29 Best Free Websites To Learn Italian Online

Here is a list of best free websites to learn Italian online. Do you want to learn to speak Italian, and are worried about How to learn Italian for free? You do not have to look further, these websites are the Best way to learn Italian. These websites help all with learning Italian. A newbie, or an intermediate learner, both can take help from these websites to learn Italian online. Go through the list and select the perfect website for you to learn Italian free.

Italian is a Romance Language, spoken mostly in European countries, like Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City. Italian is a native language to more than 65 million people, and is spoken by more than 85 million people all over the world.

My Favorite Website To Learn Italian Online:

Bussu is one of my favorite places to learn Italian for free. The Italian language course has been divided into various levels. There’s a separate module for Travelers. You can also interact with online members to chat and learn more.

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Busuu is one of the best places to learn Italian online. Sign up for free to learn Italian language. The Italian language learning course is divided into 5 major modules: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course. These modules are made up of various lessons. The lessons are interactive in nature, and are really helpful for beginners. When you complete a level, you have to take a test. With the help of Timeline, you keep a track of your progress. Browse through a list of members who are learning Italian, and chat with them to learn more about Italian. Only one language is available for free for a signup; if you want to learn more languages, you will have to pay for it.


Duolingo is a multi language learning portal which provides free course to learn Italian for free. Begin to learn Italian from the basics, or if you know a little bit of Italian language, put yourself through the placement test. This test will place you at an appropriate level to begin learning Italian. This is an interactive website, which is totally supported by audio playback. You can learn to speak Italian by listening to Italian translation of various words and phrases. Tests are assigned at regular intervals. This is a learn at your own pace Italian language learning course. Sign in to save your progress.


Learn Italian Online for free at Livemocha. Sign in to this website, and select Italian from the list of languages to search for Italian lessons. There are various levels, begin learning Italian from Level 1 if you are new at learning Italian. The basic few levels will teach you Italian alphabets, vocabulary, elementary phrases, etc. The advanced Italian lessons will teach you sentence formation, and Italian grammar. These Italian lessons are supported by audio and videos. When you sign-up, you are given free coins; use the coins to unlock new lessons. You can easily earn more points while you learn and complete a lesson.


Learnalanguage.com is another good multi language learning website, which can help you with learning Italian for free. This course to learn Italian has been categorized into various modules: Italian words, Italian grammar, Italian phrases, Italian Dictionary, and Italian Language Learning Blogs. These lessons are audio playback supported, and play the Italian translation of words and phrases. Italian language learning games, and Flash cards are also available on this website. You also get to learn about the Italian culture and the history in the Italian Culture section of the course.

BBC Languages

BBC Languages provides free material to learn Italian online. You can start to learn Italian with Italian Alphabets. Give a try to other language learning contents, like: Italian Phrases, Italian Slangs, and Italian vocabulary. You will also find various educative videos on this website. These videos will teach you how to pronounce in Italian, and Italian grammar. Tutorials to learn to speak Italian are also available. Other language learning tools, like: Italian Radio, News, and TV helps you with learning Italian.


Loecsen is a good website to learn Italian language. This website is based on phrases and conversations. The course is divided into various categories, like: Introduction, essentials, at bar, taxi, airport, restaurant, etc. Each category has a list of conversational phrases with audio playback of each phrase. Each phrase has their dedicated illustrations; these illustrations help you understand the scenario better. To learn Italian offline, you can download the PDF & MP3 format of the course to your computer.


LearnItalianOnline.com is a perfect place to learn basics of Italian language. The course to learn Italian is divided into 4 modules: Grammar Lessons, Italian Words, Useful Phrases, and Italian Verbs. The lists of Italian Words and Phrases have been categorized into different sections. The Italian Worksheet provides you free PDF of the Italian Course, so that you can learn Italian offline.

Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects teaches you the basics of Italian language. You will find 15 lessons to teach you Italian on this website. These lessons include: Phrases & Greetings, Numbers, Colors, vocabulary, Food, Days & Months, Animals, Grammar, etc. Supported by audio playback, this website teaches you Italian in an interactive way. Some of these lessons also let you play language learning games to enhance your knowledge in Italian language.

