6 Best Free Websites for Stair Design Online

Here is a list of the best free websites for stair design online. There are multiple staircase designs starting with straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, compact, and more. Depending on the space and needs, you can really experiment with the design. You can get good-looking results that are spacious and comfortable stairs at the same time.

In this post, I’m covering 6 free websites where you can design staircases. All these websites are of the companies that can build and deliver staircases directly to your doorsteps. These websites have online staircase builders that you can use to create your custom design. Most of the options are common among all the builders such as staircase design, posts, balustrade, material, etc. But some offer more options to offer to create room for more possibilities. You can use these online staircase builders to create your staircase design.

My Favorite Stair Design Online Website

StairBox is my favorite website for stair design online. This website has an online builder to design a staircase in three simple steps. You start with the layout of the stairs where you can customize anything. Instead of having limited design options, you can create a layout of your choice. You can add multiple turns of different types, select the number of risers, etc. Similarly, you get multiple options for posts and balustrades with additional options. Finally, you can finish the design by picking the construction materials. You can export the design or just order your custom design staircase directly from the StairBox.

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StairBox is a website that delivers stairs to your doorsteps. It features a free online stair designer where you can create stair designs. This designer involves three steps to design a stylish staircase for any specific needs. The first step is Stair Layout. In this step, you have to enter the floor height along with the height and width of the staircase. If you have to add one or more turns in the staircase, you can do that too. You can add 3 winders, quarter landing, half landing, or T-shape risers. Along with that, you get the option to customize the riser type. Moving to the next step, it is called Balustrade. In this step,  you can pick from 7 different styles of balustrades for the stair. You also get options to add adding landing newel posts. Lastly, you get to pick the Materials & Construction. In this step, you can select the materials for stairs and risers. You also get to pick if you want the stairs assembled or as a kit for self-assembly. Once done, you can export the stair design in PDF. And, you can also the staircase from the website itself. It shows you the price along with shipping. You can add extra accessories and proceed with your order.


  • Design stairs in 3 simple steps.
  • Option to add the staircase height, width, floor height, etc.
  • Offers multiple risers options covering various standard heights.
  • Add left or right turn in the stairs in Bullnose, D-shape, Curtail, or Curtial & Bullnose style.
  • 3 Winder, Quarter Landing, Half Landing, and T-shape option for turns.
  • Offers 7 different balustrade styles with additional landing newel posts.
  • Multiple material options for Risers, Thread, Feature Step, and Newel Post.
  • Export the stair design to PDF.


Kalk.Pro is a website with various types of construction calculators. It features calculators for wooden staircases and metal staircases. Both these calculators are quite similar in terms of use. Each calculator has multiple staircase layouts. You can pick a layout of your choice. Then you can create your staircase using the given options. You have to enter the dimensions of the staircase along with risers. You also have to add information for Steps, Close Stringer, Risers, Upper Floor Slab, Balustrade, and Wall. Based on the data, it creates a drawing of the staircase. You can view it from multiple angles including a 3D view as well. In the end, you can calculate the cost of building the staircase and download the design in OBJ, PDF, and PNG format.


  • Data-driven design, fill details and options to draw staircase.
  • Options for custom dimensions, risers, floor slab, balustrade, etc.
  • Offers multiple views of the design along with a 3D view.
  • Calculates the cost of the staircase based on construction materials.
  • Export the design to OBJ, PDF, or PNG.


StairPlan offers a free online stair planner where you can design your staircase. This planner has 20 staircase designs covering enough variety for different needs. You can start by picking up a design of your choice. Doing this opens a design editor where you can customize the design. Depending on the design you picked, you get different options for staircase direction and tread widths. Then you have to add the key dimensions including the lower wall, upper wall, flight dimensions, etc. After that, you can move to the next section where you can configure the winding details, baluster types, and post type. Lastly, you can complete the design by picking up the construction materials. This planner shows you a 3D model of the staircase as you design. It also includes all the dimensions separately. You can request an offer from the company but there is no option to export the design. You can create an account to save your design online though.


  • This staircase planner offers 20 different staircase designs.
  • It allows you to fully customize the designs as per your needs.
  • Options to configure the winding details, baluster types, and post type.
  • Previews the design in a 3D view with all the dimensions.
  • Multiple material options for Risers, Thread, Feature Step, and Newel Post.
  • No export options.


MrStairs is another staircase building company that offers free online 3D staircase designer. The builder has 5 steps for designing a staircase. It starts with three staircase designs, Straight, Quarter, and Half. You can pick a design and proceed to the next step for selecting building regulations. Then you get to the 3D builder where you can add the dimensions, post & balustrade, construction, material, and other options.  With these options, you can customize the staircase as per your specifications. At any given point, you can toggle between a 2D and 3D view of the design. In the end, you get packaging and delivery options to complete your order. However, there is no option to save the design.


  • This website offers 3 types of staircase designs, Straight, Quarter, and Half.
  • Customize the design with dimensions, post & balustrade, construction, material, and other options.
  • Offers multiple posts and balustrade styles.
  • View the staircase design in 2D and 3D.
  • No export.


Staircon Online Designer is a free website to design stairs online. The editor shows a 3D view of the design with various options at the left. There are three sections for designing the staircase: Geometry, Stair, and Style. Starting with Geometry, you can select the opening style and add the dimensions for that. Then in the Stair section, you can keep the staircase straight or add an L or U-shaped turn. Moving to the Style section, where you get to pick the model, material, finish, and riser for the staircase. While designing the stairs, you can refresh the 3D view which also gives you a cost estimation of the staircase. Once done, you can request a quote from the company but there is no option to save the design.


  • Design staircase in 3 simple steps.
  • Get a 3D view of the design at any given point.
  • Select the geometry, stairs, and style of the staircase.
  • No option to save the design.


TKStairs is a staircase building company that lets you design your own stairs. Its staircase builder starts with 4 staircase styles: Straight Flight, Quarter Turn, Half Turn, and Space Saver. You can pick a style of your choice and move to the next steps where you have to enter building regulations, turn direction, type of turn, and other dimensions. After that, the next step is picking up posts and balustrade. You can pick an option and customize it as per your requirement. Then the next step is material. In this step, you can pick the basic material and features. This builder shows you the price of the staircase at every step. Once the design is complete, you can request a 3D design and quote from the company and go ahead with the order.


  • Design Straight Flight, Quarter Turn, Half Turn, and Space Saver staircases.
  • Customize the staircase with dimensions, materials, and additional features.
  • Multiple options for adding posts and balustrade to the staircase.
  • Offers a 2D drawing of the design with an option to request a 3D design from the company.
  • No option to export the design right away.
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