10 Free Online Bar to PSI Converter Websites

Here is a list of the best free online bar to psi converter websites. Both bar and psi are units of pressure measurement. These units have different origins and applications. Bar falls under the metric unit system where it represents the force exerted by a fluid/gas per unit area. 1 bar is approximately equal to the atmospheric pressure at sea level. On the other hand, Psi (pound per square inch) is under the imperial unit system. 1 psi is equal to the pressure exerted by 1 pound-force of force on one square inch of area. 1 bar is approximately equal to 14.5038 psi.

This post covers 10 free websites where you can convert bar to psi online. These websites feature dedicated bar to psi converters where you can add pressure value in bar and convert that to psi instantly. Most of these converters can perform psi to bar conversion as well and have a conversion table for quick look-up. Let’s go through the post and explore these in detail.

My Favorite Online Bar to PSI Converter

AskNumbers.com is my favorite website on this list to convert bar to psi online. It lets you easily perform bar to psi and psi to bar conversions directly without the need for swapping. One unique thing about this converter is that it lets you create a bar to psi conversion table with the desired range and decimal accuracy that you can save or print directly.

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Comparison Table:

NameBar to PsiPsi to Bar


AskNumbers.com is a website that provides conversion calculators and tables for various units of measurement. It has a Bar to Psi converter that lets you convert bar to psi and vice versa. The converter has a bar to psi table at the top that starts from 1 bar to 100 and then 500, and 100 bars. It shows the psi conversion for each value in the table. This is followed by a slider-style conversion. The slider goes from 0 t0 100 bars with an option to set slider steps to 0.1, 0.5, or 1.0 bar. Then we come to the main converter that takes the user input value for bar and instantly converts that to psi. You can also add psi value and get that converted to bar. At the bottom of the page, it has a table generator tool that you can use to generate a bar to psi with desired increment and accuracy (decimal places). You can print this table from the web page or save it as a PDF file.


  • This converter can convert bar to psi and vice versa.
  • This bar to psi converter features a bar to psi conversion table.
  • It also has a slider-based bar to psi converter where you can set the slide steps to 0.1, 0.5, or 1.o bar.
  • It lets you create your own bar to psi conversion table of desired range that you can print or export as a PDF.

Additional Features:

This website has thousands of free online calculators for construction, electrical conversion, math, measurements, unit conversion, finance, and more. It offers tools to convert between metric, imperial, and US customary measurement systems covering specific conversions for pounds to ounces, stones to pounds, computer data units, bar to psi, and cups to tablespoons.


CheckYourMath.com is a website that provides answers to math questions and offers online tools for unit conversions. It has a pressure conversion tool that converts bars to pounds per square inch (bar to psi). You can simply add the value of bars into the calculator and click the “Calculate psi” button to get the psi value. While doing so, you can set the decimal places of psi for the conversion. You can also use the “Swap” button to perform psi to bar conversion. Below the calculator, it has conversion definitions and conversion formula with examples. There is a bar to psi conversion table as well at the bottom of the page. The table is collapsed by default. You can have to click on the text to expand the table.


  • This tool has a swap function to switch between bar to psi and psi to bar conversions.
  • It shows the conversion formula with the help of an example.
  • The webpage also features a bar to psi conversion table.

Additional Features:

The website packs online conversion tools to quickly convert units between US Customary Units and the Imperial System. It also has a collection of online mathematical calculators.


UnitConversionCalculator.com is a free website that provides a collection of online converters. It has an online pressure conversion tool that supports various pressure measurement units. It has two dropdown sections at the top where you can configure the conversion unit. The link added below leads directly to bar to psi configured converter. Then you can scroll down and enter the value in bar to perform the conversion. This gets you the psi value on the screen. At the top, you can click the conversion arrow icon between bar and psi to switch the units for reverse conversion.


  • 1-click back and forth switch between bar to psi and psi to bar.
  • It has a conversion table that shows the equivalent of 1 bar in other pressure measurement units.

Additional Features:

This website has a useful resource for quick and accurate answers to unit conversions. You can access converters for weight, length, area, volume, currency, cryptocurrency, and more.


UnitConverters.net offers free and online unit converter that converts common unit measurements. It has a configurable pressure conversion tool that you can configure for the desired pressure measurement units. You can configure it for bar to psi conversion. Then you can simply add a bar value and get an equivalent psi value. The conversion happens almost instantly as you type in the value. The converter also has a swap button that transforms it into a psi to bar converter. This way, you can use this converter for both conversion types.


  • This bar to psi converter can be easily switched to psi to bar converter.
  • It comes with a bar to psi conversion table along with the formula and conversion example.

Additional Features:

UnitConverters.net is a resource for weights, measures, calculators, and converters. The website allows users to convert just about anything to anything else. It has hundreds of units of conversions.


ConvertUnits.com is a website that provides a quick and easy-to-use online unit converter. It has conversion configurator on the home page. You can configure a conversion by selecting the units you want to convert. For bar to psi, it has a simple conversion where you have to enter the bar value and click a button to perform the conversion. There is no option to direct swap the conversion. However, you can re-configure a psi to bar converter if you want. Below the bar to psi converter, it has an additional converter that converts bar (relative to vacuum) to psi (relative to atmosphere). If you are measuring relative to vacuum and want to resolve the pressure relative to the atmosphere, then you can use that converter.


