6 Best Free Online Phishing Website Checker Services

Here is a list of the best free online phishing website checker services. Phishing is referred to techniques used to trick internet users to give up personal information, data, financial details, etc. A phishing website uses deceptive messages, offers, emails, etc. to trick the visitors. In such as case, a phishing website checker can come in handy.

A phishing checker uses various security vendors and databases to check a domain. It takes the domain URL and runs it through various security databases for any reporting. Then it shows where the domain is flagged on any databases for any phishing or malicious activities. This post covers 6 such websites where you can check websites for phishing activities. All these websites are free to use and give the results right away.

My Favorite Online Phishing Website Checker

VirusTotal is my favorite phishing website checker service on this list. It has a neat and clean interface without any ads. You can simply enter the website domain and check it through 90+ security vendors for any type of malicious activities and vulnerabilities.

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VirusTotal is a popular online website to analyze suspicious files, domains, IPs, and URLs to detect malware and other breaches. You can simply insert a URL to this tool and it will analyze that website for you. It checks that URL on around 100 Security Vendors and shows whether the URL has been flagged as Phishing, Malicious, etc. It generates a list with the security vendors where you can check which vendor has flagged the URL for what.


  • This service runs phishing checks on around 100 security vendors.
  • It shows the status, content type, and age of the URL.
  • It also fetches URL details including History, HTTP Response, IP, Status Code, Body Length, etc.

Opswat MetaDefender

Opswat MetaDefender is an online service where you can run malicious checks on files, URLs, IP addresses, Hash, etc. You can use this service to check websites for phishing. You can simply add the URL of the website and run the checks. It runs the URL against 7 security engine databases. Then it shows the status of that website on all databases along with a date stamp of the check.


  • This service runs phishing checks on around 7 security engines.
  • It shows the status of the URL using tags like phishing, frauds, etc.
  • Offers API to check URL for phishing, malicious, frauds, etc.

Astra Security Scan

Astra Security Scan offers a free online malware scanner to check websites for phishing, malicious content, frauds, and other scams. It takes a URL as an input and then checks it through 70+ security vendors. The result brings you a list with the names of the security vendors and the status of the URL on those vendors. This way, you can check if the URL is reported for phishing or not. This scanner comes with an email scan report option. Using that option, you can send the scan report to any email address.


  • This service runs phishing checks on around 79 security vendors.
  • It shows the type of risk for which the website is reported by different vendors.
  • Option to get the scan report via email.

IP Quality Score

IP Quality Score is an online service to check the status of a website. This service runs several checks including phishing, scam, malware, parked domain, content type, etc. You can simply insert the URL and run those checks for free. In the results, it gives a risk rating to the URL based on the outcomes from various security vendors and blacklist databases. In the case of any phishing, malware, scam, or fraud URL, it shows that on the screen.


  • This service runs serval security checks on the website.
  • It shows the status, content type, IP, page size, risk rating, etc.


ThreatCop.ai is a free online phishing website checker service. It has a simple and clean interface where you can drop a URL that you want to check for phishing. After running the check, it shows whether the website is safe or not. This is followed by the IP address of the domain and detailed whois info about the domain.


  • This service checks if a URL is safe to visit or not.
  • It fetches Domain whois info along with history and other details.


SSLTrust is yet another free online phishing website checker service. This website checks a given domain for phishing, malware, fraud, scam, and more. It uses over 90 security vendors to get accurate results. When you check a domain, it shows by how many security vendors the domain is flagged and for what. Below that, it lists all the security vendors along with the status of the domain on each vendor’s database. Along with that, it also checks the domain for SSL security.


  • This service runs phishing checks on 90+ security vendors.
  • It shows the trust report of the website along with the SSL/TLS report.
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