25 Best Free Online Logo Maker

Here is the list of 25 best free Online Logo maker websites. A logo is a unique word or a special picture that represents an organization’s products & services. The logo must be designed in such a way that it can be easily recognized by people. Logo gives an identity to an organization. Just seeing a McDonalds, Coke or the iconic Apple logo anywhere gives you a feeling of joy and a sense of belonging to it.

All the logo makers mentioned below are very easy to use and have great design templates for making attractive logos.

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Onlinelogomaker.com is a great free online logo maker. This site is absolutely free. You can download any logo without any hidden cost. When you open the website for the first time, you have to click “Start Online Logo Maker” on the right side corner of the homepage. It will open up a new tab and you will be presented with lots of options e.g. adding your required text, symbol(s) and image. You can change the color of the image & text and also change the fonts of the text. If you think that it is too complicated to design your own logo then you can read the tutorial present in the “Resources Menu” on the right side corner of the webpage. You can either download the logo almost instantly or save it to a project.


Flamingtext.com is a very basic and simple logo creator. It has a variety of images from which you can create any logo you want. Start the process by clicking on “Start Creating a Logo” Button from the homepage. Select the logo image from the list and customize it according to your need. You can select your desired text, change its fonts, its size, color of the texts and fonts etc. You can also search for various fonts. After making the logo, you have the option of using the logo for either commercial use or personal use. Select as per your requirement. For personal use there are no charges for using the created logo.


Zilliondesigns.com has a vast collection of logo images. You can make any type of logo you wish. Click on “Start Now” button. Pick your profession from the list or you can search for particular type of images from the search bar. You will get the list of images according to your profession, which you can change from the drop down menu present there. You can also sort the list by different sorting style e.g. sort by Letter-based, Artsy, Formal, High Tech, Industrial, Fun & Casual, Antique and Contemporary. In the customization page, you can add text, change the color of the text and the logo image, add any new shape, change its color and select the alignment of the text and the logo image. After that, you can either freely download the newly created logo or save it for later use.


Logaster.com is a great online logo maker website. As soon as you open the website, you will notice its simplicity. It gives you the chance to create smart logos, business cards, envelope, and letterhead & fax cover. To start making your logo, give your company name and select your business type. Select the image which you want to use in your logo. You can choose the alignment of the text and the image by clicking on the “Edit Logo Concept” button. On the next page, you can change the font and the color of the text and also change the color of the image too. Logaster contains a huge collection of cool and gorgeous looking logos. When you are finished with the editing part, you can save your logo absolutely free.


Logofactoryweb.com is the next online logo maker in our list. Anyone can make logos through this online logo creator. Creating a logo is a piece of cake. It has various kinds of logos to choose from. You just have to select an image, give a company name and an optional subtitle or slogan. You can select various fonts for your text. You can change its size, color and its alignment with the image to create a perfect looking logo. You can download your newly created logo just after you are done editing it. There is no registration process involved. Everything is done in just plain simple way.


Thefreelogomakers.com offers you lots of images for creating your logos. Open the website and select the logo category and browse through all available images then select the one you like the most. In the next page, you have to click on “Make this Logo” button. You will be taken to the customization page. Here you can add company name, change its fonts, change its color, add any shapes, and change the color of every element of the image. You can also select the opacity level of the logo. You can save the logo any time or download it immediately.


Designimo.com is a very nice website where you can design your own logo. The site offers you a lot of options for creating your own personalized logo. To start making your logo just enter your company name and either press enter or click on “Create Logo Now” button. If you want to add a tagline, then you can add one from the “Enter Tagline” box present in the next page. Pick your business category. Select the design you like the most. You can customize the fonts & color of the text, change the color of every component of the image. You can also add any new text, change the alignment of the image and text, select the opacity level, etc. You can either download the logo right now or you can save it for future modification.


Youidraw.com is another very cool online logo maker. It has a huge collection of images and icons. Through this website, you can draw & paint anything and create logos of your choice. Click on the Logo Creator icon. Select the logo category and choose your logo image. On the next page, you will get lots of options for customization such as adding text, changing its fonts & color, adding any new shape, adjusting the position of image and text. You can preview the logo at any time before saving it. Many different templates are available for you to work out your logo quickly and efficiently. At the bottom of the interface, you will see all the elements present in the logo. You can modify every single piece of it. You can either save the project or export it to jpg or png.


The next online logo maker website is simwebsol.com. The site is extremely easy to use. Just type your logo name in the text box. Select the size of the text. Select its fonts and colors. You can change the background color too. You can set the logo to be transparent. You can add any new symbol and change its orientation to either left or right. You have three formats in which you can save your logo, which are jpg, png and gif. There is also a quality option where you can change the quality according to your need e.g. 50%, 75% or 100% quality.


Webestools.com is a free online logo maker. No registration is needed for making the logo. It is very easy to use. Give your company name, change its color, and choose the fonts of the text. You can also preview the fonts before applying it. You can modify the size of the text, its background, and you can select whether or not you want to keep the reflection & transparency effects. You can preview the logo anytime. When you are finished doing the modifications to your logo, you can download it. You can also make a url of the image.


Logovictory.com is a very nice online logo maker. There is a video tutorial showing how to make logos. You can start the process of logo making by clicking on the “Start Designing” button from the website homepage. You can either sign up with the website or you can start as a guest. You will be given some templates to choose from. Select any one of them to view its contents. Select the image you want to use as your logo. You can remove the elements you don’t want in the image and add new text, new art. Do remember that, you can’t add any art image without signing up. After doing all the editing, you can click on the “Finish” button and download the logo instantly. If you want, you can also print it in high quality.


