8 Best Free Online IPv6 Lookup Websites

Here is a list of the best free online IPv6 lookup websites. IPv6 is the Internet Protocol version 6. It is the most recent version of Internet Protocol (IP) and was developed as a successor to IPv4. IPv4 is still in use and it uses 32-bit addresses that provide a maximum of around 4.3 billion unique addresses theoretically. The newer IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses approximately 340 undecillion addresses (3.4 × 10^38) in total.

IPv6 lookup is the same as IPv4 lookup. An IPv6 lookup is querying a DNS server to get information about a specific IPv6 address. This information generally includes domain name, AS number, registration date, hostname, ISP, geolocation, etc. This post covers 8 websites where you can perform IPv6 lookups. Some of these websites also combine whois into the lookup information along with geodata. You can go through the post to check these websites in detail.

My Favorite Online IPv6 Lookup Websites

DNSChecker.org is my favorite website on this list for IPv6 lookups online. This website keeps everything simple and organized. It shows the lookup information in organized categories along with a whois lookup report.

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Comparison Table:

NameIPv6 LookupWHOISGeolocation data


DNSChecker.org provides a free DNS progradation check service to check Domain Name System records. It has an IPv6 Address Lookup tool that tells you WHOIS the actual owner of the IPv6 address. You can simply copy-paste the IPv6 address that you want to check and run the tool. Within a few seconds, it gets you your lookup results. The results here are nicely organized into four sections; ASN Info, IPv6 Info, IP Location, and WHOIS Lookup. It shows ASN Info only when available. Other information provides you Expanded IPv6 Address, and Compressed IPv6 Address, and the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to which the IP address belongs.

DNSChecker.org IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • ASN Info: AS Number, AS Name, Organization ID, Organization Name, Country, Registration Date, and Updated On.
  • IPv6 Info: IPv6 Compressed, IPv6 Expanded, and Hostname / Reverse Lookup.
  • IP Location: Country, State, City, Geo coordinates, ISP, and mapped location.
  • WHOIS Lookup

Additional Features:

This website provides a wide collection of tools covering Reverse IP Lookup, DNS Lookup, CNAME Lookup, NS Lookup, MX Lookup, Ping IPv4 Address, Ping IPv6 Address, IP Location Lookup, Port Checker, MAC Address Lookup, ASN WHOIS Lookup, and many more.


IP-Lookup.net is a free website that provides an IP Address Lookup service. This service works for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. All you have to do is enter the address and run the lookup. The website automatically determines the IP address type and provides information such as host, location, and WHOIS information. It shows the information in separate sections that you can click to expand and view. This also includes IPv4/IPv6 conversion. For an IPv4 address, it converts that to IPv6 address. And for an IPv6 address, it shows the compressed and expanded forms=. Along with that, it also has a section for Ping test. Expanding that section runs a ping test for the given IP address and shows the result of that.

IP-Lookup.net IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Host Country, and IPv6 Neighborhood
  • Address Information
  • Related IP Addresses
  • IP Owner Info (Whois)
  • Domain Owner Info (Whois/Abuse)
  • Conversions (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Ping

Additional Features:

IP-Lookup.net has a collection of internet tools that you can use online. It consists of Lookup tools, Domain Lookup, Country Code Lookup, Google HomePage Widget, Name server search, and IP Address Conversion.


IPLocation.net offers IP Tracker and Tools that you can use to perform various actions. The website has a free IP address lookup tool that provides information such as the host, location, and WHOIS information of a given IP address. This tool works for IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses. You can simply add the address and run the tool to get the data. There is also an IP Location finder tool that provides you with the geolocation of the entered IP address. It shows geolocation data from IP2Location, IPInfo.io, DB-IP, IPregistery.co, and IPGeolocation.io.

IPLocation.net IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • ISP
  • Organization
  • Geo coordinates
  • Whois

Additional Features:

IPLocation.net offers various IP-related services, including IP address lookup, IP geolocation, Proxy Detection, IP tracker, IPv4 to IPv6 Converter, URL to IP Lookup, etc. You can simply visit any of these tools on the website and use those for free.


FindIPv6.com is a free website where you can look up IPv6 addresses. This website has a “Find IPv6” tool that is designed to look up and locate any given IPv6 address. You can directly paste an IPv6 address into the and perform the task. Within a couple of seconds, it shows the lookup details on the screen. The details provide hostname and location info along with other IP traits such as ASN, organization, etc.

FindIPv6.com IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Hostname
  • Location: Geo-coordinates, City, State, Country, and Postal.
  • Traits: ISP, Organization, ASN, User Type, etc.

