6 Best Free PPT To JPG Converter Online

Here is a list of Best Free PPT To JPG Converter Online. These websites lets you easily convert PowerPoint slides to JPG images online. You can convert PPT to JPG by simply uploading the PPT or PPTX file. After successful conversion, you can download the JPG file(s) to your PC. Some sites let you email the link of the converted file. Some let you configure the quality of output images before starting conversion. Some let you download the converted JPG files separately, as well as in ZIP file containing all the images.

My favorite PPT To JPG Converter Online Websites are:

In my opinion zamzar.com and image.online-convert.com are best, as these provides some unique features. For e.g. Zamzar provides the output link in email while Online-convert.com gives you the facility of saving the output in Cloud storage.

You can also try these best free PPTX Viewer, PowerPoint to PDF Converter, and PPT To JPG Converter Software.

Here are the Best Free PPT To JPG Converter Online Websites:


zamzar.com is a versatile website which provides you the facility of converting files from one format to another. It also supports converting of PPT to JPG online. You can do this in just 4 simple steps. In step 1 choose the PowerPoint file you want to convert by clicking “Choose Files…” button and browse for input file. In step 2 choose JPG as an output format from the “Convert files to:” drop down list. Type your email address in step 3 and click Convert button in step 4. It starts uploading your input file and gives you a “File upload complete” message on the web page. You will get an email containing download link of a ZIP file containing all the slides as images and each image separately. In other words you can download the combined ZIP file containing all the slides as JPG images or each JPG image individually from the provided link(s).

Online Image Converter

image.online-convert.com is another online PPT to JPEG converter, that comes with some unique options. First of all, apart from uploading the PPT file from your PC, you can also provide URL of the PPT. In addition to that, you can also actually select a PPT file from your Dropbox account directly, without a need to upload that file from your PC. Once you have provided the file, it lets you do many settings on the output. You can choose the output image quality, which varies from best quality to best compression. You can provide image size of output in pixels. You can also provide DPI as well as Color level (options include Color, Gray, Monochrome, Negate, etc.). Lastly, it lets you add enhancements to output, and includes options like Equalize, Normalize, Enhance, Sharpen, Antialias, Despeckle, etc. Once you have done all the settings, just proceed with conversion, and download the zip file that has jpeg images for each slide of your PPT. After downloading the ZIP file, you can delete it from the server for your own security. You can save the converted file to your cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive too if required. Download link can also be emailed to your email address. QRcode of the download link is also generated on the same download page.

Free PPTX to JPG - Free Online Converter

coolutils.com is a file format conversion facility available online for free. It supports various types of file conversions including PPTX to JPG. After opening the link, click JPEG from “Convert to” of the “Set convert options”. You can select an input file by clicking BROWSE button. After selecting the file, uploading process automatically starts. Click DOWNLOAD CONVERTED FILE button to download the ZIP file containing all the slides in JPG format to your PC. This online converter also provides an option to add header and footer to jpg files, but it didn’t work for me. Supported input file extensions are PPT, PPTX, and PPSX. Other convert to options are: To PDF and To TIFF. This site also supports other useful conversion tools like: Image Converter, PDF Converter, and HTML Converter.

Document Converter

docupub.com is a multi-format file conversion web service. The site also has the feature to convert PowerPoint files into JPG images. To do this, open the provided URL and follow the simple steps. In step 1, choose JPEG as output format from “Conversion Settings”. You can choose compatibility, resolution, rotation too in this step. If you choose higher resolution, the output image will be of big size. Now in step 2, select your input file by clicking Browse button. It supports maximum size of 5 MB per file for uploading. Now in step 3 you can choose the delivery method (Web browser or email). Finally click Upload & Convert button to start the conversion process. Each slide of the input PowerPoint presentation will be converted into JPG image separately and can be downloaded from their respective links. You can delete the output JPG images from the server by clicking Delete button shown next to each image.

Convert from PPT

secure.convert-doc.com is a free and easy to use web service which lets you convert your PPT files to other formats. The supported output formats, other than JPG, are PPTX, PDF, ODP, PNG, GZ, and ZIP. First select your input PPT or PPTX file by clicking Browse button. Now select the JPEG (.JPG) from the given table. You can convert only first page of your PPT file to JPG or in PNG while other conversion formats have no such limit. Clicking Convert button will give you the download link of the converted file in a new web page. You can then download or email or copy the direct link of the converted JPG as per need.

Convert PPT to JPG Online Free

docx2doc.com is an online document conversion website. It provides various online tools for different types of file conversions. It also provides the facility of converting PPT to JPG online for free. Go to homepage of this website and click Browse button to select the input PPT (PowerPoint) file. After selecting the file, click “Convert File to JPG” button. Your file will start uploading and you will get link of converted JPG file on the same page on successful conversion. You will get a direct link of the JPG file too. Your converted JPG file will automatically get deleted within 1 hour and you can change this limit as per requirement. There is a limitation of only first page conversion, so if you want to convert only first page of your presentation, then this is good otherwise you need a different conversion service. PPTX is also supported.

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