  • This tool converts bar to psi.
  • It can perform bar (relative to vacuum) to psi (relative to atmosphere) conversion as well.

Additional Features:

This is a useful website for anyone looking for quick and accurate unit conversions. It provides dozens of conversion calculators for weight, area, length, time, current, angle, volume, energy, force, power, etc.


As the name suggests, EasyUnitConverter.com is a website where you can convert units online. It has a pressure conversion tool that supports various pressure measurement units offering a dedicated converter for all possible combinations. It has a bar to psi tool where you can enter the value in bar(s) and convert that to psi. This tool gets the accurate psi value with multiple decimal places. Alongside the converted psi value, you get a button to copy it to the clipboard. Apart from the conversion, it also has a bar to psi conversion table. This is a large table that ranges from 0.01 bar all the way to 1000 bars covering single decimal places of each number.


  • This is a one-way bar to psi converter.
  • It provides a bar to psi conversion table ranging from 0.01 bar to 1000 bars.

Additional Features:

EasyUnitConverter.com is home to hundreds of unit converters covering measurement converters, industrial converters, engineering converters, number system converters, PPM converters, Math converters, Physics converters, business investment converters, taxation converters, and more.


PyronConverter.com is a free online converter website that allows users to convert various units of measurement. This website features a bar to psi converter where you can add your value in bar(s) and get the instant conversion to psi. Below the output, it shows the conversion steps that you can copy to the clipboard in a single click. The converter comes with a “Swap” button that allows you to change it from bar to psi converter to psi to bar converter within a second.


  • This tool can convert bar to psi and vice versa.
  • It provides conversion steps with an option to copy the calculation.
  • It also has two conversion tables for bar to psi conversion and psi to bar conversion.

Additional Features:

PyronConverter.com offers a wide collection of converters beyond pressure measurement units. It covers hundreds of unit converters, number converters, and a number-to-word converter as well.


Calculator-Online.net is home to numerous calculators that you can use online. The website also offers online converters including bar to psi converter. This bar to psi converter has a simple interface with two empty fields for bars and psi. You can enter the value in the bar field to get the corresponding psi value. Or, you can enter the value in psi field to get the corresponding bar value. This way, this single tool provides both conversions in one interface without any swapping. Upon conversion, it shows the performed conversion below accompanied by a copy icon. This lets you copy the conversion in a single click.


  • This is a simple converter that can perform bar to psi conversion and vice versa.
  • It shows an example of conversions between bars and Pound-force per Square Inch (psi) for the learning purpose.

Additional Features:

Calculator-Online.net offers a wide catalog of online calculators and converters. The calculators are sorted by categories that you can explore. On the other hand, converters are divided into sections based on the parameters like length, temperature, pressure, area, time, etc.


CleanCSS.com is a website that offers tools to format and optimize CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. The website provides a bar to psi conversion tool. This tool takes the bar value as input and converts that psi. It also shows the formula of conversion on the screen. The converter is not swapping to psi to bar. However, it gives you a list of equivalent values of pascals, kilopascals, megapascals, and millibars for the added bar value.


  • Along with psi, this tool converts the added bar value into other pressure measurement units as well.
  • It also has a bar to psi conversion table for conversion reference.

Additional Features:

CleanCSS.com provides web development tools, data conversion tools, encoders/decoders, formatters, and other internet tools. You can use all those tools for free.


MiniWebTool.com is yet another website where you can convert bar to psi. This website has a rather simple converter that comes with a single input field. You have to enter the bar value there and click the “Convert Bar to Psi” to perform the conversion. The conversion takes a second or two and then gives you the equivalent psi value up to 25 decimal places. It does not contain a conversion table or anything but you get a bunch of options to save and share the results. You can get a link or directly share the output to popular social media platforms. And, you can download the out as a PDF and JPG file.


  • This is a slightly slow bar to psi converter that provides the most accurate conversion value ranging up to 25 decimal places.
  • It provides multiple options to save and share the calculated results.

Additional Features:

MiniWebTool.com offers a collection of online tools and calculators to help you with various tasks. It lists the calculators by categories covering finance, health, math, sports, etc. Apart from the calculator, you get access to text tools, webmaster tools, hash and checksum tools, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 bar is approximately equal to 14.5038 pounds per square inch (psi).

To convert bar to psi, multiply the value in bar by approximately 14.5038, which is the conversion factor between the two units. For example, 1 bar is approximately equal to 14.5038 psi.

Bar and psi are units of pressure measurement. Bar is a metric unit, while psi (pounds per square inch) is an imperial unit. They measure the force exerted per unit area and can be converted using a conversion factor of approximately 14.5038.

1 bar is a unit of pressure measurement. It is equal to 100,000 pascals (Pa) or approximately 14.5038 pounds per square inch (psi).

The pressure of water in bars increases by about 1 bar for every 10 meters (33 feet) of depth. At sea level, 1 bar is approximately equal to atmospheric pressure.

The recommended psi (pounds per square inch) for tires can vary based on factors like vehicle type, tire size, and load. It's typically found in the vehicle's manual or on a sticker inside the driver's door frame, with common values ranging from 30 to 35 psi for passenger vehicles.

1 kilogram (kg) per square centimeter (cm²) is approximately equal to 0.9807 bars.

1 bar is considered to be roughly equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level, so it's not extremely high pressure. It's often used as a reference point for pressure measurements and is commonly encountered in various everyday situations.

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