62 Best Websites To Download Free Material Design Icons

Presenting you a list of Best Websites To Download Free Material Design Icons. The following list has been composed out of websites which genuinely provides material design icon sets, and other good icon sets, like: flat icons, colored icons, vector icons, line icons, etc. These royalty free icons, and icon sets can be used to design websites and apps. Most of these are allowed to be used in commercial projects. Some of these websites hosts exclusively just one icon set, while some provide numbers of free icon sets.

These free material design icons are available in the following formats: PNG, SGV, CSS, FontIcons, PSD, EPS, PDF, XML, XAML, ICO, ICNS, etc. If you are a web developer, or a designer, and are looking for a set of icons to add in your collection, then this is the list of best free websites to download material design icon sets.

My Favorite Website To Download Free Material Design Icons:

Google Material Design Icons, Iconfiner, and Materialize are one of the best sources to download royalty free icons.

You can also check out the list of best free Websites To Download Free Stock PhotosWYSIWYG HTML Editing Software, and Online HTML Editor.

Google Material Design Icons

Google Material Design Icons are crafted perfectly, and can be used in your personal and commercial projects for free. There’s a huge collection of free icons which you can make use of. Click on an icon, select the color, select size, and then select a format to download the icon. These icons are downloadable in SVG, PNG, and Icon Font formats. You can even modify these icons, and do whatever you want, as these are Open Source.

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons has a huge collection of graphic design icons. These material design icons have been presented to help designers and developers working on various platforms. Download these icons in any format, color, and size you need. The download options include: PNG, SVG, XAML, Android, and XML. Go to the Advanced Export to change the size of foreground and background, color, etc. All of the icons are free to download and use.


flaticon is another website where you will find a wide array of material design icons. You will find free icon sets and icon packs, like: Art, technology, Social, Food, Music, Gesture, Weather, etc. Download a pack at once, or browse the packs to download a single icon at a time. An icon can be downloaded as PNG, SVG, EPS, BASE 64, or PSD. This website to download material design icons also displays the most popular and trending icons. Share an icon, or icon set to google plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


materialup provides material design products for download. One of these products include material design icons. There are various other icon packs available as well apart from material design icons. Search for an icon by name, or browse category wise. Click on an icon to download it to your system. Get the code, or download file as PNG, or SVG. You may also download these material design icons compatible for IOS or Android Apps.


iconfinder hosts a huge collection of free and premium icons. Download icons and icon sets for free in various formats. The free icons can be used commercially without any issue. Download icons in the following formats: SVG, PNG, AI, CSH, ICO, and ICNS. You also get options to download these material design icons in various sizes, and encoding. Checkout the categories of the icons, such as: Abstract, Animals, Arrows, Christmas, Computers, Easter, Flags, Holidays, Maps, Security, SEO, Travel, etc.


Materialize helps you to create websites for free. Use free website building components, which include free icons. You will find more than 700 material design icons here. These icons are not downloadable, but you will have to use a unique code to include each icon. Copy the Language markup code mentioned at the beginning of the page. Include that code in the <head> portion of your website’s HTML code. Place the unique code where ever you want to add the icon. You may also increase or decrease the size of icons (refer to the website for instructions).


Webalys features distinct material design icons, along with flat icons, angular icons, and various other icon sets. The material design logo set consists of 350 icons. These icons are available in solid, and outline forms. Simply click the download button, and the icon set will be downloaded. These icons are available in the following formats: .Sketch, .AI, .SVG, .PDF, and .EPS. Use these logos for commercial purpose, as they are licensed under Creative Commons Public Domain License. Do not forget to checkout other icon sets and download the free packs.


materialui features a set of free material design icons. It has a wide variety of icons available in different sizes. Go through the collection of icons, and if you like one, simply hover the cursor over it. You will get options to download the icon in 3 colors: black, white, and grey. You can also select the size from 18 x 18, to 192 x 192. Two download formats are available, PNG and SVG. Use the search bar to find an icon.


material.io has an excellent collection of material design icons. You will find colored as well as plane icons in this icon set of 1000 material design icons. The icons are divided into categories, like; Material Icons, Google Fonts, Color Interface Tool, Art, Sports, Weather, Food, Shopping, etc. Click the Download button to get the icon set in PNG format.


