5 Best Free Online Inventory Management System

Here is a list of the best free online inventory management system. An online inventory management system provides individuals as well as businesses to easily manage and track their inventory online. Such a tool enables you to track, control, and manage inventory in a digital environment. It provides real-time visibility of stock and facilitates efficient order fulfillment. With that, you get analytical insights with detailed reports and integrations. The best thing about using an online system is that you can access it through a web browser or dedicated application from anywhere.

This post covers 5 inventory management systems that you can use to manage your inventory online. All these systems provide basic inventory features from managing inventory to tracking orders, reports, and more. Each system offers its own set of features to facilitate additional functionalities such as dynamic reporting, QR code scanning, integrations, and more. All these systems offer free and multiple paid tiers. I briefly talked about each system and covered their free offerings. You can go through the post and explore yourself.

My Favorite Online Inventory Management System

Odoo Inventory is my favorite inventory management system on this list. It is an open-source and free system that provides businesses with an all-in-one inventory management solution. It is suitable for tracking inventory across multiple locations, with barcodes or serial numbers and thus maintaining efficient warehouse operations.

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Odoo Inventory is an open-source inventory management system. It provides various features to effectively manage warehouse operations and inventory tracking. The Odoo Inventory system uses a double-entry inventory management approach. This approach offers full traceability from suppliers to customers. The system also supports barcode scanning, enabling users to scan products in the warehouse and control dashboards.

This inventory system covers various basic inventory operations, including delivery orders, inventory adjustments, multiple locations management, receipts, packing, scrap products, stock transfers, and more. You also get many advanced features like drop-shipping, cross-docking, put-away and removal strategies, and pick-pack-ship processes. It provides support for multiple warehouses, allowing businesses to manage different locations within a single system. The system offers clear and complete reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate real-time dynamic reports. It is fully integrated with other Odoo applications like Sales, Purchase, and Accounting.

The main features of Odoo include:

  • Clean and fast interface with double-entry inventory
  • Complete inventory management with receipts and packing
  • Advanced routing covering Drop-shipping, Cross-docking, Pick-pack-ship, multi-warehouse, and more
  • Barcode Scanning with custom alerts
  • Customer Portal and Smart Scheduler
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Advanced Reporting Engine


Zoho Inventory is an online inventory management software designed for businesses. It offers a range of features to help manage orders, track inventory, handle GST billing, oversee warehouses, and more. With Zoho Inventory, you can effectively manage your order management processes, including sales and purchase activities, invoice and bill management, and payment tracking. It also provides functionality for warehouse management, allowing users to centrally control their stock in different warehouses, track item movements, and generate warehouse-specific reports.

Zoho Inventory supports barcode scanning. This makes it easy to set up a barcode system and add SKUs, serial and batch numbers, and items to sales and purchase orders. It offers integrations with various platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and payment gateways like PayPal and Razorpay.

The free plan of Zoho Inventory includes:

  • 50 orders, 50 shipping labels, and 50 aftership tracking per month
  • 1 warehouse with 2 users
  • Customer Portal
  • Integration with 1 Shopify Store


TranZact is an online inventory management system software. It is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises effectively manage their inventory operations. This software provides a set of features and functionalities to streamline inventory tracking, order management, store management, and barcode scanning. It has integrations with other applications and generates insightful reports.

When you create an account, the first thing it asks you to set up your company profile. Once done, it takes you to the dashboard where you get options for product tours and training. From there, you can easily jump between Inventory, Orders, Purchases, and Reports. As per TranZact, the basic free plan is best suited for companies with a Turnover of less than ₹1 Cr.

The free plan of TranZack includes:

  • Unlimited Documentation
  • Basic Inventory Management
  • Chat Support
  • Basic Report


Kladana is another online inventory management system that helps SMEs to keep track of their inventory. It offers a range of features covering inventory management, order processing, customer data monitoring, sales history, invoices, contracts, and payments. Open the system gives you an overview of the business showing sales, overdue orders, unpaid invoices, and balance sheets. From there, you can easily jump between purchases, sales, inventory, counterparties, finance, production, tasks, and applications.

This system has an online app marketplace. Currently, it only offers an online order app. This is a browser-based app that helps to sell online without a website. The software is designed to help businesses become more efficient and productive however their free plan comes with limitations.

The free plan of Kladana includes:

  • 500 inventory items and 500 transactions per month
  • Ideal for 1 company offering 1 user
  • 50 MB data storage with CRM and custom print templates


Sortly is an all-in-one inventory management software. It helps businesses of all sizes manage their inventory, supplies, and assets more efficiently. It offers a range of functionalities to help businesses organize, track, and manage their inventory. Sortly allows you to organize and automate your inventory easily. You can create inventory folders based on location, type, and other criteria. You can also add custom fields to include additional critical item details. The free plan allows one custom field. It also offers in-app barcode and QR code scanning to speed up inventory counts.

Sortly offers real-time reporting insights to obtain in-depth data. You can easily export custom PDF or CSV reports, which are useful for audits and budgeting. Last but not least, it can automatically sync your inventory across all devices and teams using Sortly’s cloud-based syncing.

The free plan of Sortly includes:

  • 100 entries per month
  • 1 user license
  • Inventory tracking
  • Reporting and Insight
  • Low stock alert

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many online inventory management tools that you can use to manage inventory online with ease. Odoo.com, Zoho Inventory, and Shortly are a few names in this particular category.

Odoo.com, Zoho Inventory, and Shortly.com are a few online inventory control systems that you can use to manage and keep track of your business inventory online.

The four types of inventory management systems are: perpetual, periodic, just-in-time (JIT), and ABC analysis. Perpetual maintains real-time inventory records, periodic relies on periodic physical counts, JIT aims to minimize inventory levels, and ABC analysis categorizes inventory based on value and importance.

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