Molto Bene Italian

Molto Bene Italian is another resourceful language learning portal, where you can learn Italian easily. The course is divided into 7 different modules: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grammar, Travel, Medical, and Business. Each of these modules have lessons under them. You can begin learning Italian online from the Beginner module, and continue till the Grammar section. The Travel, Medical, and the Business modules are individual modules. The lessons are supported by audio, to help you learn Italian pronunciation.


L-Ceps provides free basic lessons to learn Italian online. You will find 10 different lessons which will help you with enhancing your Italian speaking skills. These lessons are: Greetings, Food, Numbers, Colors, Family, Animals, Clothes, and Months. The list of vocabulary under each lesson has audio support. Click on the Play button to listen to the Italian translation of the words.


Learn Italian language for free at this language learning website, Vocabulix. This website has rich resources to teach you Italian. Vocabulix has 5 different modules to teach you Italian language: Vocabulary (multiple choice), Vocabulary (spelling), Verb, Grammar, and Reading. Begin learning with the basic first lessons, and move on to advanced levels step by step. These lessons are supported by audio playback, with which you can learn to speak Italian.


Memrise provides free courses to learn Italian online. You will find a number of modules from where you can learn Italian. These Italian lessons will teach you topics like: Italian alphabet, script, vocabulary, grammar, phrases, sentence formation, pronunciation, etc. View the number of people who took the lessons along with the learning hours. Memrise lets you create your own lessons in a language you know, to help others.


Basic Italian language can be learnt at BabelNation. The Italian language learning course will teach you Italian Vocabulary, Article, Verb, Expressions, Pronunciation, Italian Names, Numbers, and Italian History. A separate module is available to practice Italian vocabulary.  Four different Exercises lets you test your knowledge in Italian, once you are done with the course.


iLanguages offers 3 modules to teach you Italian for free. These modules include: Vocabulary, Phrases, and Grammar. These audio supported lessons are really helpful with learning Italian pronunciation. Other 2 modules include Flashcards and Quiz. Train yourself with the help of Italian Flashcards, and put your Italian vocabulary to test in the Quiz section.


Speak follows a very different approach to teach Italian language for free. It has different lessons based on various situations, like: Airport, Bank, School, Hotel, Beach, Shopping, Market, Bar, etc. You will learn various conversational phrases used at different situations with these modules. Apart from audio playback, visual renderings with animation has been used. This makes this website a very helpful tool to learn to speak Italian.


GoetheVerlag has rich resource from where you can learn Italian for free. Here you will find 100 lessons to teach you Italian Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar, and Sentence formation. You will also find lessons with phrases which are used at various situations. All lessons are supported by audio playback. This website is one of the perfect place s where you can learn to speak Italian.


Learn Italian from more than 100 lessons at ielanguages.com. The Italian language learning course is divided into 6 units.

  • Unit 1: Start to learn from the basics of Italian language, such as Alphabets, numbers, basic phrases, Question words, seasons, directions, etc.
  • Unit 2: Learn Italian grammar basics, such as Prepositions, Verbs, Conjugation, Tens, etc.
  • Unit 3: Learn more of Italian grammar,vocabulary and phrases, like Places, Transportation, Asking Questions, Future Tens, Adjectives, Adverbs, Nature, etc.
  • Unit 4: More Advanced grammar lessons, vocabulary lessons are available here. These include: Object Pronoun, Parts of Human Body, Animals, Past Perfect, Suffixes, Passive voice, Post office and bank, Useful Expressions, etc.
  • Unit 5: Learn about Conditional Tenses, Location & Direction, Use of Mood, Possessive Pronouns, Holidays, Interjections, and much more.
  • Unit 6: In this unit you will learn about Meaning of Dovere, Talking on Telephone, Going to Doctor, Shopping, etc.

All units are supported by Audio playback. Press play, and start reading the unit while the audio plays.