Icons8 is a dedicated website for material design icons. Download different themed icons, such as: IOS, Windows, Android, etc. Icons are divided into categories, like: Animals, Arrows, City, Ecommerce, Files, Food, Gaming, Music, Messages, Mobile, Network, Objects, etc. When you select an icon to download, you can choose the format among PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF. You may also select a size and color for your material design icon.

Elio's Corner

Elio’s Corner provides a free modified material design icon set. With the help of Google’s material design icon set, these icon’s have been created with better design and padding. You can also change the colors of the background if you want. These are high quality designs, and can be downloaded in AI, EPS, and PNG formats.


WireframeSketcher has a collection of free icon sets. These icon sets include Font Awesome Icons, Foundation Icon, Glyphicons, Material Design Icons, Social Icons, Iconic Icons, and Windows 10 icons. You can download these icon packs separately from their respective pages. Before you download any icon pack, you may also view all the icons available in that pack.


Sketch APP SOURCES is one of the best sources to download high quality .sketch material. The free resources available on this website also include free material design icons, and various other attractive icons. Download from more than 400 icon sets. Browse the list of icon sets, open the page to view the icons. If you like the icons download the whole set. These icon sets include flat icons, material design icons, color icons, and many more attractive icon sets.


Iconshock provides free as well as premium material design icon sets. Download free icons from more than 15 different icon sets. All the icons available on this website are colorful. The free icon set only provides icons in PNG format, and around 100 icons from a set. There is not any download link, enter your email ID to receive the free Icon set on it.


Octicons is a collection of some uncommon but useful material design icons on Github. Find more than 150 icons on this Github page. To use these icons, you will have to install the Octicons software on your system. After that you will have to add few files to your website. The instructions to add Octicons are also available on the website. You can change color and size of these icons as well.


Freecons is a free website which hosts 155 free curve material design icons. These icons are free to use for personal and commercial purposes as well. Download the logo set to you computer, which includes: AI file, EPS file, and PSD files in various sizes.

Streamline Icons

Streamline Icons has a free pack of 100 free iOS Icon Pack. You can download an icon set of vector icons in formats like: .SKETCH, .EPS, .PDF, .PNG, and .SVG. These are very creative and visually appealing icons which you can use at a variety of places. These are free to use and can be used commercially as well. A 4000 icon set is available on this website as well, but you have to pay for it.


ICONY offers a set of 100 free material design icons. These are high quality icons which are scalable to a good extent. Download the icon set and use it for free in personal as well as commercial purposes. You can pay for the icon set if you want, or simply download for free. These material design icons are available in .SVG, .PSD, and .PNG formats.


Genericons has an awesome collection of material design icons. These icons can turn out to be really helpful. Use these icons as CSS, HTML, and GLYPH. Change the size or color of these icons easily. To use these icons, download the icon pack, and extract files from it. Read the instructions on how to use these icons into your blog; the instructions are included in the download pack.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the best hangouts for web designing enthusiasts. This website has free resources as well, which you can use for designing. Material design Icons can be found easily here. There are numerous icon packs which includes material design icon sets as well. Other icon types are travel, sports, work, and many more. You may download these icon sets in formsta like: AI, PNG, PDF, PSD, etc.

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger is another good website to download free and amazing graphic design content. You will find a lot of material design icon sets here for free. Go to the Icons tab, and open the page of any icon set that you like to download. Most of the icons are free to use for commercial and personal purposes. The description of the icons display the format, dimensions, and the file size.


Themify icons is a perfect set of icons for material design. With more than 320 different icons, you can create a perfect design. Inspired by iOS 7, these icons are completely free to use. Use them for any purpose, personal or commercial. These icons have 2 versions: Icon Font Version (SVG format included), and WordPress plugin version. You can view the instructions and demo on how to use these icon sets.


OPEN ICONIC, as the name suggests, is an Open Source Icon set. It has more than 200 icons which you can use in your personal, as well as commercial projects. Download these fonts in webfont, SVG, or raster formats. Click on an icon to copy its codes, or you can download the whole pack. The icon image is available in PNG format. These material design icons can be stylized, re sized, and colored to make them visually appealing.


Pixeden is another good source to get material design resources. The free Icon section has many free and attractive icon sets to download. Apart from material design icons, you will also find various other icons. Each icon set has different properties. Open the Icon set download page to view its properties, such as: available formats, size, etc.


speckyboy has a huge collection of royalty free icons. Go to the website, and search for keyword Icons. You will find a list of free icon packs which you can use in your projects. Go through the license of each icon set before using it in your project. These icons are available in SGV, PNG, AI, PDF, etc.


