4 Free Sound Effect Maker Online Websites

Here is a list of the best free sound effect maker online websites. A sound effect is an artificially produced sound. Making a sound effect is quite easy; there are lots of options you can go with. This article explores some of the online options that allow you to make unique sound effects.

There are four websites in this article where you can produce sound effects. Two of these websites let you make a new sound by customizing the various sound parameters including waveform, sample rate, frequencies, low pass, vibrato, tremolo, cycle duty, etc. These websites are good for generating small sound effects that you can export in WAV file formats. Whereas the other two websites are online audio editors where you can produce sound effects of any length. With those websites, you get the output in MP3/WAV file format. You can go through the article and check out these websites. It might help you pick one that can fulfill your needs.

My Favorite Sound Effect Maker Online

Leshy Lab is my favorite online sound effect maker website on this list. This website offers a wide range of options to help you produce unique sound effects. You can either start with a preset or just directly set custom value for every option to make a new sound. One unique feature of this website is sound text. When you make a sound effect, it gives you a text containing the value of each parameter you added. You can paste that text back into the tool to re-produce the same sound effect.

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Leshy Lab

Leshy SFMaker is a free sound effects maker website. You can use this website to generate small-length sound effects for games, apps, etc. It offers a collection of sounds effects that you can use to generate yours or just to get a hang of the tool. The generator itself offers various sound wave parameters that your can customize to produce unique sound effects. You can start with the Wave Form and Sample Rate of the audio. Then you can play with various frequencies including Start Vibrato, Tremolo, Duty Sweep, etc. Then you can move to the Peak where you get 5 parameters to adjust. After that, you get options to add frequency change, frequency change time, Low Pass, Length, and Volume of the sound. You can go back and forth to adjust all these parameters to produce a sound effect. Apart from the parameters, you can also load the sound text of an effect and can also copy the same sound that you make. You can play/stop the sound anytime to listen to what is being produced. In the end, you can just enter a name for it and save the sound in WAV file format.

Main Features:

  • This website offers over a dozen of sound effects that you can use and customize.
  • You can pick the waveform and sample rate as per your needs.
  • With the options to add frequency change, frequency change time, low pass, length, and volume, you can create a sound effect from the scratch.
  • You can get the sound text of the effect and can also paste the text back into the tool to replicate the same configuration.
  • It saves the sound effects in WAV file format.


jsfxr is another free sound effect maker website where you can make unique sound effects. This website also offers a handful of sound effects to get you started. You can select a sound effect to load its value in the tool and customize it to make your own. And if you want to start from scratch, you can do that too. This website offers all the parameters by waveform. First, you have to select the waveform that you want to produce and then you get a set of sound wave parameters. You get multiple sliders for Envelope, Frequency, Vibrato, Arpeggiation, Duty Cycle, Retrigger, Flanger, Low-Pass Filter, and High-Pressure Filter. Additionally, you can also change the sample rate, sample size, and gain. You can also Serialize and deserialize. Eventually, you can get the permalink to the generated sound and download it as a WAV file.

Main Features:

  • This website offers a small collection of sound effects to get you started.
  • You can pick a waveform and customize the sound parameters for that.
  • You can change the frequency, envelope, vibrato, duty cycle, retrigger, flanger, arpeggiation, etc.
  • It exports the sound effects as a WAV file.
  • Get a permalink to share the sound effect online.

Twisted Wave

Twisted Wave is an audio editor that runs online in the browser. In this editor, you have to add a sound effect first. Then you can use the various parameters to completely change the sound effects. Alternatively, you can record sound to get started. Once you have a sound wave on the timeline then you can add a wide range of VST effects. You can change the pitch, speed, and sample rate of the audio. You can also customize the EQ in a graphical user interface. Apart from that, you can take advantage of common editor features like copy, cut, paste, markers, etc. In the end, you can download the output to save it locally. You can also export it directly to Google Drive or SoundCloud.

Main Features:

  • This website offers a feature-rich audio editor where you can edit a sound file to completely change it into something new.
  • You can add multiple files and use the editor to mix them together.
  • It offers a collection of VST effects that you can apply to the file.
  • You also get to control the sample rate, speed, and pitch of the audio.
  • Download the audio or export it directly to Google Drive or SoundCloud.


AudioMass is another free audio editor that you can use to make sound effects online. You can start by adding an audio file or loading the sample to the editor. When you do that, it shows the waveform of the audio on the timeline with both audio channels. There you can add effects to tweak the audio file. You can use reverb, delay, distortion, invert, hard limiter, and many other effects. Apart from that, you can add multiple audio streams and use the built-in feature to mix them all together as per your liking. This way, you can turn audio into a sound effect.


  • Audio Mass is an online audio editor where you can make sound effects from any audio sample.
  • It offers a collection of sound effects that you can apply to customize the audio and produce a unique sound effect.
  • It allows you to work with multiple streams of audio files and mix them as per your needs.
  • You can export your sound effect either in MP3 or WAV file format with an option to keep audio channels stereo or mono.
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