4 Best Free Online Rain to Snow Calculator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Rain to Snow Calculator websites.  Snowfall is typically calculated by measuring the depth of accumulated snow using a ruler or snow gauge. Snowfall can be estimated using snow-to-liquid ratio guidelines. This provides a rough conversion between rain and snow. A rain to snow calculator is a tool that estimates the equivalent amount of snowfall for a given amount of liquid precipitation (rain). It typically takes into account factors like temperature and humidity to provide an approximate conversion.

This post covers 5 online calculators where you can calculate rain to snow. These calculators provide you with a rough estimation of snowfall based on the rainfall data. To perform the calculation, you have to provide the rainfall. Rainfall can be in millimeters, meters, inches, or feet. Along with that, you have provided the outside temperature. Then the calculators use the rain-to-snow ratio to estimate the appropriate snowfall.

My Favorite Online Rain to Snow Calculator

Calculator.net is my favorite website on this list to calculate fractions online. The website offers a simple and quick tool to calculate snowfall from rainfall and temperature. It estimates the snowfall based on temperature and rainfall. But you can toggle the advanced options to include snow coefficient to get better estimations.

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Comparison Table:

NameTemp UnitRain/Snow-fall unitAdditional Feature
OmniCalculator.comCelsiusMultipleSnow Coefficient
GoodCalculators.comCelsius/FahrenheitInchesRain-Snow Ratio
Calculator.academyFahrenheitInchesReverse Calculation


OmniCalculator.com is a free website where you can find hundreds of online calculators. The websites covering a wide range of topics and scenarios offer free calculators that are easy to use. You can use OmniCalculator’s Rain to Snow Calculator to calculate the expected rain to snow ratio based on the temperature outside. The calculator needs you to select the outside temperature along with the rain in inches, millimeters, meters, or feet. For the temperature, the calculator has 8 temperature range options from -3 degrees Celsius to over 29 degrees Celsius. Based on your conditions, you can add your values to the calculator and perform the calculation to get the expected snowfall. This calculator also has an advanced option that lets you factor in the snow coefficient into the calculation. A snow coefficient typically represents the ratio or factor used to estimate how much liquid precipitation (rain) will translate into a certain amount of snowfall. It accounts for variables such as temperature, humidity, and snowflake size. Thus, if you are aware of the snow coefficient, you can toggle the advanced option to include that in the calculation and get more accurate calculations.

How to calculate rain to snow online on OmniCalculator.com?

  • First of all, use the link added below to open this calculator.
  • In the calculator, pick a temperature range that reflects your outside temperature.
  • Then pick a unit for range and add the value of rainfall.
  • This gets you the expected snowfall.


  • This rain to snow calculator supports multiple units for rainfall and snowfall.
  • It has an advanced option where you can factor in the Snow coefficient as well.
  • You get an option to share the result with others.


GoodCalculators.com is a free website that provides a wide range of online calculators. It has 24 main categories each covering dozens of calculators. The website features a Rain-to-Snow Calculator. You can use this calculator to compute the equivalent snow and the ratio of snow to rain per air temperature and rainfall. The calculator uses inches for rainfall as well as snowfall. For temperature, it supports Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C). You have to provide temperature and rainfall to perform the calculation. The results give you the snowfall in inches right away. It also calculates the Rain-to-Snow ratio. Along with that, it generates a table covering ranges of temperatures. The table shows the snowfall and Rain-to-Snow ratio for all the temperature ranges.

How to calculate rain to snow online on GoodCalculators.com?

  • Head over to this online calculator on GoodCalculators’s website. A direct link is provided below.
  • Set the Temperature Unit of choice and add Air Temperature and Rainfall in their respective fields.
  • Then click the Calculate button to get the output.


  • This calculator uses inches for rainfall and snowfall.
  • It lets you change the temperature unit at your convenience.
  • The output gives you the snowfall along with rain-to-snow ratio.
  • It also generates a table covering snowfall and rain-to-snow ratio for 7 temperature ranges.


Calculator.academy is a website that offers free online calculators to solve day-to-day problems. The website features a wide catalog of calculators covering Finance, Math, Health, Fitness, Science, Engineering, and others. The website has a versatile Rain to Snow Calculator. This calculator can calculate snowfall from rainfall and vice versa. The calculator has three parameters covering temperature (F), Rainfall (inches), and Snowfall (inches). You can add any two parameters to calculate the third parameter. This way, you can use this calculator to calculate snowfall from rainfall.

How to calculate rain to snow online on Calculator.academy?

  • Follow the link added below to directly access this calculator on Calculator.academy.
  • Enter the Rainfall (inches) and Temperature (F) into the calculator.
  • Then click the Calculate button to get the snowfall in inches.


  • This calculator can calculate snowfall from rainfall and vice versa.
  • It uses Fahrenheit for Temperature and Inches for rainfall and snowfall.


CSGNetwork.com is a website that offers a variety of online apps, converters, calculators, charts, and more. The website provides calculators for different purposes such as automotive, business, construction, math, science, and sports. It has a Snowfall to Rainfall Calculator that estimates the equivalent rainfall from snow. In this calculator, instead of rainfall, you have to add the snowfall. When you add the snowfall, it tells you the rainfall from average snow, wet snow, and powder snow.

How to calculate rain from snow online on CSGNetwork.com?

  • Open this calculator in your browser by following the link mentioned below.
  • Enter the Snowfall depth into the calculator.
  • Click the Calculate button to get the equivalent rainfall.


  • This calculator estimates the equivalent rainfall from snowfall.
  • It uses the same unit for snowfall and rainfall measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a simple tool to estimate the equivalent amount of liquid precipitation (rain) for a given snowfall amount, considering factors like temperature and humidity.

The equivalent snowfall for 10 inches of rain depends on various factors, but a common estimate is a 10:1 snow-to-liquid ratio, suggesting 10 inches of rain roughly equals 100 inches of snow under certain conditions.

One centimeter (1 cm) of snow is approximately equivalent to 0.4 inches of snow.

One inch of snow generally contains about 0.1 inches (0.254 centimeters) of water equivalent when melted.

Snowfall is typically calculated by measuring the depth of accumulated snow using a ruler or snow gauge, and its water content can be estimated through methods like weighing the snow or using a snow-to-liquid ratio, which relates snow depth to the equivalent liquid precipitation.

On average, snow contains about 10% water content.

Snow is frozen water and typically forms at temperatures below freezing, usually at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Yes, all snow is made up of fresh water in its frozen form.

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