Find more than 300 icon sets on Freebiesbug. Free  material design icons are available here  in PSD, AI, .SKETCH, and other famous format. Flat icons, line icons, solid icons, etc. are some of the icon types that you will find here. Use the search bar to find any type of material design icon. Apart from icons, you will find other freebies as well, such as: fonts, templates, themes, mockups, app designs,etc.

Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons provides 300 metro styled material design icons. Download this free icon set in your projects. Commercial and personal use of these icons are allowed. The developer also allows you to modify these royalty free icons the way you want. The download file includes PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, and Web Font formats of these free cons.

Feather by Cole Bemis

Feather is free material design icon set released by Cole Bemis. More than 130 free icons are available here. The download package consists of  PSD, CSH, SVG, and Webfont formats of all the icons. The copyright of this free icon set states that it is free for personal as well as commercial use. You can also modify these royalty free icons if you require to.


DEVIANT ART is an online community which promotes digital art. These digital arts also include material design icons, and other beautiful icon sets. Just perform a query for the keyword Icons. You will find a bunch of icon sets available on the website. Some of these are free for commercial use, while few are available only for personal use. Go through the license agreement before downloading any free icon set.


Download free material design icons, and various other designer icons at pixelsmarket. Go to he freebies section, and click on Icon. You will find many downloadable icon sets, which includes material design icons. Flat icons, colored icons, and various other icons are available here. Apart from icons, you will also find other crucial web designing products as well.


IconArchive is a dedicated website for icons. You will find more than 2000 icon sets here to choose from. Use the search bar to find any specific icon that you are looking for. You can download an icon in formats like: PNG, ICO, and ICNS. Option to download the icon in different size is also available.


365psd has a number of PSD and Vector material design icons. Go to the Free PSD, and Free Vector section and click on Icons option to view different icon packs. These icon packs are free to use, and consist of some very interesting and useful icons. Other web design and graphic design materials are also available here for  free.

Designer Fuel

Designer Fuel is a Tumblr page where you will find a free material design icon set. The icon set is actually called Dropicons, as all the icons are related to weather. These are some good looking icons, and are available in PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, and Webfont formats. Use these icons for free in personal and commercial projects.


MiniCONS is a collection of 40 free material design icons. These icons are designed beautifully, and can be used for designing websites, apps, etc. This is actually a material on Dropbox, which is downloadable for free. You can use these icons for personal and commercial purposes.


Dribble is an online community for web designers. Designers submit their work here to share it with the world. Not all the icon sets available here are free, but most of them are. You can download free material design icons, and various other kinds of icons for free in formats like: AI, PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG, etc.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha provides free and premium resources for designer community. Find free and amazing icon sets on this website. Go to the Freebie tab, and click on the Icons option. These icons are available in various size and formats. You may also find free photos, sketches, vectors, HTMLs, fonts, etc.

Good Stuff No Nonsense

Good Stuff No Nonsense is a website where you will find free resources for designers. The free stuff section has a good collection of hand drawn, neat icons. These icons are free for commercial use.


Github holds a numerous amount of icon sets. Simply go to github and search for material design icons. You will find material design icons, flat icons, colored icons, and other good resource on this website.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a collection of scalable material design icons. It is a huge assembly of icons which can be modified with the power of CSS. You can customize the size, color, dropshadow etc. You just have to download the font pack, and add codes to your website’s HTML. Use the unique code of each icon to place them on your website. These icons are absolutely free to use in commercial purposes.

Modern UI Icons

Modern UI Icons is a collection of more than 1200 icons. These material design icons are perfectly crafted for web design, and app design purpose. Download the ZIP folder of the collection for free. The icons are available in XAML and SVG formats. The collection is huge, and contains a lot of pretty, and creative i cons. Use these icons for personal as well as commercial purposes.


Get more than 300 free material design icons at Brankic1979. These icons are best for website and app designing. Use these icons anywhere, be it personal or commercial projects. The icons available in this icon set are high quality icons, and scalable to a bigger size. The icons are downloadable in PSD format.

Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels is a portal to download web designing resources. Go to the Free Resources tab, and search for Icons. You will find a number of free icon sets. These icon sets include material design icons, flat icons, social media icons, and many other type of icons. These royalty free icons are free for personal and commercial use.


