5 Free Online HTML Entities Decoder Websites

Here is a list of 5 free online HTML entities decoder websites. An HTML entity is a string of characters that is used to display reserver characters. It begins with an ampersand ( & ) and ends with a semicolon ( ; ). HTML entities are not human-readable so you have to convert those to regular text. These 5 websites can help you with that.

All these websites are simple to use and have an identical procedure to decode HTML entities. Each website can decode as well as encode HTML entities. You get a textbox where you can paste your input and convert it. Some of these websites offer additional options for conversion like character set selection, only encode unsafe and non-ASCII characters, etc. You can configure such options as per your requirements. Apart from HTML entity encodes, all these websites offer other tools as well that can be helpful for web development. You can check out these websites one by one and see which one suits your needs.

My Favorite HTML Entities Decoder Website

All these websites are quite work in a similar manner. You can use go with any of these but Online-Toolz.com is my favorite HTML Entities Decoder website on this list. It is quite simple to use for anybody. There are dedicated boxes for encoding and decoding the HTML entities that eliminate any type of confusion. One thing I like about this website over others is the collection of tools it offers. If you are a web developer, you can find and use various types of tools right in one place.

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Online-Toolz.com is a free website that can encode and decode HTML entities. It offers an HTML Entities Converter. This converter can convert regular text to HTML entities as well as HTML entities to regular text. It is really simple to use. There are two text boxes, one for input and the other for output. All you have to do is paste HTML entities in one box and get the regular text output in another.

How to use this HTML Entities Decoder?

  • Go to the “HTML Entities Converter” on this website.
  • Scroll down to “HTML Entities to Text Converter”.
  • Paste the HTML entities in the text there and click “Convert”.
  • Copy the regular text (converted HTML entities) to the clipboard.

Additional Features:

Apart from HTML entities decoder, this websites 100+ tools. Some of those tools are:

  • HTML Entities Encoder/Decoder
  • Text Encryption
  • Text Hex Converter
  • Unicode Encoder/Decoder
  • Unicode – HTML Entities Conversion
  • Random Text Generator
  • CSS Minifier
  • Javascript Obfuscator
  • MD5 Generator
  • SHA1 Generator
  • String Functions
  • Character Functions
  • Epoch Timestamp to Date Functions
  • XPATH Tester
  • XSLT Transformation and more


Mothereff.in offers a free online HTML entities decoder. This is a simple HTML entities converter where you can paste encoded HTML entities to decode and vice versa. It has two text fields, one for encoded entities and another for decoded entities. Depending on whether you want to encode or decode the HTML entities, you can paste your data in the respective filed and get it converted.

How to use this HTML Entities Decoder?

  • Visit this HTML entities converter using the link below.
  • Simply paste the HTML entities in the encoded field.
  • It instantly converts the entities and shows the regular text.

Additional Features:

  • Encode/Decode HTML Entities
  • Only encode unsafe and non-ASCII characters
  • Allow named character references in output
  • Get a permalink to the conversion


Web2generators.com offers a wide range of free tools for web development. This includes a free HTML Entities Encoder/Decoder. It has a single text box with two buttons below it. One button to encode HTML entities and another button to decode HTML entities. You can simply paste your input in the box and converted it accordingly.

How to use this HTML Entities Decoder?

  • Visit this decoder using the link given below.
  • Paste your HTML entities in the text box there.
  • Click the “Decode” button.

Additional Features:

As I mentioned above, this website offers various web development tools. It includes:

  • List of Reserved entities, symbols, and characters in HTML
    Loren Ipsum Generator
  • CSS Sprite Creator
  • HTPasswd Generator
  • Write Upside Down and more



Webatic.com is another free online HTML entities decoder. This is a neat and simple decoder with a single purpose to encode and decode HTML entities. It has two textboxes for encoded and decoded entities. In the middle of text boxes, there are buttons to encode and decode. Depending on what you want to do, you can paste the text in the respective text box and get it converted.

How to use this online HTML Entities Decoder?

  • Visit this HTML Entities Decoder on the Webatic website.
  • Paste your HTML entities in the “Encoded” text box.
  • Click the “Decode” button.
  • Get the regular readable text in the “Decoded” text box.

Additional Features:

Webatic has a collection of free online utilities for programmers and web developers. It includes:

  • IP Checker
  • Browser Request
  • URL converter
  • Base64 Converter
  • MD5 Generator
  • SHA1 Generator
  • ASCII Table
  • HTML Entities Table and more


Url-encode-decode.com is a simple tool to convert URL into regular human readable text. This tool can also be uses to encode and decode HTML entities. It has two textboxes side by side; one for input and other for the results. You can simply add your input and get it encoded or decoded.

How to use this online HTML Entities Decoder?

  • Visit Url-encode-decode website.
  • Paste your encoded text in the box.
  • Click the “Decode” button.
  • Get the decoded text in the other text box.

Additional Features:

  • Web Development Tools: HTML Color Codes, CSS Fonts, RegEx Testing, etc.
  • Conversion Tools: Convert Data, Numbers, and Strings.
  • Encoder/Decoder: Base64, MD5, SHA1, SHA265, SHA512, etc.
  • Formatters: CSS Formatter, GO Formatter, HTML Beautifier, etc.


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