6 Best Free Online Plastic Footprint Calculator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online plastic footprint calculator websites. Plastic has been a major polluter that is polluting not only the surface but the sea bed as well. Most plastic materials are not easily decomposable. Plastic materials are cheap and easily available and thus are commonly used for various purposes from packaging to food items, beverages, household items, electronics, etc. A common person uses lots of plastic-based items in day-to-day life. With awareness, it can be reduced and avoided up to a decent extent.

An online plastic footprint calculator is like a carbon footprint calculator. It helps you determine how many kgs of plastic you used annually. You simply have to pick or enter your plastic uses such as the number of polybags used per week, toothbrushes per year, food packing boxes per month, etc. Based on that, the calculator determines your annual plastic footprint. This post covers 6 free websites where you can estimate your annual plastic footprint. With the help of that, you can be aware of your plastic usage and work towards reducing and recycling plastic products.

My Favorite Online Plastic Footprint Calculator

PlasticBank.com is my favorite calculator on this list to calculate plastic footprint. This calculator takes you through the calculation process based on what type of effort you are willing to put in. Then it factors in almost all types of common plastic usage and estimates your annual plastic footprint. It also compares your footprint to the average in your area giving you an idea of where your carbon consumption stands.

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Comparison Table:

NameYealy FootprintCompares withUsed
PlasticBank.comYour area averageDay/Week/Month/Rarely/Never
OmniCalculator.complastic waste per capitaDaily/Weekly/Monthly/3-Monthly/Half-Yearly/Yearly
TheHappyTurtle.inConsumption breakdownDay/Week/Month/Rarely/Never
CarbonFootprint.com-None/Minimal/Quite a few/Loads


PlasticBank.com is a social enterprise that aims to fight ocean plastic pollution while addressing poverty in developing countries. This website has a free calculator where you can estimate your plastic footprint. The calculator has a unique approach where you have to choose what best describes your current attitude towards plastic. This pre-fills some questions and makes your calculation more accurate. The calculator starts with a transport section where you have to fill in your travel medium along with the car usage, if any. Then it takes you to Food & Beverage where you have to select your plastic item usage per day, week, month, or year. The same for Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology, and Household. The last section asks a few questions about you along with your email address and then takes you to the results. It shows your annual carbon footprint and compares it with the average in your area. Along with that, you also get options to offset your plastic footprint and join the movement to stop ocean plastic and poverty.


  • Categories: Transport, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology, and Household.
  • Used by: Day, Week, a couple of times a Month, Month, Rarely, and Never.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly.


OmniCalculator.com is a popular website with a wide collection of online calculators across categories. The website has a Plastic Footprint Calculator that calculates your annual plastic footprint. This calculator has four sections where you can fill in your plastic consumption for different use cases. It covers the use of plastic wraps, bottles, swabs, etc. in Food & Kitchen Needs, Bathroom & Laundry, Disposable Containers & Packaging, and Others (toys, furniture, etc.). Each section covers 4-6 common plastic items. For each item, you can add your consumption of the same per day, week, month, 3-months, half-year, or year. You can fill in all the sections as per your consumption. In the end, you can add any additional plastic items such as toys, furniture, etc. Based on your input, the calculator shows your plastic footprint. It shows how much plastic you have used per year. Along with that, it also shows your lifelong plastic usage based on the current situation. The website also shows where you stand on plastic waste per capita.


  • Categories: Food & Kitchen Needs, Bathroom & Laundry, Disposable Containers & Packaging, and Others.
  • Used by: Day, Week, Month, 3-Months, Half-Year, and Year.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly and Lifetime.


TheHappyTurtle.in is a sustainability consultancy that promotes a plastic-free, eco-friendly lifestyle to secure a greener future for all. This website offers a calculator where you can estimate your annual plastic footprint based on your consumption. This calculator has five categories of plastic items, electronics, etc. It asks you to pick the quantity of those products you have or use per year. Along with that, it also asks you if and which products you recycle. Based on that, it calculates your annual plastic footprint. This calculator gives you a breakdown of your plastic footprint. It shows the percentage that can be avoided, reduced, and recycled.


  • Categories: Plastic Products and Electronics.
  • Used by: Day, Week, a couple of times a Month, Month, Rarely, and Never.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly.


CarbonFootprint.com is a website that offers carbon-offsetting services to help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. It also has an online Plastic Footprint Calculator. This calculator has two sections, at home and out. Both these sections cover various plastic-based items that are commonly used. You just have to select your usage for each item on the list. Based on that, it shows your yearly plastic waste. This calculator seems to have some additional parts too but at the moment of writing, there was an error loading those.


  • Categories: Plastic Products at home and out.
  • Used by: None, Minimal, Quite a few, and Loads.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly.


PlasticFootprint.Ryanphung.com is a free online plastic footprint calculator. This calculator starts by asking for personal info covering name, email, gender, age, country, and occupation. Then it takes you to the actual calculator. The calculator has multiple sections and starts with shopping bags. You can set usage to week, month, or year. Then you can choose the number of different types of plastic bags you use. The same goes for the food, drinks, kitchen needs, lifestyle, and parties & events. Based on the consumption you add throughout the process, it calculates your annual plastic usage. It shows a summary of all your plastic usage and how many kilograms of plastic you can avoid per year.


  • Categories: Shopping bags, Food $ Drinks, Kitchen Needs, Lifestyle, and Parties & Events.
  • Used by: Week, Month, Half-year, and Year.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly.


OLABamboo.com is a Canadian company that produces eco-friendly products made from bamboo. This website can help you calculate your plastic footprint. It has a simple calculator that lists a group of household items on the screen. Each item has a slider with a different time window. So you have to use that slider and select your estimated plastic consumption for mentioned products. Based on that, it shows your annual and lifelong plastic footprint. This calculator covers a small portion of commonly used plastic products. It is nice but it might no give you an overall estimation of your plastic consumption.


  • Categories: A group of household items.
  • Used by: Week, Month, and Year.
  • Plastic Footprint: Yearly and Lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plastic footprint is important because it quantifies an individual's or organization's impact on plastic consumption and waste generation, raising awareness about the environmental consequences of plastic pollution. By understanding our plastic footprint, we can take steps to reduce it and make more sustainable choices to protect our planet's ecosystems.

You can use an online plastic footprint calculator where you can add your plastic usage and estimates your annual plastic footprint.

The carbon footprint of 1 kg of plastic refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during its lifecycle, including production, transportation, and disposal. It varies depending on the type of plastic and manufacturing process but generally contributes to climate change and environmental degradation. Generally, for 1 kilogram (kg) of plastic you use, you emit around 1.7 and 6 kg CO2 per kg of plastic.

The ecological footprint of plastic refers to its environmental impact beyond carbon emissions, including its contribution to pollution, habitat destruction, and harm to wildlife. Plastic waste contaminates ecosystems, disrupts natural processes, and poses long-term threats to biodiversity and ecosystem health.

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