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Here is a list of Best Free Cloud Migration Software. Using these web services, you can transfer your files and folders from one cloud service to another. These let you migrate all types of data from your cloud storage including text document, spreadsheet, presentations, images, text files, and more. In these software, multiple cloud storage services are supported including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3, Flickr, MySQL, NAS, Google Photos, and more.

The process of data migration between cloud drives is very simple in all these cloud migration software. You can simply add all your cloud storage account and then select source and target directories to move data. One of these even provides your Schedule feature. Using this function, you can schedule cloud migration tasks at a specific date and time. Plus, you can even select the recurrence of the scheduled task to once, daily, weekly, or monthly. These web services also let you backup and synchronize cloud data. To sync data, One-way and Two-way sync modes can be used.

Additionally, new files can be uploaded over cloud accounts. Also, you can create new files, view file information, and share files with other users. These software provide many more features that you can checkout in their respective description.

My Favorite Free Cloud Migration Software:

MultCloud is my favorite software as it supports a good number of cloud services to migrate files between them. Plus, it also lets you schedule data migration task as per your requirement.

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MultCloud is a cloud migration software that lets you manage, store, and transfer cloud data across multiple cloud drives. Using it, you can migrate data from one cloud storage to another. It helps you synchronized files and data between various cloud services. To name some, it supports cloud services including Google Drive, GSuite, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3, pCloud, Flickr, MySQL, NAS, and Google Photos. Simply register and then log in to this online tool and start migrating data from one cloud to another.

How to transfer files between cloud storage services using MultCloud:

  • Firstly, add your cloud drives to this website using Add Clouds button.
  • Now, click on the Cloud Transfer option.
  • Next, select the source cloud service and folder from where you want to transfer data.
  • After that, choose the target drive and location where you want to shift your data.
  • At last, click on the Transfer Now button to start cloud migration.

Additional Features:

  • Schedule: You can schedule cloud transfer tasks to a particular time based on recurrence (once, daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Cloud Sync: It provided One-way and Two-way sync modes to synchronize data between two cloud drives.


In its free plan, there are some limitations like 30 GB data traffic/month, 2 sync modes, no Quintupled Transfer Speed, etc. You can upgrade to its paid plans in order to remove these restrictions.


It is a great online service that lets you migrate data between several popular cloud storage services.



Koofr is another cloud migration software on this list. It is one of the easiest web service to transfer data files from one cloud service to another. To migrate data, it supports three prominent cloud storages including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can easily transfer data among these cloud services. Like any other cloud software, this one also requires you to set up an account and then you will be able to transfer files and data. Here are the steps to migrate data using this cloud software.

How to migrate data between cloud storages using Koofr:

  • Firstly, add Google Drive, Dropbox, and/ or OneDrive accounts to this web service.
  • Now, from the left panel, go to the Drive from where you want to transfer data.
  • Next, select one or multiple files from the source drive and right-click on them.
  • After that, click on the Move button and select the target cloud drive where you want to migrate selected files.
  • Lastly, again press the Move button and your files will be migrated from source to target cloud service.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you upload files to your cloud drives.
  • You can also create new documents, spreadsheet, presentation, and text files and add to your cloud storage.
  • You can add users and then share a particular file with them.
  • It lets you view account activity in a dedicated section.


It is another nice cloud migration software to transfer files between some popular cloud storage drives.


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