5 Free Online Reverse Video Editor Websites

Here is a list of 5 free online reverse video editor websites. A reverse video editor makes a video play backward. In other words, the video starts from the ending of the original video and ends at the beginning of the original video. It is quite simple and almost all popular video editor programs have this feature. But if you are in hurry or don’t have access to those programs, you can use these online alternatives.

You can use any of these websites to reverse the videos online. All these websites are simple to use. You can just upload the video and reverse it within seconds. Some of these websites feature online editor editors as well where you can do various other tasks as well. Each of these websites has some sort of limitations for free users. You can go through the article to check each website out and then go with the one that suits you the best.

My Favorite Reverse Video Editor

Kapwing is my favorite reverse video editor website on this list. It has a decent enough plan for free users that let you easily reverse videos up to 250 MB in size. The overall process of reversing the video is also fairly simple. The main benefit of this website is that it opens the video in the fully-fledged online video editor. So, you can do a lot more to your video along with making it play backward.

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Kapwing is an online video content creator and editor. You can add your videos to this online editor and perform various actions. It is a fully-featured editor with layers and collections of online resources. You can edit videos, merge, animate, add effects, and other graphical elements. Within a few clicks, you can reverse the entire video. This website only allows 720p export for free and you have to create an account to download the video without a watermark.

How to reverse video online with Kapwing?

  • Open the Kapwing video editor by following the link given below.
  • Add your video to the editor.
  • Click on the Effects present on the right side of the editor screen.
  • Select the Reverse option from there.
  • Optionally choose a fade effect for the audio.
  • Export the video and download the video.


  • You can upload and edit videos up to 250MB in size.
  • The export video quality max out at 720p in the free plan.
  • You have to sign in to remove the watermark from the video.
  • Free 20 transcription minutes to auto-generate subtitles.
  • It can export videos up to 7 minutes long for free.
  • It allows you to publish up to 3 hours of video per month.
  • You can re-edit and restore content up to 2 days old.


EZGIF is a popular website for GIFs. But it offers many tools for images and videos along with GIFs. It has an online reverser video tool that you can use to reverse the playback of a video. The tool is quite simple to use. While reversing a video, you can reverse the audio as well or just mute the whole video. This tool works with video files up to 100 MB in size. If your video is beyond 100 MB, you can either try compressing it on EZGIF or go with some other website from this list.

How to reverse video online with EZGIF?

  • Follow the link given below to open this tool in your browser.
  • Upload your video file or paste the link to a video stored on the internet.
  • Wait for the processing to upload and then click on the Reverse Video button.
  • and then download the reversed video.


  • This is a simple website to reverse the order of a video.
  • It can reverse videos up to 100 MB in size.
  • While reversing, you get the option to reverse or mute the audio.
  • You get an option to change the encoding of the video to H264.


Pixiko is a free website with a collection of video tools. You can find an online video editor, video trimmer, video merger, and other video-related tools here. With the Online Video Reverser, you can easily reverse any video. The process is quite simple and it can process videos up to 100 MB in size. There is a limit on how many conversions you can do and then it puts you in the waiting queue for the conversion. When done, you can download the video, share it online, or open it in the Pixiko online editor to make further changes.

How to reverse video online with Pixiko?

  • Use the link given below to access this video reverse tool.
  • Drag and drop your video there and click the Reverse button.
  • When done, download the reversed video.


  • This website can reverse videos online for free.
  • The free plan can only process videos up to 100 MB in size.
  • You can edit the video online on this website.
  • The quality of the output is limited to 720p.
  • You might have to wait in the queue for the conversion.
  • The final video has a watermark in it.


Clideo offers a wide collection of online video tools for various types of needs. You can find a reverse video tool on this website. This tool offers three-speed options for reversing the video. From 0.5x, 1x, and 2x; you can pick a speed option as per your like. Along with that, you get an option to mute the audio as well. This website is free to use but the final video has a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark then you have to subscribe to the Clideo Pro.

How to reverse video online with Clideo?

  • Use the link given below to open the Reverse Video tool.
  • Drag and drop your video file to the tool and click the Reverse button.
  • In the end, download the reversed video file.


  • This website can reverse a video file online.
  • It gives you the option to pick the playback speed for the video.
  • You can mute the audio or keep it reversed as well.
  • The website has limitations for free users and leaves a small watermark in the final video.


Pickfrom is yet another website for video editing. It offers dozens of tools to edit, combine, cut, crop, rotate, merge, and more. With its Reverse Video Online tool, you can easily change the playback of any video. All you have to do is add your video. It only takes local upload and does not support cloud import. This tool opens the video in an editor with three playback options. You can pick a playback speed of your choice. Apart from the playback speed, you can also pick the output format for the video from MP4, AVI, and MKV. After that, you can save the video with a watermark at the bottom right corner.

How to reverse video online with Pickfrom?

  • Follow the link given below to open this tool in your browser.
  • Select the Click to add files button and pick the video you want to reverse.
  • On the next screen, pick the playback speed and output format for the video.
  • Click on the Start button to reverse the video and then download the output.


  • Reverse the playback of any video online.
  • This website gives 0.5x, 1.ox, and 2.ox playback speed options.
  • You can export the video to MP4, AVI, or MKV format.
  • The free plan leaves a watermark at the bottom right section of the video.
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