3 Best Free Online Twitter Thread Maker Websites

Here is a list of Best Free Online Twitter Thread Maker Websites. All these are free websites that let you generate a thread of tweets to post on Twitter. These tools basically split your long tweet into multiple subtweets that you can post into a single thread on your Twitter. Most of these tools automatically generate a thread of multiple tweets for a typed message. However, on one website, you have to manually add tweets that you want to post in a thread. All in all, these are very easy to use websites that let you generate a Twitter thread.

In one of these Twitter thread generators, you can directly post a thread on your Twitter account. Just login with your Twitter account, enter your message, generate a thread, and then publish it on Twitter. You can also view statistics including total number of characters and tweets in these. Plus, numbering is also added to the tweets in some of these Twitter thread makers. Additional features including Quote Retweet and Fullscreen Mode are also provided in one of these. In general, these free tools make it easier for you to create a thread on Twitter.

My Favorite Free Online Twitter Thread Maker Websites:

Chirr App is my favorite online Twitter thread generator that lets you generate a thread of tweets as well as post the thread on Twitter.

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Chirr App

Chirr App is a free online Twitter thread maker website. It is basically a cloud based software that lets you create Twitter thread without putting in too much effort. Not just creating Twitter thread, it even lets you directly publish the thread on your Twitter account. You can number your tweets and split a Tweet from a particular line. All in all, it is a really good online Twitter thread generator.

How to make a thread on twitter using Chirr App:

  • First, open its website and login to your Twitter account.
  • Now, click on the Compose button and start typing your tweet. As you type, it will automatically split tweet into multiple subtweets and generate a thread.
  • Next, you can enable or disable tweet numbering and manually split a tweet from any part.
  • After that, hit the Publish button to publish the thread on your Twitter. Or, you can also manually copy tweets and paste it on your Twitter.

Additional Feature:

  • Quote Retweet: You can add quote retweet to any of the tweets in generated thread.
  • Fullscreen: It lets you toggle fullscreen mode to write a tweet without any distraction.
  • Statistics: Total number of characters and tweets in a thread are displayed at the bottom of interface.


A lot of features are locked in this free plan of Chirr App, like schedule, analytics, drafts, etc. You will need to subscribe to its pro plan to remove all limitations.


It is one of the best Twitter thread maker that also lets you publish the tweets directly to Twitter.

Twitter Thread Maker (by Daniel Wang)

Twitter Thread Maker (by Daniel Wang), as the name suggests, is a dedicated free Twitter thread maker website. It is a nice and easy to use online service that enables you to create a numbered Twitter thread. You can type your Tweet or copy and paste the message and it will automatically break your tweet into a series of numbered subtweets creating a thread. It lets you copy the tweets to post them on your Twitter account.

How to make a thread on twitter using this free online service:

  • Go to its website given below and start typing your message in the Tweet section.
  • You can select either punctuation mark or space to separate tweets in a thread. And, you can also manually separate your tweets by putting a “[]” mark after the line.
  • Now, you will see a numbered thread of multiple tweets at the right hand side. Click on the Copy button and paste the tweets on your Twitter account one by one to publish a thread.


It is a very easy to use online Twitter thread maker to generate a thread with numbered subtweets.

Twitter Thread Maker (by Mike Carbone)

Twitter Thread Maker (by Mike Carbone) is yet another twitter thread generator website on this list. It is a simple tool using which you can add your message into multiple tweets to generate a whole thread. You can copy all tweets to the clipboard and paste on Twitter to post your thread. It displays total number tweets along with total characters in entire thread as well as in the individual tweets.

How to make a thread on twitter using this free website:

  • First, open its homepage and click the Add Tweet button and add your message. Do not forget character limit of Twitter which is 280 characters.
  • Now, in similar manner, add other tweets in a series and order you want to put in your thread.
  • When done writing your message into multiple subtweets, copy them and go on your Twitter account and paste the tweets into a thread.


It is a basic online Twitter thread maker website using which you create a series of tweets to post into a thread.

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