Additional Features:

FindIPv6.com provides other tools such as an IPv4 to IPv6 converter, IPv6 compress tool, IPv6 CIDR to range subnet calculator, and IPv6 expand tool.1


KeyCDN.com offers a free online IP Location Finder tool. You can use this tool to run an IPv6 lookup. The tool works for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. You can simply add the address and run the lookup. In the output, it starts with the location information first. It shows the regional details along with geocoordinates and time. Then it lists the network information covering hostname, ISP provider, and ASN. Below the information, it shows a map and marks the location of the address there. But it does not provide Whois information.

KeyCDN.com IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Location: City, Region, Postal Code, Continent, Coordinates, Time.
  • Network: IP Address, Hostname, Provider, and ASN.

Additional Features:

KeyCDN provides a set of online tools and checks to analyze website speed and performance. The tools offer a range of features such as instant SHA256 hash generation, server vulnerable check against the FREAK attack (CVE-2015-0204) and Logjam attack (CVE-2015-4000), unix epoch conversion, and more.


WHTop.com provides an IP Localization tool for IP lookups. This tool works with IPv6 as well as IPv4 addresses. It takes the IP address as input. Despite the IP version, you can paste the address directly into the tool and run the test. Within seconds it shows the IP information on the screen. It covers the location information and ISP name. It provides coordinates along with a Google Maps link leading to the marked coordinates. Similarly, it provides a link to the website of the ISP provider of the searched IP address.

WHTop.com IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Location info with coordinates and Map Location
  • ISP Name

Additional Features:

WHTop is a web hosting directory that contains a large database of web hosting plans, reviews, and coupons. The website offers a set of free webmaster tools such as speed test, website info, IP location, etc.


Arin.net is short for the American Registry for Internet Numbers, is a nonprofit organization. This organization manages and distributes Internet number resources, specifically Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). There is a “Search ARIN Whois/RDAP” tool on their website that you can use for IPv4 and IPv6 address lookups. You can run a search for an address and it gives you detailed information on that IP address covering network info, registration, and important dates.

Arin.net IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Source Registry
  • Net Range
  • CIDR
  • Name
  • Handle
  • Parent
  • Net Type
  • Origin As
  • Registration
  • Last Changed
  • Description
  • Self and Related
  • Port 43 Whois

Additional Features:

Along with all the IP lookup information, this website also lists the entities that performed a lookup on that specific IP address. It lists those entries under “Related Entities” in the lookup results.


DNSlytics.com provides a whois lookup tool where you can perform IP lookups. You can run the lookup from an IPv6 address, IPv4 address, domain name, or AS number. The tool then performs the lookup and lists all the information it can find. It shows net range, CIDR, name, handle, parent, net type, origin, registration, last changed, description, etc. It also provides a deep link that you can use to share the lookup information.

DNSlytics.com IPv6 Lookup results include:

  • Whois lookup (Net Range, CIDR, Name, Handle, Parent, Net Type, Origin As, etc.)

Additional Features:

DNSlytics provides the ultimate online investigation and analytics tools where you can find out everything about a domain name, IP address, or provider. You can discover relations between them and see historical data. It comes in handy for digital investigation, fraud prevention, or brand protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is an updated version of IP addressing that uses 128-bit addresses, allowing for significantly more unique identifiers compared to the previous IPv4 system. IPv6 addresses are represented in hexadecimal notation and serve as the foundation for identifying and locating devices on the internet.

IPv6 lookup refers to the process of querying databases or using tools to retrieve information about an IPv6 address, such as its ownership, geographical location, and potential reputation. This helps in network diagnostics and security assessments.

Yes, individuals can look up IPv6 addresses using online tools or command line utilities like ping6, traceroute6, and whois. These methods provide information about reachability, network path, and ownership.

You can assess your IPv6 IP reputation by using online reputation checkers or security platforms that analyze its history and behavior, helping determine if it's associated with spam, malicious activity, or other issues.

You can verify IPv6 connectivity by checking your device's network settings to ensure it has an IPv6 address, and then using online IPv6 testing tools or commands like "ping6" to confirm successful communication with IPv6-enabled websites or servers.

Yes, IPv6 includes a range of public IP addresses that can be used for direct communication on the internet. It allows devices to have globally reachable addresses without the need for NAT (Network Address Translation).

To check IPv6 status in Command Prompt, use the command "netsh interface ipv6 show address" to display configured IPv6 addresses on your network interfaces, and "ping -6 google.com" to verify IPv6 connectivity by sending a ping request to Google's IPv6 address.

If someone knows your IPv6 address, they can use it to potentially gather information about your general geographical location and identify the internet service provider you're using. However, knowing just the IPv6 address itself doesn't provide access to your personal data or directly compromise your device's security.

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