7 Best Free Online Projector Distance Calculator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Projector Distance Calculator websites. A Projector distance refers to the distance between a projector and the screen or projection surface. This distance affects the size and focus of the displayed image. A good projector distance depends on factors like the projector’s throw ratio, screen size, and room dimensions.

A projector distance calculator can help you determine the optimal placement of a projector in relation to the projection surface. This lets you know the required distance for their specific projector model to achieve the desired screen size and image quality. This post covers 7 websites where you can access and use such calculators online. Most of these calculators come with a database of projectors so you just need to provide the screen size and maybe aspect ratio. Some of the calculators are capable of manual calculation where you can add each required parameter and perform your specific calculations. With that said, you can go throw the list and check calculators yourself.

My Favorite Online Projector Distance Calculator

ProjectorCentral.com is the website I prefer on this list to calculate projector distance. This website has a catalog of projectors from various popular brands around the world. You do not have to know any of your projector specifications. All you need is how big the screen size you want. You can simply search your projector model, add the required screen size, and determine the projector’s throw distance.

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Comparison Table:

NameProject DatabaseInstallation FactorReverse CalculationsPrint CalculationsProjector RecommedationsLinks
ProjectorCentral.comPopular Brandsxxhttps://www.projectorcentral.com/projection-calculator-pro.cfm
ProjectorScreen.comPopular Brandsxxhttps://www.projectorscreen.com/projector-screen-calculators
Optoma.comOptoma Projectorsxhttps://www.optoma.com/projectioncalculator/
Casio.comCasio Projectorsxhttps://web.casio.com/projector/simulator/en/
Panasonic.netPanasonic Projectorsxxhttps://panasonic.net/cns/projector/calculator/tdc/
VivitekUSA.comVivitek Projectorsxxxhttps://www.vivitekusa.com/lens-calculator/


ProjectorCentral.com is a website that provides information and tools to help you make an informed decision about which projector to buy and how to use it. The website has a Projector Throw Distance Calculator. This calculator has two sections:

  • Choose Projector: Here you can search a project by name or browse by brand and model number. When you do that, it gives you the throw distance of the project along with image size, aspect ratio, lens info, and estimated image brightness.
  • Search By Throw Distance/Screen Size: Here you can add either the throw distance or the screen size and explore projectors that provide the required specification. This is helpful to find a project for specific needs.

With these features, this calculator not only calculates the projector distance but can also help you find an ideal projector for your needs.

How to calculate projector distance online on ProjectorCentral.com?

  • Go to this Projector Throw Distance Calculator using the link given below.
  • In the Choose Projector section, search your projector by brand name and pick the correct model.
  • This gets you the project distance in meters.


  • Calculation Type: By Projector Model.
  • Project Catalog: Covers dozens of popular projector brands around the world.
  • Input Parameters: Projector model.
  • Output: Throw distance, Lens, Image Size, Aspect Ratio, and Estimated Image Brightness.
  • Additional Features: Explore the range of projectors available in the market by throw distance or screen size.


ProjectorScreen.com is an online store that specializes in projectors and projector screens. The offers a variety of projector screen calculators to help customers determine the best products for their entertainment needs. These calculators include:

  • Projector Screen Size Calculator: Determine the viewable area of a screen based on any one dimension.
  • Projector Calculator: Calculate throw distance and optimal screen size based on your projector.
  • Viewing Distance Calculator: Find the optimal seating distance for your audience based on the projector screen size you are considering.
  • Foot Lambert Calculator: Determine how bright of an image you will get based on projector lumens, screen size, and screen gain.
  • Screen Size Comparison: Compare the differences between various screen sizes and aspect ratios and discover which is right for you.

How to calculate projector distance online on ProjectorScreen.com?

  • Open this website with all 5 calculators by following the link given below.
  • Scroll to the Viewing Distance Calculator.
  • Choose a screen shape of choice and enter the screen diagonal size.
  • Then click the Calculate button to get the projector throwing distance.


  • Calculation Type: Manual calculation.
  • Project Catalog: .
  • Input Parameters: Screen shape and Screen Size.
  • Output: Projector throw distance.
  • Additional Features: Multiple projector calculators and guides to find ideal projectors.


Optoma.com is a multinational company that makes and sells large-format display solutions and services, including projectors. Their website features an Optoma Projection Calculator. This is a free online tool that helps you determine the optimal screen size and throw distance for your Optoma projector. You can input different screen sizes, dimensions, shapes, viewing distances, and lumens to see what performance and brightness they can achieve. With all the parameters, the calculator shows the throwing distance.  You can change any parameter at any time to recalculate the throwing distance, screen size, etc. This calculator also generates a schema diagram of the positions.

How to calculate projector distance online on Optoma.com?

  • Head over to this online calculator using the link given below.
  • Select the unit from the top.
  • Select a projector model along with installation type, aspect ratio, etc.
  • This gets you the projector distance along with screen size.
  • You can adjust the room size and screen size to recalculate the projector distance.