At 1001freedownloads.com find free graphic design vectors and PSDs. Go to the Icons tab to find latest free icons. You can also use the search bar to look for Icon Sets. Here you will find free material design icons, flat icons, colored icons, etc. These icons are available in formats like, EPS, SGV, PSD, PNG, etc.

roam design

roam design has a collection of 100+ free material design icons. This free icon set is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. You can use these icons in your projects, but you will have to provide attribution. Read the license terms which is included in the download pack. The icons are available in AI format.


icojam has a collection of more than 1000 free vector icons. These free material design icons are sized 40×40, and are available in PNG format. Use these icons in any kind of commercial or non-commercial projects for free.


GoSquared is another good website where you can download free various free material design icon sets. Icon sets like: Browser icons, Social Icons, Flag Icons, Arrow Icons, etc. are also available on this website. Click on an icon set, and hit download to get the ZIP file.

Alex Peattie

Alex Peattie provides a set of 150 material design icons on his website. These icons are social icons available in monochrome, resizable to any fully editable. Available in .AI, .EPS, and .PNG formats, these icons can be edited in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDRAW, or Inkscape. Provided under free license, you can use these icons for commercial and personal purposes.

hundreds of icon sets

Find hundreds of icon sets along with material icon sets on <noupe>. Go to the Essential tab, and look for Icons. You will find a lot of icon sets, which are absolutely free for commercial use. Read the license terms before you download any icon set.


GraphicsFuel is another good website to find free and premium graphic design resources. Click on the Icons option under the Categories tab. Free material design icons can be found easily in the list of icon sets. This website has a large collection of icons, and you will find almost all kind of icons in various formats.


Behance is a home for thousands of material design icons, and icon sets. Perform a query for Icons, and you will get a list of icon sets. Go through the free icon sets to download them. Most of these are free to use, so go through  the license terms before downloading one.


DESIGNBEEP provides free icons under the Freebies section. Go to Freebies, and click on Icons to open the free collection of icons. Material design icons, and other icon sets, like: flat icons, colored icons, Christmas icons, etc. are available for free. Download these free icon sets in formats like AI, PSD, PNG, SVG, etc.

Creative Tail

Visit Creative Tail to download free Icons, Backgrounds, and Images for web design. Free material design icons are available under the Icons section. Get material design icons, animal icons, food icons, arrow icons, sports icons, etc. on this website for free. There are premium resources available as well, but most of the icons are free to use.


GRAPHBERRY features more than 15 vector icon sets. Use these icons for free in commercial and personal purposes. Download these icons in AI, and PSD formats. Apart from material design icons, you will also find really amazing icon sets like: Map Icons, Buildings Icon Set, Tiny Vector Icons, Line Icons, Hexagon Icon Set, etc.


ICONO.ME is a great website to download free graphic design material. Go to the Icons, and Freebies section to look for free material design icons. All the icon sets are not available for free, so check out the license terms first. These icons are available in formats like: AI, PSD, PNG, SVG, etc.


dryicons lets you select and download from more than 5000 icons in 77 icon sets. Browse through the free icon sets to search and download apt royalty free icons. An icon can be downloaded in ICO, ICNS, and PNG formats. If you want to modify the con, you will have to pay for it.


iStock. hosts a large collection of icon illustrations. Most of these vector illustrations are available in EPS format. Also most of the material design icons are free to use in personal and commercial projects. Do not forget to check the license before you download or use the icons. You will also find a large number of free stock photos on this website.

Pro Theme Design

Get free circular icons at Pro Theme Design. These are stylish looking round icons available in the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128. You can only download PNG format of these icons for free. The SGV and the SKETCH formats are available only if you pay for them.


ICON DOCK hosts more than 2000 icons from 12 different and unique icon sets. Browse the list to find the material design icons most suitable for you. You can download these icon sets for free. These sets are available as Icon Fonts, Vectors, or Bitmaps.


FAMFAMFAM provides a collection of 3 different material design icon sets. An icon set can be downloaded for free under Creative Commons 2.5 license. Download the ZIP file to get the icons in PNG format.

Splashy Icons

Download a set of 483 material design icons from Splashy Icons. These icons have been provided absolutely for free. All the icons are downloaded in PNG format in a ZIP pack.


Find 3 different sets of material design icons on Rogie. These icon sets are free for commercial and personal use. There are about 1100 icons available, all in PNG format.


tenbytwenty lets you discover more than 150 material design icons. Download and use these icons for free in commercial purposes. The download pack includes the following formats of the icons: TFF, EOT, SVG, and WOFF.

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