, users can download the final photo.


  • Collection of various image tools
  • Online Instagram filters
  • Apply filter and download your photo


PhotoRetrica.com is a free website with many online image tools. This website offers its own tools and also features various popular tools from other websites. In the case of online Instagram filters, it features 3 web apps including Pixelie, CSSFilters, and PhotoFilters. Each of these editors runs in a native window on the website and offers dozens of photo filters. Users can try all these editors, upload their photos and preview the filters. In either case, users can apply the filter they like and download the final photo.


  • 3 filter editors
  • Each editor offers dozens of filters
  • Download photo with a filter applied


Veed.io is a free web-based video editor website. This website offers a collection of videos filters instead of photo filters. There is no account needed to use those filters. Users can just upload their videos and apply the filter. Once the filter is applied, they can download the video. Do note that this website has a few limitations for free users. The free users are restricted to 10 minutes of video with 2GB on storage and 720p export quality.


  • Online video filters
  • Apply filters to video (up to 10 mins length)
  • Export final video in 720p


Pixelixe.com is a free website with online Instagram filters. This is a very simple website with a collection of dozens of filters. Users can upload their photos and cycle through the filters to preview all the filters. The website applies the filters in real-time. There is a download button in the upper right corner. Users can download their photos with any specific filter with ease.


  • Online Instagram filters
  • Upload Photo to apply filters


Insta-Editor.com is another simple photo editor website with a collection of Instagram filters. The editor offers a decent collection of filters. It shows the photo in the middle with a scrollable strip of filters at the bottom. Users can pick a filter from the strip and preview it on their photos. In the end, users can download the photo with whichever filter they like.


  • Online Instagram filters
  • Real-time filter preview
  • Download photo with a filter applied


BestIGFilters is a free website with a collection of Instagram filters and effects. It features hundreds of filters with a list of filters on Instagram. Users can browse the filters or use the search bar to find specific types of filters. The users of the website can submit new filters. This website only lists and ranks the filters based on their popularity. Users can not apply the filters on their photos using this website. Instead, they can find that filters in the mentioned app and use them from there.


  • Find popular Instagram filters
  • Upload filters
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