  • Calculation Type: By Projector Model and manual mode.
  • Project Catalog: Optoma projectors.
  • Input Parameters: Project model.
  • Output: Throw distance and Screen Size.
  • Additional Features: You can change screen size to re-calculate throw distance and vice versa.


Casio.com is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing corporation that produces a variety of products, including calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, projectors, etc. It offers a CASIO Project Throw Distance Calculator that you can use to calculate projector throw distance. This calculator calculates the throw distance based on the projector model and the required screen size. You can pick the unit of choice and add your input to get the ideal throw distance. The results cover all the input and output parameters along with a sketch of the installation. You can print that page to PDF and it can be handy while installation.

How to calculate projector distance online on Casio.com?

  • Go to this CASIO Project Throw Distance Calculator.
  • Select a projector from the listed models.
  • Pick the Installation Type and Screen Size.
  • Then click the Anwer button to get the projector throw distance.


  • Calculation Type: Manual mode.
  • Project Catalog: Casio projector series.
  • Input Parameters: Projector model, Installation type, and Screen size.
  • Output: Throw distance.
  • Additional Features: Option to print the calculation data along with a sketch diagram.


Panasonic.net is another Japanese multinational electronics company that produces a wide range of products and services. This company also has a range of projectors and provides an online tool to calculate the projector throw distance. This calculator covers almost all the Panasonic projectors. You can search for a projector either by model or lens. After selecting the project, you can simply add the required screen size dimensions or diagonal. For your input, the calculator shows you the ideal throw distance. You can also use this calculator to calculate the screen size for a specific throw distance.

How to calculate projector distance online on Panasonic.net?

  • Use the direct link provided below to access this calculator.
  • Search your Panasonic project either by model or lens.
  • Then add the projected image size to get the projector distance.


  • Calculation Type: Manual mode.
  • Project Catalog: Panasonic projects by model and lens.
  • Input Parameters: Project model/lens and screen size.
  • Output: Projector distance.
  • Additional Features: Calculates image size for an added projector distance.


VivitekUSA.com is a manufacturer of visual display systems and presentation products. They offer an extensive lineup of digital projectors that incorporate the latest innovations and technologies. Their website offers multiple calculators to determine the ideal lens, screen size, throw distance, etc. The throw distance calculator covers all the Vivietek projects. It has sliders for throw distance, throw range, and screen size. You can pick a model along with the lens type. Then you can adjust any slider and all other values change accordingly. This way, you can set the screen size to determine the throw distance.

How to calculate projector distance online on VivitekUSA.com?

  • Use the link added below to open this calculator directly in your browser.
  • Pick the lens type, aspect ratio, and unit for distance.
  • Then simply adjust the screen dimension sliders as per your input and get the respective throw distance.


  • Calculation Type: Manuual.
  • Project Catalog: Vivitek projector range.
  • Input Parameters: Projector mode, Lens type, aspect ratio, and screen size.
  • Output: Throw distance.
  • Additional Features: N/A.


Enlx.co.uk is the website of the Enlightened technical solutions provider based in the UK. They offer a range of services, including full production services, supported dry hire, design and delivery of permanent installations, etc. The website has a Projector Lens Throw Distance Calculator. This is a simple calculator with three parameters; Throw Distance, Image Width, and Projector Lens Ratio. You can add any two parameters to calculate the third one.

How to calculate projector distance online on Enlx.co.uk?

  • Open this calculator using the link added below.
  • Enter the Image Width and Projector lens ratio into the calculator.
  • Then click the Calculate Throw Distance button to get the output.


  • Calculation Type: Manual.
  • Project Catalog: Not available.
  • Input Parameters: Image Width and Projector lens
  • Output: Throw distance.
  • Additional Features: Reverse calculations are also feasible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Projector throw distance refers to the distance between a projector and the screen or projection surface, affecting the size and focus of the displayed image.

The formula for projector distance is: Distance (D) = (Screen Width (W) x Throw Ratio) / 2, where the throw ratio is a characteristic of the projector.

The distance a projector needs to be from a screen for a 120-inch diagonal image depends on the projector's throw ratio. The formula to calculate it is: Distance (D) = (Screen Width (W) x Throw Ratio) / 2.

A good distance for a projector depends on factors like the projector's throw ratio, screen size, and room dimensions, but a common guideline is to aim for a distance that allows for a screen diagonal that's about 1.5 to 2.5 times the width of the screen.

A 120-inch diagonal screen typically has a width of approximately 104.6 inches (266.2 centimeters) when using a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

The 4-6-8 rule for projectors suggests that for every 4 feet of diagonal screen size, you should have 6 feet of projector-to-screen distance and 8 feet of viewing distance for optimal image quality and comfort. This guideline helps ensure an appropriate balance between screen size, distance, and viewer experience.

To calculate screen size, measure the diagonal distance from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner, typically in inches, to determine the screen's diagonal size.

The minimum throw distance is the closest distance at which a projector can be placed to the screen or projection surface while still producing a clear and focused image.

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