9 Best Free Twitter Video Downloader Software For Windows

Here is the list of Best Free Twitter Video Downloader Software for Windows. These Twitter Video Downloaders can download videos from Twitter, and from many other social media and video hosting websites. These software have their own unique ways to download videos. Some require video’s URL to download it, while others automatically detect videos in tweets and download them.

In this list, there are two kinds of video downloaders. First ones are Web Browser Extensions, while others are Windows software. To download videos by using extensions is much easier, as most of these extensions automatically detect videos. Extensions also provide many useful features, like: videos list, resolution settings, batch downloading, dedicated video players, etc. In video downloading software, you have to paste video links to download videos. Due to this, downloading multiple videos require much more effort, as you have to copy URL of every Twitter video. But video downloading software have many useful features, like: Converter to convert video format ( MP4, AVI, WMV ),  Dedicated video player, and Dedicated browser, etc.

Some of these Twitter video downloaders provide many useful features apart from downloading, such as:

  • Burn, to transfer the downloaded video in CD/DVD.
  • Convert, to change Twitter video format (MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.).
  • Resolution settings, to download Twitter videos in different resolutions.
  • HOTKEYS, to set shortcut keys to download online videos quickly.

My Favorite Twitter Video Downloader For Windows:

Flash Video Downloader is my favorite video downloader. It has all essential features, like: hotkeys, list of videos on a website, Batch download, and format settings, etc. Apart from these useful settings, it also has a filter, to filter out unwanted video types.

You can also check out the best free Facebook Video Downloader, Instagram Video Downloader, and DailyMotion Video Downloader.

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is a Chrome extension to download Twitter videos. While using Twitter, if you come across any video that you would like to download, simply click on this extension’s icon on the browser toolbar. This extension will detect all the videos available on that Twitter page and will display them in a list. Now, you can click the Start button besides the Twitter video that you want to download from that list. This will download the video to your PC in the download folder.

Using this extension you can download Twitter videos in following formats: MP4, 3GP, FLV, MOV, etc. An option in the settings menu of this extension lets you set Trigger to show message that the video being downloaded is more than 100 KB or 1 MB.

Apart from Twitter, this extension lets you download videos from many other social media websites as well, like, Facebook.


VDownloader is a free video downloading software for Windows. It can be used to download Twitter videos easily. To download any Twitter video, you have to first copy the URL of that Twitter video and paste that URL into VDownloader’s search bar, then hit the download button. Using this software, you can download videos of resolution up to 4K.

VDownloader has an integrated browser, using which, you can easily browse Twitter or any other website from where you have to downlaod videos. Downloading videos from the integrated browser has an advantage. You will not have to copy the URL of Twitter video. As soon as you play a video, an option to download the video being played appears. You also get an option to trim video before downloading it. This lets you choose specific part of the Twitter video that you want to download.

Three handy features to convert video, revive deleted videos, and burn videos to CD are provided by this Twitter video downloader. In Video converter, you can convert any downloaded video into formats, like: mp2, mp3, WAV, mp4, etc. and with Rewind, you can view download history and if needed, you can re-download those videos if you have deleted them.

Note: In the free version of VDownloader, you can only convert three videos, and in Rewind feature, you can only see last three downloaded video history per day. To overcome these limitations, you have to buy the paid version of this software.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a video and image downloading extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. This extension makes downloading Twitter videos very easy. By using this extension, you can view the list of videos on Twitter feed to download them. Along with the video names in the list, download size of the videos are also displayed. You can also download videos from other websites the same way. Simply click the Download option of the video from the list that you want to download to get it on your PC.

In this freeware, you can define Hotkeys to set shortcuts to download videos quickly. With Video Quality option, you can download a video in different resolutions. The highest resolution in which you can download a video will depend on the original video quality.

This Twitter video downloader also has a very interesting feature that allows you to download Twitter Periscope videos. This means, you can download live streaming videos. Now, this is really a cool feature to have in an extension.

There is a Screen Capture option available with this extension, that lets you capture browsing sessions as videos.

