4 Best Free Online SEO Audit Websites for SEO Professionals

Here is a list of the best free online SEO audit websites for SEO professionals. SEO is a crucial factor for the visibility of a website in search engines. It directly impacts the organic traffic on a website. A good SEO can land a website up on the search engine results page. This can give the website an edge over the competition and boost in organic traffic.

SEO Audit is a complete analysis of the website. An SEO Audit checks the website and its pages gnash a list of SEO recommendations and points out the issues. This method performs various types of tests checking loading time, response time, backlinks, ranking, organing keywords, traffic, etc. It compiles all the information into an SEO report. This report gives you insight into the SEO of the websites and suggests recommended actions to fix those issues.

This post covers 4 free websites offering free SEO Auditor. You can simply visit any of these SEO audit tools, add the website URL and perform an SEO audit. Within a minute or two, you get a detailed report of the website.

My Favorite Online SEO Audit Website

ZadroWeb.com is my favorite website on this list to perform SEO audits online. The SEO Auditor tool provides a detailed SEO report where everything is well organized. It has sections under different categories that you can expand to get info. And, it also uses color code to visually show the status of a test or section. This is good for both newbies and professionals. One can easily navigate and understand the report while getting all the necessary data. The best thing about this tool is that it’s all free and lets you share a PDF version of the report via email. But if you want more data with detailed performance and usability metrics then you can try SEOptimer.

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ZadroWeb offers a free online SEO Auditor that you can use to get an SEO audit of any website. This is a powerful SEO audit tool that performs 24 different types of tests on the website. It shows the test results right away at the top. Based on the results, it gives you an SEO score out of 100. Below that, you get a detailed report of the SEO audit that you can also share online and export to a PDF.

The report starts with the loading time, size, and the number of files on the website. Alongside that, it lists the positions of organic keywords. It also shows the status of Authority Score, Domain Authority, Page Authority, PageSpeed (Desktop), and PageSpeed (Mobile). To correctly show the status of all these, it uses a score bar ranging from 0 to 100. This tool also shows the number of inbound links along with the list. The list has links with respective anchor text (if any).

Then comes Meta-Analysis, Accessibility, On-Page SEO, and Social Media. Each of these sections has a list of respective tests. It uses color codes to show the status of each text. You can simply click a test to expand it and check the report. In the case of poor scores, this tool also suggests recommended changes.

With all that, this tool gives you a detailed SEO report of the website. And the best part is, it’s all free. You can use this SEO Auditor anytime without any account.


  • This tool generates a report covering all the necessary aspects of an SEO audit.
  • It is absolutely free and lets you perform any number of SEO audits.
  • The report is well-organized and easy to navigate.
  • Option to share the report online and export to PDF.
  • It advises the recommended changes where there is a need.


  • Lacks some performance and usability metrics.


SEOptimer offers an SEO Auditor tool that gives you a comprehensive report of a website’s SEO. When you run an audit the first it shows is the rating. Based on various tests, it gives you an overall rating of your website. Then it rates the various items individually covering On-Page SEO, Links, Usability, Performance, and Social.

It has a section of recommendations where it lists all the issues with the website along with the priority of each issue. You can toggle between different sections to get the respective recommendations for SEO optimization.

After that, it gives you an in-depth look into On-Page SEO, Ranking, Links, Usability, Performance, Social, and Technology Used. This covers dozens of tests with results and recommendations where necessary.


  • This tool generates a comprehensive report covering everything that can impact SEO.
  • The report is decently organized into sections.
  • It advises the recommended changes where there is a need.


  • Limited SEO audits for free users.
  • No option to share or export the SEO audit report.


SEOSiteCheckup is another free online SEO audit website. This website can perform an SEO audit on a website within a couple of minutes. While doing so, it performs around 65 tests on that website. In the end, it gives an SEO score to the website and shows the number of tests the website passed, failed, and has warnings.

Right after the score, it lists all the issues with the website that should be fixed. It lists the issues by their priorities with details and recommended solutions to fix that issues.

After that, it shows an in-depth report on Common SEO Issues, Speed Optimizations, Server and Security, Mobile Usability, and Advanced SEO. On the right side of the screen, it lists all these items with total checks using color codes. You can use that to jump between different sections. Each area covers a series of tests with reports and suggestions. With all that, you get a detailed report about the SEO performance of the website.


  • This tool generates complete SEO audit off the website.
  • The report is organized into click-to-jump sections.
  • It advises the recommended changes where there is a need.


  • Limited SEO audits for free users.
  • No option to share or export the SEO audit report.


NeilPatel is a popular website that offers many SEO tools. It has a simple SEO Audit tool that you can use for free. This tool lets you perform a limited number of audits for free. In the results, it shows On-Page SEO Score, Organic Monthly Traffic, Organic Keywords, and Backlinks.

This tool checks a few dozen of pages on the website and shows the status of each page. Next to that, it shows a list of SEO issues discovered on the website. Lastly, it shows the site speed. This includes load time, interactivity, and visual stability on desktop and mobile. That’s all you get with the free check with this tool.


  • This tool generates quick SEO audit off the website.
  • It advises the recommended changes where there is a need.


  • Limited SEO audits for free users.
  • No option to share or export the SEO audit report.
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