4 Best Free Cloud eBook Reader Software

Here is a list of Best Free Cloud eBook Reader Software. Using these free cloud based software, you can read your favorite eBooks without much hassle. These software not only let you read eBooks but also allow you to organize and manage your eBook library online. Plus, all these software let you browse and search for your favorite eBooks from web stores. You can simply download an eBook to read it or purchase a book if it’s paid. Additionally, all software provide you with cloud eBook storage. These also let you add eBooks to different groups to easily keep a track of read, to read, continue reading, and other books.

In these software, you can find all standard eBook reading tools & features which enhance your reading experience. These tools include Search Text, Zoom In/ Out, Page Navigation, Highlight Text, Customize Book Font, Change View Layout, and more. Some of these also provide draw, table of content, and bookmark features which may come in handy. Besides that, you can review read eBooks, edit metadata of eBooks, create a series of eBooks, and view basic statistics report in many of these. One of these even provide you a feature to find your eBooks on Google Play. All in all, these are feature rich cloud eBook reader software that anyone can use with ease.

My Favorite Best Free Cloud eBook Reader Software:

BookFusion is my favorite software as it provides you all standard and a few advanced eBook reading and management features. Some of these features include read online or local eBooks, create multiple bookshelves, organize eBooks in multiple categories, draw in eBook, highlight text, review eBooks, and more.

Google Books is another good one. It is basically a search engine to search for your favorite eBooks online and then read them in its inbuilt ebook reader.

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BookFusion is a great free cloud eBook reader software. Apart from the web, it is also available for Android and iPhone users to read eBooks easily. You can find tons of handy tools and features in it that enable you to store, download, and read eBooks on the cloud. It lets you upload your own eBooks or search for an eBook from your favorite author online and then read it. You can find a dedicated store that lets you buy paid books or download free ones and read them in it. here are many more lovely features that you can look forward to in this free cloud eBook reader.

Main Features:

  • Bookshelf: You can upload locally stored eBooks to this cloud software and then read them. You can also Create Book Series, Manage Lists (Currently Reading, Plan to Read, etc.), View Authors, Check Book Stats (Reading Time, Highlights, etc.), Manage Bookmarks, View Highlights/ Comments, Send to Kindle, and more.
  • Reader: To provide you a distraction-free and a hassle-free reading environment, it provides all necessary features that include Table of Content, Page Navigation, Highlight Text, Change Book Font, Zoom In/ Out, and more.
  • My Takes: You can add your review to a book using this option and also manage all your takes in a dedicated section.
  • Edit: It provides you options to update the cover image and other metadata information of an eBook such as title, authors, category, tags, etc.
  • Favorites: You can add any of your books to your favorite list and access them at any time.

Additional Features:

  • Store: It provides an inbuilt store feature where you can search for specific books, magazines, comics, and more. Plus, you can also find free eBooks from here. Furthermore, you can buy an eBook, download a free eBook, read an eBook, gift eBook, etc.
  • Library: You can view and manage public and private library in this dedicated section.


In this free plan of BookFusion, you get limited storage and maximum book size is also limited. To remove these limitations, you can upgrade to its premium plan.


It is one of the best free cloud eBook reader that provides you all sufficient tools to read eBooks and manage your library on the cloud.

Google Books

Google Books is another powerful cloud eBook reader. It lets you search for books online and read them. It is basically a service from Google Inc. that lets you search and read eBooks online. It provides you an online book store from where you can find your favorite eBooks. You can easily read the free eBooks and buy paid ones to read them. It offers you all the essential reading tools and features that you expect in the cloud eBook reader. Let us have a look at its key features.

Main Features:

  • Search: You can simply type book name or author’s name and search for specific books that you want to read.
  • My Library: It sorts out all your books in different groups (purchased, reviewed, browsing history, reading now, etc.) so that you can easily manage your eBooks.
  • New Shelf: This feature allows you to add multiple different bookshelves and add books to them by ISBN or ISSN of respective books or magazines.
  • Add to My Library: When you search an eBook online, you can quickly add it to your library in any of the groups using this feature.
  • Reading Features: It offers all standard book reading features that include Single or Dual Page View, Zoom In/ Out, Page Navigation Buttons, and Search a Text. Plus, when you finish reading, you can also write a review of an eBook.
  • My History: It is a dedicated section where you can view the history of purchased, reviewed, and recently viewed books along with browsing history.

Additional Feature:

  • My Books on Google Play: You can directly download or purchase books from Google Play in this cloud eBook reader. From here, you can also upload your locally saved eBooks and then read them.


It is a great cloud eBook organizer and reader software that lets you download eBooks from online sources as well as allows you to upload local eBooks to read them.


ActiveTextbook is yet another free cloud eBook reader on this list. You can also download its app on Windows, Android phone, or iPhone to read eBooks on your device. You can simply upload your eBooks on this cloud software and then read them without much hassle. All required tools are provided by this software including some additional handy features. Let us checkout its features in detail.

Main Features:

  • My Bookshelf: As the name suggests, you can import books from your local device and access and read your books from here. While uploading an eBook, you can change its cover and book data.
  • Main Reader: As you open an eBook in its reader, you will get several handy features that enhance your reading experience. You get a Pen (draw over eBook), Eraser (remove annotations), Zoom in/ out, a Search option, Change View Layout, and a Table of Content section. Plus, you can also add bookmarks, create overlays (text, link, YouTube video, image, etc.), create comment thread, and more.
  • Report: It lets you view a basic report of the read eBooks including unique readers, comments, quizzes, etc.

Additional Features:

  • All Books: You can find all your eBooks along with multiple other famous uploaded eBooks that you read from this section. It provides a dedicated search feature to quickly find your favorite book from its library.
  • People: You can create a public, private, or restricted group of readers.


The free plan of this cloud eBook reader has a limited storage of eBooks, up to 50 MB. Also, some features of this software are still in development phase, so they might not work properly some times.


It is another good cloud based eBook reader that you can use to store your books online as well as read them whenever you want.

Amazon Kindle Reader

Amazon Kindle Reader is a cloud eBook reader by Amazon. It is a nice tool to find books online and then read them. You can also purchase eBooks to read your favorite books. It also lets you manage your eBook library to organize your books in one place and thus, to quickly access and read. them You get all the required reading features in it. Let’s checkout what are those features.

Main Features:

  • Highlight & Notes: You can select specific text in the current eBook and highlight them or add notes to them. Later, you can find all your highlights and notes in a separate section.
  • View Settings: It lets you customize font, color mode, margin, one or two columns, and more parameters to adjust book view as per your preference.
  • Search: You can easily find a text within an eBook with proper indexing using this feature.
  • Toggle Bookmarks: You can view or hide bookmarks using this option.

Additional Feature:

  • Meaning: On double clicking a word in the book, you can view its meaning in the Oxford Dictionary.


It is a nice and hassle free cloud eBook reader to simply browse books online and then read them in its inbuilt reader.

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