Another very cool online logo maker is cooltext.com. It has a lot of vibrant and attractive images. You can preview any logo before selecting it. It is very useful for any new blogger or anyone who wants to show his/her creativity in the social networking sites. Select the image you like the most. On the next page, you can change the symbol of the image or add any new symbol. It has a huge collection of symbols. You can change the color and the fonts of the texts, select rendering effect, add any slogan, change the shadow settings, etc. You can download the image after modifying all the components of your logo. You can email the logo to anyone, share it on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.


Supalogo.com is a fine online logo maker. The entire editing thing can be done on the homepage itself. There is a nice help & tutorial section, which is very helpful for a newcomer. Just give your logo name, select the fonts, its size & color and you are ready to go. You can select whether you want to add a background or make it transparent. You can select the text outline size, change the color of the background and change the color style e.g. gradient color, text color, glossy, stripe and dot. You can also see some cool examples of logos in the homepage.


Hpgtools.com is another free online logo maker. It is a very basic logo maker. Give your logo name, select which type of fonts you want, which type of colors you want for your text. You can select the background and add another color to the text to make it look like two toned. You have the option of adding any new icons to your logo, adjusting its position. You can fiddle with shadow settings, mirror settings, alpha settings and the size of the selected icons. You can easily download your newly created logo after you finished editing the logo.


Logomaker.com is a nice logo designing website. You can create logos in various designs and save up to six different logos absolutely free. You can create business card logos, gift card logos, and website logos and show off your newly created logos on shirts, pens, mugs, and many more. Anyone can create a nice and attractive logo in no time. At first you have to select industry, then you will get three options: symbol based icons, letter based icons and abstract based icons. Choose whichever option you prefer. Select the icon and proceed to use the design tools to modify text, colors, fonts and spacing. You can finally either save your logo in web form or print it later.


The next website is Logogarden.com. It has a wonderful and intuitive interface. Even a child can make a logo through this online logo designer. The website contains 10 logo design tips which are very handy for a newcomer. There is a nice logo contest in logogarden.com. You can design your own logo, download it for free, upload it in the logo contest and tell your family & friends to vote for it. Ultimately, if your logo gets highest votes, you will win a prize. The logo designing process is very simple. Click on “Make my free logo”, select industry type, and select a symbol. You will get the different versions of the selected image, select the one you want. You can effortlessly save your logo in web form and can also print it later.


Logobreeze.com is very powerful vector logo maker. You can design SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) logos or images which can be converted into any image formats. Click on the “Launch” button to see the power of this online logo maker. You will be presented with a canvas with lots of tools such as Pencil tool, Line tool, Text tool, Image Tool, Zoom tool and many types of shapes e.g. Rectangle, Ellipse etc. You can put image and text in to your logo. Change the color and opacity level. It will save your logo as an SVG file. You have to either use it in a proper application that supports SVG file format or you can convert it into a png or jpg file format.


Logomatik.net is the next free online logo maker in our list. It is a basic online logo designer. It does not come with all the whistles of more versatile online logo creators. Besides logo, you can create logo widget, logo banner, logo glitter text and logo button maker. Just give your company name, select the fonts and color of the text to start making your own logo. You have a variety of fonts to choose for your text. You can select whether you want to add mirror and shadow effects or not. If you want, you can add any icon also. You can select the background and output of the file format in either png or gif. Right click on the generated logo and save it to your computer.


Creatr.cc is another very fine online logo maker through which you design some great looking logos. There are some presets present there. Select any one. You get the customization options of editing the fonts, color & size of text, change the mirror space & effect settings, background color & transparency. You can also add badge to your logo and resize it to either some pre defined sizes or you can provide the resolution by yourself. Click on “Create Logo” button to preview your log. Just right click on the logo image and save it to your computer.

Text Effect

This text logo design generator is provided by picturetopeople.org. The specialty of this website is generating text in various kinds of designs. It contains a great collection of text effects. Some of the most popular text effects are: realistic 3D text, curved text, engraved text, graffiti text, glitter text, sci-fi text effect, hair text logo effect, horror text effect, ice text effect, folded text effect, LED text effect, online light and glow text effect, 3D block text effect, chalk text effect and lots of other really cool text effects. Select any one of them according to your need. After the selection, you can customize the respective text effects like fonts, shadow effect, background color etc. You can easily preview the text effects before saving the text design.


Free-logo-maker.net is an online website for creating logos. Start the logo maker by adding text, images plus you can also draw whatever you have in your mind with the draw option. You can change the fonts and color of the text. Besides uploading your own image, you can browse the image library any time to look for images. After the modification you need to save the logo first then download it. If you have any account with the website then your logo will be saved in your account too.


Logocraft.com has a great repository of some cool and funky logos. The logos can be used with the text provided by you. The color of the text and image can change conveniently. You can change the fonts of the text. You need to register with the website to save your logo. Your logo will be delivered to your email address as an attachment which you can download to your computer.

The Logoshop

The logoshop.info website is a very simple logo generator. It has some predefined text style on which you can create your own logo. Select the one which you like and hit the Create button. The next page will show you a nice preview of your newly created logo. Just click on the Download my Logo button to download your logo to your computer and start using it wherever you like.


Textgiraffe.com is a cool website where you can generate some really superb and stunning text logos. Open the website and click on Logos written on the upper right side corner of the homepage. On the next page you will find some really great designs of text logos. When you select a logo, you will be taken to the next page prompting you to give the required text for your logo. Your logo will be created in a matter of seconds. The website will provide you with the option of changing the logo’s color and its output resolution.


As the name implies, hipsterlogogenerator.com is a hipster kind of logo generator. It literally gives you the privilege of adding swag to your logos. Open the website and choose a base shape and add your text, select its fonts and size. The next setting allows you to add color to every element of your logos plus it also lets you add a background image. Finally you can generate your logo and download your logo as a png file.

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