3 Best Free Cloud Based ERP Software

Here is a list of best free cloud based ERP software. All of these are cloud ERP software or services that you can directly use from a web browser. These software help you plan the resources of a business and manage the daily activities of a company such as product supply chain, accounting, CRM activities, project management, and more. To do that, these services offer multiple ERP and CRM modules on their interfaces that you can easily use. Some of the main modules that you get in these software are Human Resources, Manage Invoices, Shipments, Financials, Project Management, and Orders. Besides these main modules, you also get a Reports section in most software to generate various financial reports like sales, loss, profit, etc. You can also save reports in XLS and CSV formats.

As each of these software is cloud-based, thus you also get cloud storage in them to store business-related documents. In some software, you also get additional features such as Online Store, Apps Store, Calls, Chats, etc. In general, all these cloud ERP software are quite feature rich as well as easy to use. Go through the list to know more about these cloud ERP services.

My Favorite Cloud Based ERP Software For Windows:

Apptivo is my favorite software because it offers all the essential ERP features to streamline different modules of a business. Plus, it also offers a handy Apps Store to add more features to this cloud ERP service.

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Apptivo is a free cloud based ERP software. Using this cloud ERP software, you can keep track of various business units and streamline business operations across different modules. The good thing about this cloud ERP software is its ability to cater to both small and large businesses. Plus, it offers all the essential ERP features such as CRM, Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources, etc. Let’s take a look at the main features of this cloud based ERP software.

Main Features:

  • CRM: Using this module, you can add and manage leads, new opportunities, customers’ information, and all the associated contacts.
  • Financials: It offers multiple sections that help you edit and manage customer payments, expanse reports, suppliers invoices, sales receipts, invoices, product estimates, and kit orders.
  • Supply Chain: Using it, you can easily perform all the inventory management tasks. In addition to that, it lets you view and edit orders, suppliers, and purchase orders.
  • Human Resources: Use it to add new employees, assign departments to employees, add/ edit job titles of employees, and terminate employees.
  • Project Management: It is another handy module through which you can create new projects, track the status of projects, change the priority of projects, specify time & expenses for projects, and more.
  • Product Management: From this section, you can add new products/ items, add product information, divide products into categories, add/ edit product prices, etc.
  • Report: Use it to generate an item, sales, inventory, etc., reports of a specific time period. All the generated reports can be exported in XLS and CSV formats.

Additional Feature:

  • Apps Store: In it, you can find various important apps that you can add to this cloud ERP software to enhance its existing feature set.


  • In this free version of Apptivo, you can only work with 3 users and store up to 500 MB business-related data.

Final Thoughts:

It is one of the best free cloud based ERP software because it covers all the aspects of ERP. Plus, it is quite straightforward to use.


Composity is another free cloud based ERP software. It also offers many CRM and Inventory management features. Using it, you can logically plan the resource distribution and manage various aspects of an organization. To do that, this cloud ERP software provides all important tools like sales, shipments, expenses, purchases, databases, and more. It is also quite good at maintaining events, tax codes, customers’ information, billing data, etc. Now, check out the main features of this cloud ERP software.

Main Features:

  • Inventory: Using it, you can add new items and manage all the existing items and products. Plus it also helps you track the status of items, search items, and sort items.
  • Purchasing: From here, you can purchase new items by specifying the vendor name, vendor company ID, date, item ID, item name, item quantity, etc. After creating a purchase, you can also track its progress from this section.
  • Sales: This section lets you enter new sales, generate invoices, track previous sales, track sales status, etc. It also lets you export the sales data in the form of CSV and XLS formats.
  • Accounts: Through this section, you can manage accounts and information about all your vendors and customers. It also lets you add and edit accounts. To do that, you need to enter or edit values like billing data, VAT information, name, email address, and more.
  • Invoices: Use it to generate new invoices, edit invoices, and manage all the existing invoices.
  • Expenses: It lets you track and retrieve information about all the expanses of a company. After retrieving the expanses data, you can save it in CSV and Excel formats. It also offers a feature to add new expenses.
  • Payments: Through this section, you can add and track all the received and transferred payments. It also lets you search and sort documents according to billing data, billing date, and bill ID.
  • Reports: With its help, you can generate various types of reports such as profit & loss, account payables, payment, sale revenge, etc.

Additional Features:

  • This software provides many additional modules through which you can manage Point of Sale (POS) and OMS tasks.


  • In this free version of this ERP software, you can only add up to 3 users and get cloud storage of just 100 MB.

Final Thoughts:

It is a feature-rich cloud based ERP software that helps you manage various ERP and CRM aspects of a business.


Bitrix24 is yet another free cloud based ERP software. It is a powerful ERP software that offers an integrated environment to manage ERP activities of a business. To do that, it provides many ERP modules on its interface. Now, check out the main features of this cloud ERP software.

Main Features:

  • CRM: Using it, you can manage leads, marketing, CRM analytics, deals, customers’ information, customers’ contacts, business contacts, opportunities, and other CRM tasks.
  • Products: Through this feature, you can manage and add new items, item prices, unit of measurement, item description, etc.
  • Sales: Using it, you can create new sales, communicate with customers, and receive payments from customers.
  • Orders: It lets you view and manage all the accepted orders, paid orders, received orders, and completed orders.
  • Employees: Use it to add employees, create a hierarchy of employees, invite additional users, manage employees information, etc.
  • Times and Report: Use it to generate and view work, work time, and meetings reports of a specific time period.

Additional Features:

  • Online Store: It offers multiple online store templates that you can use to quickly list your products over them and start a new online store.
  • Chat and Calls: Using these features, you can easily communicate with other users and employees.


  • This free version of Bitrix 24 lacks some features like CRM Marketing, Sales Intelligence, Sales Centre, etc.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good cloud based ERP software that offers a good set of ERP and CRM features.

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