4 Best Free Online Music Maker Websites

Here is a list of the best free online music maker websites. A music maker website provides you with the necessary tools and features to produce soundtracks, MIDIs, effects, etc. An online music maker gives you the freedom to create music from anywhere. You can access an online editor from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an active internet connection.

I covered 4 free online music maker websites in this post. These websites offer online music editors where you can make music. Each editor comes with its own feature-set offering various musical instruments and audio tools. You can upload your tracks and use the tools to create new soundtracks, MIDIs, effects, etc. Most of these are collaborative editors where you can invite others and work together. With that said, let’s check out these online music editors one by one in detail.

My Favorite Online Music Maker Website

Audiotool is my favorite online music maker website on this list. This website offers a feature-rich editor where you can create music. You can create music yourself or enable collaboration to work with others. The editor offers a wide collection of musical instruments, effects, and presets along with an option to connect your own instruments. This website has its own music platform where you can publish your music after creating and sharing it online.

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Audiotool is a free online music maker app that you can use online. This is a feature-rich audio editor that offers a wide range of musical instruments, effects, and other musical tools. It comes with online collaboration where you can work alongside others to create music. You can connect your own MIDI instruments or browse the free collection to use audio for your music. It packs multiple synthesizers, drum machines, mixing, routing, effects, and many other tools. This offers you an environment to make music the way you want. In the end, it publishes the track on the Audiotool website. This gives you a platform to share your creation. From there, you can save the track as an MP3 file.

Highlights of Audiotool:

  • A collaborative drag and drop editor with a collection of musical instruments and tools on the right.
  • Modular struct allows you to connect your own musical instruments.
  • A wide collection of samples and presets that you can use for free.
  • Play notes and automate every knob, drum pattern, tempo, etc. with the built-in sequencer.
  • Synthesizers: Heisenberg, Pulverisateur, Space, Bassline, and Tone Matrix.
  • Drum Machines: Machinist, Beatbox 8, and Beatbox 9.
  • Mixing & Routing: Master Output, Centroid, Audiotrack, Splitter/Merger, Crossfader, and Minimizer.
  • Effects: Rasselbock, Graphical EQ, Autofilter, Exciter, Stomp Boxes, Stereo Enhancer, Quasar, Pulsar Delay, and Helmholtz.
  • Dynamic & Spectrum: Gravity, Quantum, and Curve.
  • Publish your track to the Audiotool music sharing platform (then download as MP3).


Soundtrap is a free online music maker website. This is a free music studio by Spotify that lets you create music and podcasts from anywhere. The studio offers a wide range of musical instruments that you can use to produce soundtracks, audio effects, etc. It lets you connect your own instruments as well. The editor is collaborative where you can invite others to work together on projects. It features all the necessary features from grid adjustment to key, tempo, metronome, etc. The editor offers a collection of loops covering various types of musical instruments. You can use those loops in your project and auto-tune them with patterns. In the end, you can save the project and export the create as an MP3 file.

Highlights of Soundtrap:

  • Drag and drop editor to create music and podcasts.
  • Grid size, time signature, and rule adjustments.
  • Key, Tempo, and Metronome controls.
  • Import your audio file to the editor and real-time audio recording.
  • Add tracks from a collection of various musical instruments.
  • Collection of loops (by genre) and pattern beatmakers.
  • Create custom patterns and auto-tune.
  • Add different instruments, piano roll, draw & move notes.
  • A collaborative editor that lets you create music together.
  • Export the project to an MP3 file and share it online by generating a link.


BandLab is another free online music maker website. If you find the above two editors too complex but still need the necessary professional features then this is the editor for you. It simplifies various tools and features in a simple and less confusing layout. You can start from scratch, select and record an instrument, or add an effect from the library. This opens the editor where you can add more effects, tracks, and other instruments as per your liking. It offers a multi-stream timeline where you can precisely edit the tracks using various options. In the end, you can publish the music to the BandLab music platform online. It also gives you an option to download the music as MP3. So if you don’t want to publish your creation, you can just download it.

Highlights of BandLab:

  • A collaborative editor with a collection of effects and presets.
  • A collection of musical instruments and audio effects that you can use within a few clicks.
  • Record any instrument live in your music and add vocals.
  • Controls the BPM, Key, and Timestamps as per your needs.
  • Create a MIDI map and add notes with a MIDI editor.
  • Publish your music to BandLab and download it as an MP3 file.

Song Maker by MusicLab

Song Maker by MusicLab is the simplest online music maker website on this list. It offers a simple editor with a timeline and controls at the bottom. It has a collection of musical instruments. You can pick an instrument and then click on the grid to add notes. It also has a mic feature that lets you record vocals alongside the music. In addition to that, you get a slider to adjust the tempo on the go. From the gear settings, you can customize the BPM, Scale, Range, etc. as well. This way, you can create music in this editor. In the end, it hosts your track and generates a link to share it online. From there, you can download it as a MIDI file.

Highlights of Song Maker:

  • A simple music editor with a grid and basic music controls.
  • A collection of musical instruments that you can pick and use to create notes.
  • Record vocals with the built-in mic features.
  • Additional tools: Tempo, BPM, Range, Split beat, etc.
  • Publish MIDI online and get a sharable link and download the music as a MIDI file.
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