3 Best Free Online Rolling Resistance Calculator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online rolling resistance calculator websites. Rolling Resistance is also known as Rolling Friction or Rolling Drag. It is basically a friction force that acts against the movement of a vehicle. Rolling Resistance depends on the weight of the vehicle and the driving surface. You have the least rolling resistance possible. The quick and cheap way to change the rolling resistance is by changing the tires. That’s why it is generally linked to the tires.

A Rolling Resistance Calculator gives the value of rolling drag acting on a vehicle. For that, it takes the vehicle weight and resistance coefficient as input. This post covers 3 websites with rolling resistance calculators. These calculators provide multiple ways to calculate the rolling fraction as per vehicle/surface. With these calculators, you can save yourself from research and calculations that you otherwise have to do yourself.

My Favorite Rolling Resistance Calculator

Omni Calculator is my favorite rolling resistance calculator on this list. The reason for that is the multiple calculation modes. This makes the calculator versatile and it can work for different known parameters. Another good feature of this calculator is calculation presets. It offers some combination of vehicle and surface. That way, you just have to enter the weight of the vehicle to get the rolling resistance. These two reasons make Omni Calculator my favorite to find rolling resistance.

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Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator offers a free online rolling resistance calculator. This comes with 3 calculation modes. These modes let you pick from which parameters you want to calculate the rolling resistance. If you have a given friction coefficient then you can go with that mode. If you know the wheel/surface friction coefficient you can pick that. Apart from that, there are some presets with common vehicle/road combinations. If you can find your combination in the presets, you can use that instead. Depending on the selected calculation mode, you can enter the required information. Then the calculator gives you the value of the rolling resistance.

Key Points:

  • This calculator offers 3 calculation modes.
  • It offers presets with common vehicle/road combinations.
  • Users can also calculate rolling resistance for known/given friction coefficient.
  • Option to change the measuring unit for each parameter.
  • Generates a link to share the calculation with others.

Easy Calculation

Easy Calculation also offers a free online rolling resistance calculator. This is a simple calculator that calculates the rolling resistance of a vehicle from the rolling resistance coefficient and weight of the vehicle. You have to enter both of these values into the calculator. In the case of wight, you change the unit as per your value. Then this calculator gives you the rolling resistance for your configuration. Apart from that, if you want to add a rolling resistance calculator on your website, it can help you with that. The website offers HTML code that you can add to the web page of your website and embed this calculator. You can add the exact dimensions for the calculator widget and get the curated HTML code for that.

Key Points:

  • This calculator finds rolling resistance from resistance coefficient and weight.
  • Option to change the measuring unit for the weight.
  • Offers HTML code to add this calculator to your website.


FxSolver is a website that simplifies the process of solving algebraic equations online for free. You can search a topic to get the formula for that. For rolling resistance, it has a Rolling Resistance Coefficient formula. This calculator takes rolling resistance force (F) and normal force (N) and gives the rolling resistance coefficient (Crr). All you have to do is insert the values with the correct unit. Apart from that, you can also add a new formula to create a custom calculator. You can name the calculator and submit it on the website.

Key Points:

  • This calculator finds the rolling resistance coefficient.
  • It can also calculate rolling resistance force or normal force.
  • Option to change the measuring unit for each parameter.
  • Users can add custom formulas to create new calculators.
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