6 Best Free Online Song Key Finder Websites

Here is a list of the best free online song key finder websites. All songs have keys. It is basically a scale-based group of tones and chords. Song key is very important for learning music. If you want to find the key of your favorite songs then this list can help you with that.

This list covers 6 free websites where you can find song keys with ease. Most of these websites directly take the audio files as input and show the song key and BPM for that file. These websites can process multiple files simultaneously means you can find the keys of all your favorite songs quickly. Some of these websites work with chords and other elements instead of songs. You can enter the starting note, chords, etc, and find the key. Apart from song key finder, all these websites offer other music calculators and utilities as well.

My Favorite Song Key Finder Website

Get Song Key is my favorite song key finder website on this list. This website is quite simple to use. There are no complex menus or music-related terms. You can simply upload your tracks and get the song key and BPM. One thing I like about this website is the amount of information it offers around each tool. It explains various aspects involved in a tool and how each of them affects others. Along with the song key finder, it also offers a key transpose finder, key notation converter, find the key from chords, and more.

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Get Song Key

Get Song Key is a free online song key finder website. This entire website is dedicated to music keys. It features various tools to find music keys, key transposers, and keys from chords along with a key notation converter. To find a song key, users can simply upload the song and set the mode to easy, medium, or maximum for accuracy. The website takes some time to process the file; it depends on the size of the audio file. After that, it shows the key(s) of the song along with a pitch-time graph.


  • Find Music Key
  • Find Key Transposer
  • Key Notation Converter
  • Find Key from Chords
  • Batch mode
  • Top Song Charts and more


Tunebat is a free Key and BPM database and music finder website. It is easy to find the song key with this website. Users can simply navigate to the tool and upload their music files there. This website can process multiple files at once. In the results, it generates a spreadsheet with all the songs and shows the primary key, alt key, and BPM. In addition to that, this website also offers a vocal remover tool that can separate the vocal and music from an audio file.


  • Key & BPM database
  • Song Key Finder
  • Song BPM Finder
  • Vocal Remover
  • Batch mode

Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is a free website that features many audio tools. The list includes vocal remover, pitch changer, tempo changer, audio cutter, audio joiner, voice recorder, BPM finder, key finder, etc. With the song key finder tool, users can easily find all the keys in a song. It can process multiple audio files simultaneously. Users just have to upload their audio files. Once the files are uploaded, it processes the files and shows the key, BPM, and MS of each file.


  • Vocal Remover
  • Pitch Changer
  • Tempo Changer
  • Audio Cutter & Joiner
  • Voice Recorder
  • Karaoke Recorder
  • Audio Converter
  • BPM Finder
  • Key Finder

Audio Keychain

Audio Keychain is another free key and BPM database. It is quite simple to find the key to any song on this website. All users have to do is upload the audio file(s). It can process multiple files at once. Once the files are uploaded successfully, this website simply shows the key and BPM of each track along with their names. Users can add multiple tracks but do note that there is a 15 MB file size limit for each track.


  • Key & BPM database
  • Key Finder
  • BPM Finder


Scales-Chords is a free online music scale finder tool. This website offers a collection of chords tools and scale tools. The key finder works a little differently on this website. Instead of adding an audio file, users add notes or even chords. Then the tool finds the scales compatible with the inputs. That can be used to find the right scales for soloing or to complete melody, harmony, or chord progression.


  • Key Finder
  • Live Chord Finder
  • Music Analyzer
  • Scale Finder
  • Scale Navigator etc.

Music Theory

Music Theory is a free website to learn music. To ease the learning process, it also offers a collection of tools including calculators, utilities, etc. With its chord calculator and analyzer tool, users can easily find the key of a song. In order to do that, users must know the starting note and chord type. Based on that information, it find the song key.


  • Music Calculators
  • Music Utilities
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