SpeakLanguages helps you speak Italian with the help of simple lessons. Learn to speak Italian from two modules: Vocabulary and Phrases. The vocabulary and Phrases sections is divided into categories, such as: Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, Family, Clothing, etc. Listen to the Italian translation of these words and learn Italian for free.


Tolearnfree.com is a multi language learning portal where you can learn Italian language free.  More than 50 lessons to learn Italian are available on this website. Take the Placement test to know where you stand, and start learning Italian language from a given level. Take basic lessons like Italian alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, and phrases. Advance to next level when done with basics to learn Italian grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation, advanced grammar, and much more. Various exercises, flash cards and quizzes are available on this website as well.


Wespeke is an interactive platform to learn Italian language. Chat and learn a language from online members through this website. All you have to do is set filters for the language you want to learn, your native language, age group, country, etc. Then Wespeke will show you members according to your search query. Select any online member, and begin to chat. You can even add them as friends in your profile. This is one of the best interactive ways to learn Italian online.

Learn with Oliver

Learn with Oliver is a Flashcard based website to teach languages online. You can easily learn Italian language here, along with proper pronunciation. You can select a time span under which you want to finish learning Italian language, and select your level of knowledge in  Italian. This language learning tool will show flashcards with basic Italian words, and their examples in phrases. When you proceed with the course, the level of words and sentences gets tougher. These flashcards appear randomly, and are supported by audio playback.


eLanguageSchool provides free Italian language lessons. The course is majorly divided into 3 parts:

  • Grammar: Teaches you basic Italian grammar, along with alphabets, and Italian accent.
  • Words & Phrases: Learn from a long list of Italian Words and Phrases, with proper pronunciation.
  • Videos: You will find tutorial videos to learn Italian language here.


MyLanguages is another resourceful website to learn Italian language, with 40 lessons. You can begin to learn basics of Italian language such as Alphabets, Numbers, vocabulary, Phrases, Pronunciation. Advanced lessons can be covered later. these lessons include: Grammar, sentence formation, Questions, transliteration, etc. Language learning tools, like: Italian Keyboard, radio, Videos, Dictionary, Flashcards, etc. are available on this website.


At Speak7 you can learn Italian for free. This Italian language course includes more than 15 lessons, supported by audio playback. With the help of these lessons, you will learn: Italian Phrases, Alphabets, Numbers, Verbs, Adjectives, Grammar, Symbols, Sayings, Names, Vocabulary, and Translation. The Italian grammar lessons are taught with good examples. This website also has quiz to test your skills in Italian language.


101Languages is another good website to learn Italian free. It more than 30 modules to teach you Italian language. These modules include Italian lessons, lists, and language learning tools. Learn Italian alphabets, vocabulary, and general phrases, and their pronunciation. Various language learning tools available here are: Italian radio, language games, Italian keyboard, Flashcards, Quick translator, Quiz, etc.


FrenchSpanishOnline is a multi language learning website which provides material to learn Italian online. There are various lessons to study Italian on this website, divided into different sections. These lessons are based on Italian Greetings, Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, and Phrases. Audio playback helps you with learning to pronounce in Italian. English to Italian translator is available on this website.


iLUSS is a dedicated website to help you learn Italian online. You can test your Italian here and start learning. Go to the free resource section and begin learning Italian. Learn Italian alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc. in this section. All the modules are supported by audio playback. You can also learn to form sentences in Italian with the help of this website.

One World Italiano

One World Italiano is a multimedia based website where you can learn Italian. The Italian language learning course includes video tutorials, audio playbacks, etc. You will also learn how to write and read Italian. Enhance your Italian vocabulary and grammar skills. Take exercises to practice Italian language. This website is full with video tutorials, and is fun to use.


ZapItalian is another free dedicated resource to learn Italian for free. You will find various lessons to teach you basic as well as advanced Italian. Begin with learning the Italian Alphabets, numbers, and Initial Verbs. Learn general phrases to be used at situations, like: greetings, nationalities, Italian love phrases, and at restaurant. You can also learn Italian Vocabulary, and other topics related to grammar. All of these lessons are supported by audio playback.

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