In Google Chrome, this extension was unable to download some videos of Twitter. In Firefox, this extension worked absolutely fine. While testing, it wasn’t clear to me why some of the videos did not download in Chrome; the format of videos which downloaded and didn’t download were same.

Download Twitter videos without any software

You can download Twitter videos without any software. To do this, you will have to open Twitter and get the URL of video you want to download. Now paste the URL in your browser’s address bar and open the link as mobile website. Know how?

  • First, remove “https://” from the twitter video URL.
  • Then write m instead of https://. The URL will then look like m.Twitter.com/video…..
  • Now right click on the video.
  • Select the Save video as option.

The meaning of “m” means mobile version. By opening the Twitter in mobile version, you can directly download any Twitter video without using any external software or extension.

Twitter Video Assist

Twitter Video Assist is a dedicated Twitter video downloader. This Twitter video downloader is an extension for Google Chrome. Apart from videos, you can also download images and GIF from Twitter using this extension. To download video from Twitter, first you have to locate a video on Twitter that you want to download. Right click on that video and select the Save this Twitter video option from the context menu to begin downloading.

This free Twitter video downloader does not provide many standard options to change video format, set resolution, or change quality of videos. This is a major drawback, as most of the listed video downloaders provide these options. But still, this downloader provides some very basic options like, save videos as GIF, MP4, or TS formats, option to specify download path, change file name, etc.

Free Video Downloader HD

Free Video Downloader HD is a Twitter video downloader Chrome extension which you can also use to download videos from various other websites like Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.

Once you add this extension to Chrome, you are displayed a list of websites and you have to select the websites for which you want to enable this downloader.

To download videos from Twitter, just click the extension’s icon. You will view a list of all videos on the current Twitter page. Now just hit the download button of the video on the list you want to download. The video will be saved on your PC in the designated download folder.

This video downloading extension provides option to change video resolution. You can easily download videos of resolution upto 1920*1080. This Twitter video downloader doesn’t have many advanced options, and you can download videos pretty easily.

This extension can download videos from many other sites as well, in addition to Twitter.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is another free Twitter video downloading software for Windows. This software lets you download videos from various other websites as well. The software comes with integrated browser extensions. These extensions can integrate themselves to Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and various other known web browsers. So, whenever you are watching a video on Twitter or any other website, this software shows all the videos that a webpage contains, in the form of a list. You can click on the detected videos to download them.

Let us look at some of the features provided by this freeweare:

  • Speed Limiter, to limit the maximum download speed.
  • Media Converter, to convert videos saved on PC as well as downloaded video files.
  • Select video resolution to download video from 160×112 to 3840×2160.
  • Choose video formats to save video being downloaded in MP4, MKV, FLV, WAV, etc.
  • You can also modify framerate, bitrate, and aspect ratio of downloaded videos.


YouTubeByClick is an online video downloading software. It can be used to download Twitter videos or videos from various other websites, including social media platforms. In this free Twitter video downloader, you have to paste the Twitter video URL you want to download.

YouTubeByClick provides a very interesting feature, which detects a video URL when copied and begins downloading that video automatically. You can always disable/enable this feature.

This Twitter video downloader also provides various standard features:

  • Choose Format to download video as video in mp4 or as audio in mp3.
  • ChooseQuality to select video quality from low, normal, or custom.
  • Choose Folder to set the download folder to store videos.

Note: This video downloader can also be used to convert videos saved locally on your computer to mp4 or mp3.

You can select custom video quality, also choose different video and audio formats to save Twitter videos, like: FLV, AVI, WEBM, 3GP, and WAV, but for that, you have to buy the premium version of this software.

Ant Video Downloader

Ant Video Downloader is another Twitter video downloader extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This video downloader lets you download videos from Twitter, Facebook, video hosting websites, etc. To download any video, first, you have to play that video. While the video is being played, the toolbar icon of Ant Video Downloader starts blinking. Just click on its icon to begin the video download.

It has its own video player to play downloaded videos. But at the time of testing, its video player was unable to play downloaded video.

In my opinion, this free Twitter video downloader is very good, as it detects playing video very quickly and you can easily download any video. Its non responsive video player can be a negative point, but as long as it downloads videos, I would not care.

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