6 Best Free Online PDF Editor

Here are 6 best free Online PDF Editors. These free online PDF editors let you edit PDF files easily. You don’t need to install any additional software to use them, only web browser is enough. These online services provide various features like: adding text, symbols, shapes, images, whiteout, insert signature etc., zoom in and zoom out feature is also provided for easy navigation, and after editing you can save and download the edited PDF file, and many more.

I have found 6 online PDF editors and in my opinion pdfescape.com and pdffiller.com are good as these have more functions and are easy to understand.

You can also try best free PDF Readers, PDF Printers, and PDF Editor Software.

Here are the Best Free Online PDF Editor:

Free PDF Editor & Form Filler

pdfescape.com is a useful website which provides the facility of editing PDF files online as well as PDF Form filling. To use this free service, you need to upload a PDF file which you want to edit. Go to the link provided and click Browse button to select your input PDF file. Now click Upload button to start uploading. Now your file will open in online editor. There are various commands in its editor. For e.g. you can add text, images, draw freehand, and draw common shapes etc. on your PDF. You can add Sticky Note or Highlight Text by using its Annotate feature. If you wrongly insert anything; you can delete it later. You can rotate and crop pages from the Page tab by choosing the desired command. There are 4 zoom presets Fit, 50%, 100%, and 200% and these let you easily navigate. It has the Recent feature also and using it you can easily find the document you want. After finishing the editing you can save your PDF and can download it back to your PC. You can take a printout of the edited PDF on your printer also. The size and page limit is 10 MB and 100 pages respectively.


dochub.com is another website which provides the facility of editing PDF online. First you have to login to your free account. Now upload the PDF file you want to edit. After successful uploading click “Create Document” button to open it for editing. Now you can type text, can highlight any text or area, freehand draw, whiteout, add signature or do the supported editing. Its insert text feature has various font properties and these can be controlled up to some extent, for e.g. it has only 3 font faces. Line spacing is also adjustable. It has undo and redo functionality also. It has various predefined stamps and you can use them in your documents. You can increase or decrease the size and can change color of the stamp too. You can add images in the PDF by clicking Insert Image button. After finishing the editing you can download it to your PC or save it to Google Drive. To save it or download you have to click blue arrow at top right corner of the screen and select the desired option from the drop down. Using the print button you can convert it to PDF file also. It stores the history of your file activities.

Online PDF Editor

pdfzorro.com provides the facility of editing PDF files online. First start the upload process for your PDF file by clicking Upload button and then select your input file by browsing. You can open PDF file directly from Google Drive too. After uploading you can start its PDF Editor by clicking “start PDF Editor” button. It shows the thumb view of the uploaded document. From the thumbnail tab you can rearrange pages of the PDF file and can also delete, extract page, and can rotate pages. You can use zoom in and zoom out feature also for easy viewing. If you want to add more pages from files like Word, Excel, PDF, Image; you can also do this by clicking Add button on left pane. To start editing click on the page from thumbnail view to select it. You will now find a vertical toolbar containing various command buttons on it. Some of the tools are: rectangle, line tool, box, pen, write (text writing tool), eraser etc. Use these and edit your PDF. It also has undo and redo facility. After finishing the editing you can click Save button to save your work. Other supported formats are: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPS, PPSX, JPG, and PNG.

PDF Buddy

pdfbuddy.com is a simple and easy to use website which lets you edit and sign your PDF file online. You have to click “Choose PDF to Edit” button or drag your file to “Drag your PDF here” area to start uploading your PDF file. After uploading the file you can go to the desired page by navigating. It has various tools for editing like you can add new text by clicking Text tool, Pen, Whiteout, Highlight, insert Image, insert Signature etc. are some of them. Various types of shapes and symbols can be inserted to the editing PDF also. If you want to add some text then there are only two font faces supported i.e. Arial and Times. Size and color of a font can also be changed as per need. You can jump to any page directly by clicking the Page drop down and it also has a “Back To Start” button which lets you easily go to start page. You can remove the inserted object by selecting it via mouse click and by clicking remove or close button. After finishing the editing you can save and download the edited PDF to your PC.

PDF Filler

pdffiller.com is a free web service which lets you edit PDFs as well as other files online. To use it, first upload your PDF file by clicking Browse button. Your file will start uploading automatically when you select it. An editor window will open. Now you can start editing or filling your uploaded PDF file. You can add new text, add signature, checkboxes, circles, insert date etc. in your file. Almost every item can be resized (text, symbols, or even images). You can insert items very precisely in the editing PDF. Its picture manager lets you insert image by uploading or by capturing from attached webcam. There is a thumbnail view at the left side of the screen and you can navigate easily within the PDF by using it. After finishing click DONE button and save / print / email or choose the desired option. The website has intuitive user interface and is easy to understand.


framebench.com is a website which lets you edit PDF files online for free. After visiting the specified URL it asks you to upload a file by using Drag & Drop or by Click. After uploading your file will open in its online editor. Here you can add text, insert arrows, insert rectangle, draw using pencil, can also choose text color etc. to your existing PDF files online. You can use zoom in and zoom out, fit original, fit to screen and other various tools for easy navigation. You can add comments to your documents too. The site is average for editing PDF files and does not have much options. After finishing the editing you can take printout of your PDF on your regular or virtual printer.

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