5 Free Online Tshirt Design Websites

Here is a list of 5 free online t-shirt design websites. Designing a t-shirt is quite easy these days. It is also possible to get that custom design t-shirt printed. This is really good for small teams, businesses, sports, and individuals. They can simply head over to a website, design a t-shirt, and order a print. Everything can be done right from the home eliminates the need and extra time for finding a shop and going through the entire process.

You can use any of these 5 websites to design your own t-shirts. Each website has a catalog of clothing items including t-shirts, full sleeves, tops, hoodies, jackets, hats, etc. You can pick an item and start designing. If you want to add text or maybe a design from a photo then you can go with any website. All of them can do that. Some of these websites also offer custom QR codes, clip arts, emojis, and other items that you can use in the design. You can go through the list and check out these websites yourself. Depending on your needs, you can pick a website that offers everything you need to create your self-designed t-shirts.

My Favorite T-shirt Design Website

Custom Ink is my favorite t-shirt design website on this list. This is an online t-shirt designer where you can browse and pick a t-shirt of your choice of style and color. The website offers different types of design resources and tools to help you design the t-shirt. You can add photos, text, clip arts, names, numbers, etc. And, if you want to order the print, you can also attach instructions or notes for that.

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Custom Ink

Custom Ink is a free online T-shirt design website. It is a website where you can design and order t-shirts. The website has an online design lab where you can create your own design. It is an editor that opens up with a white t-shirt on the canvas. There are options for full sleeves and lowers as well. The designer shows both front and back views of the t-shirt. You can add text to the t-shirt with many fonts, sizes, appearance, and other customization options. You can also add artwork, names, numbers, notes, and images.  If you don’t like the white color of the t-shirt, you can change it to over 50 different colors. In the end, you can save your t-shirt design or just order the design on actual t-shirts.


  • Online designer to style your t-shirt (front and/or back).
  • Add text to the t-shirt with multiple fonts and formatting options such as curve, greek, etc.
  • Add clipart to the design including emojis, shapes, sports, animals, etc.
  • Upload your own design and add it to t-shirt (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, AI, PSD, EPS)
  • Pick a t-shirt color of your choice from the available options. More color options for bulk orders.
  • Add names and numbers to design sports jerseys.
  • Add a custom note for printing with instructions or anything you like to share.
  • Create an account to save t-shirt design.
  • Design t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies.
  • Order your designed t-shirt from the website directly.


CustPrint is a free online t-shirt design website where you can create your custom design t-shirt and order the print. You can design the front and the backside of the t-shirt. There is an online designer where you get various assets to create your custom design. You can start with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, tee, or hoodie of any color. Then, you can add text, clipart, and photo design, QR code, other design ideas. And if you want to design sports t-shirts for a team or just yourself, you can do that too. You can add the name and number on the front and/or back of the t-shirt in 4 different text sizes. In the end, you can save your design by creating an account. You can also actual print your t-shirt design if you want to.


  • Design t-shirts online and get actually printed t-shirts.
  • Design t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies.
  • Online t-shirt designer with copy, paste, flip, grouping, and layer support.
  • Add text to the t-shirt including names and numbers like sports jerseys.
  • Explore design ideas and use those in t-shirt design.
  • Add emojis, shapes, sports, animals, and other clip arts to the t-shirt.
  • Import your own design with a photo and add it to the t-shirt (JPEG, JPG, and PNG).
  • Add colored QR code leading to a website, video, social profile, etc.
  • Save your t-shirt and order the print directly from the website.

Uber Prints

Uber Prints is another free website where you can design t-shirts online. This website is an online t-shirt store that lets you create your own t-shirts, long sleeves, tops, hoodies, jackets, hats, etc. You can start by picking the t-shirt or any other product that you like to design. Then you can pick a color of your choice from the available options. There are a collection of design templates that you can try. Otherwise, you can add your own design and logo by uploading pictures. You can add clip arts (built-in collection) and text as well. After designing the t-shirt, you can save the design to your account and download it as an image file.


  • Design t-shirt online with front and back design.
  • Design hoodies, full sleeves, shorts, jackets, and hats as well.
  • Add text to the design for quotes, names, etc.
  • Explore the wide collection of clip arts to add graphics to the design.
  • Import
  • Upload your own design and add it to t-shirt (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, AI, EPS, PDF, PSD)
  • Save your design and order the t-shirt from the website directly.

Vista Print

Vista Prints is a free online t-shirt design website. This website offers an online printing service where you can design various types of things and get them all printed. It has a collection of t-shirt and other clothing items for various occasions. You can find a clothing item as per your needs. After you select the color and size of the clothing item (a t-shirt in this case), it takes you to the designer screen. Depending on the item that you are designing, it gives you options to add text, photos, QR codes, and shapes. You can add any of those items and reposition them to make an elegant design. Once you are done, you can save your design. You can also order actual prints of your design on t-shirts and other items from this website.


  • Design t-shirts, shorts, full sleeves, hats, visiting cards, etc.
  • Upload pictures to use your own design and add text over.
  • You can also add QR codes and shapes to your t-shirt design.
  • Save your design and order the prints from Vista Prints.

Tshirt Studio

Tshirt Studio is yet another free online t-shirt design website. This is a website that lets you design clothing and other gift items online that you can order with your design on top. You can pick what you like to design and then start with it. In the case of a t-shirt, it shows design options for the front and back separately. For both sides, you can add photos and text to make your design. For the front side, you can switch between the entire front print and just the pocket print. There is also an option to add printing instructions if you want to get the t-shirt printed.


  • Design clothing and other gift items online.
  • Design front and backside of the t-shirt.
  • Add text and images to create your design.
  • Screenshot your design and order the actual print from Tshirt Studio.
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